This is a romantic relationship between Melody "Grace" Mongoose and Rocket the Hedgefoxidna.


Melody met Rocket while staying with her best friend and Rocket's twin sister, Pinky. Melody was very shy around him, but Rocket calmed her down and was very kind to her, which made the two become very close. During their teen years, the two were on the same team call The Summer Paladins (with the team leader being Rocket's sister, Pinky) and they begin dating and became quite sexually active with each other, but thing start to heat up between them when Rocket's web cam was still on and Melody think that he was going to show his friends and left, heartbroken. The next day got worse when Rocket noticed Melody hanging with the new boy, Sulfur the Hedgehog and think she was cheating on him, so he left a note to her in her locker announcing their break up and disappeared, leaving a shock and heartbroken Melody behind. Over the two years, Rocket and Sulfur encountered each other, with the Mobian/Heartless hybrid managing to defeat the powerful hedgefoxidna. Sulfur told him to stay away from Melody or he will kill him, cause he want to make Melody his queen, the new Queen of the Heartless. Rocket began to train to save the girl he still have feelings for from Sulfur and his family. Two years later, Melody was not happy with Sulfur, her mind on Rocket. Sulfur tried to have his way with her, but Melody made up excuses not to sleep with him. On the day of their wedding, while walking down the aisle, Melody has flashbacks about her and Rocket. She thought she will never tell him her true feelings to him, unaware that Rocket was there hiding. Rocket suddenly emerged from hiding and fought Sulfur, this time defeating him and saving Melody. This cause Rocket and Melody to get back together and years later have their three kids, Harmony, Star and Sonic Jr.


Harmony (daughter)

Star (daughter)

Sonic Jr. (son)


Love it


Just like it


then get lost

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