Melissa P. Newman, 'Mel', the Mongoose
Mel the Mongoose - Sketch -
Melissa P. Newman, Mel, Melzy, Melly and Liss.
Yellow Mongoose/Red Meerkat.
Bounty hunter and treasure hunter.
Skill Type

Melissa P. Newman, better known as simply Mel the Mongoose, is a female anthropomorphic Yellow Mongoose/Red Meerkat who works as a professional bounty hunter and treasure hunter.


Mel is a very bubbly and hyperactive young girl with a bit of an ego and a habit of running into things without thinking - which often lands her in all sorts of trouble. She has a tendancy to brag about her treasure-hunting skills, but is actually quite naive and gullible. Mel can lose her temper quickly, and always remains adamant about her opinions - even if they aren't always right. She can also be greedy, and hoards all the money she earns without ever spending more than she needs to.


Mel was born into a poor, but happy family along with her younger sister, Alicia. The two were almost inseperable during childhood, as none of the other children in the town would play with the 'poor, filthy kids', and would often stand up for her sister when she was bullied by the other children. Melissa always dreamed as a child that she would grow up to have lots of money to spend on her sister. She would always tell her sister, and promised that one day it would come true.

When she was 12-years-old, there was a raid in her town, and her family (including her sister) were taken away. She has sworn to find her sister one day, and until then, she won't spend any unecessary money - so that she has plenty to spend on her sister when she finds her.


Melissa has no special abilities like Chaos Control or Pyrokinesis, but instead relies on physical attributes, such as stamina and physical strength. She is an above-average runner, but still comparitively slow in comparison with most other characters. Mel uses her fists and agility in combat.

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