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This is an article about Melissa the Hedgehog, a character created by Aly.
Cquote1 Life is one of the universe's greatest mysteries that still lay unsolved. Cquote2

Melissa the Hedgehog (メリッサヘッジホッグ Merissa za hejjihoggu) is a main character created by Aly. She is a rather reclusive person, despite always putting on a content face. However, despite working alone and content on that being the case, she is a rather talented sword (specifically katana) wielder and is capable at running at high speeds, like Sonic.

She is, unsurprisingly, the "odd" one out of her whole family, which doesn't really phase her. During her years, she has matured so much to be the person she is now.



Melissa is a female hedgehog. Her fur is brown, her muzzle is peach, her arms are peach, her stomach is peach, and her inner ear color is peach. Melissa's eyes are as brown as her fur color. She lacks eyelashes, which she has no problem with. Like Amy, a tuft of hair can be seen on her forehead. Her hair is long and curly and held by a rubber band, and it can be seen hanging off of the side of her.

Her body isn't as naturally curvy as most female species. Her hips do have that curve, however, it isn't as prominant as others. Her chest is flat chested, but Melissa doesn't really have a problem with that. In fact, she's grateful about it, since it enables her to fight easier and take attacks easier.

Kid Attire

When Melissa was about 12 and under, she looked different than she used to. Melissa had that tuft, but her hair was held up in Sonic's hairstyle, and she also uses a rubber band to hold it together. Despite it being styled up like Sonic's, her hair was really puffy (especially her tuft). She wore a cyan blue shirt with poka dots on them. Instead of a neon green skirt, she has a light pink skirt. For the first time, she wore gloves with black cuffs. For shoe wear, she wore light purple shoes with red shoelaces.

Normal/Modern Attire

Melissa wears a black shirt with a red heart on the shirt. She wears neon green shorts that hides her tail. She wears black ring bracelets with grey spikes on them. Her shoes are black and have pink hearts on the side of them. The shoe laces are a teal like color.

She isn't the type that likes to dress up all the time, either. Melissa generally likes to stick with one outfit normally.

Other Attire

Melissa has other wardrobe, but she doesn't wear them a lot. One of them is a plain white dress with a red ribbon on it, along with white flat shoes. There aren't anymore known attire that she has. She also has another dress that looks similar to the white one, but instead the other dress a bit shorter and it's a cyan blue color.



Melissa was the oldest child out of her three other siblings, Alicia, Rosalina, and Julian. Being the oldest, you'd expect her to be the bravest one, but she wasn't. When Melissa was young, she was afraid of a lot of stuff; like the dark. Fortunately, her mother, Elizabeth, took quick action. She decided to teach Melissa to master wielding a sword, since every family generation there was someone, primarily the oldest, who would learn how to use one. And not only to use a sword, but also self defense. Elizabeth figured if Melissa learned these, she would do just fine.

For until Melissa was 13, her mother and her trained. It took long, painstaking years, but also with constant improvement, much to Elizabeth's and Melissa's delight. By the time Melissa was 14, she was able to fend for herself. Elizabeth took great pride in this, as she saw greatness in her child, like any other parent would. And after all this training was over, Melissa took pride in this too, knowing that she doesn't have to succumb to her fears.

But, this led to Melissa leaving when she was 15. She figured it was time for her to prove that she was able to be on her own, and she was. She learned all her "how to's" from her mother, so it wasn't like she wasn't knowing what she was doing. Elizabeth didn't stop Melissa; all Elizabeth did was smile, as she said she cannot prevent a child's curiosity.

Meeting Sonic and the others

After walking around Mobius for a while, Melissa eventually encountered Sonic. Due not to being around a lot of people all her life, she wasn't sure how to interact with him since she had mostly been around people she had known since birth. Eventually after a bit of conversing, Sonic was nice enough to show his party of friends to Melissa, since he had a feeling she had goodness in her. Melissa clicked with a few people, but she was mostly infatuated with Shadow, at least, at the time.

Is it love?

For a pretty long time, Melissa had believed Shadow was "the one" for her and that nothing will seperate them. Unlike Amy, Melissa did know that Shadow had boundaries and refrained from calling him "boyfriend" or some sugary name. She did want to work with him whenever she could, though. Though, this only continued to when Melissa was about to turn 16. She realized that her feelings for Shadow were rather too quick and too soon, and that he'll never love her back. She had no problem with this, and so did Shadow.

However, she holds a small part of her that she will love someone again. She just wishes it wouldn't be a "love at first sight" experience, like the first time.

Philosophy and history... and books

Even when she was training and even younger, Melissa took great interest in history and philosophical topics. She usually swayed away from "traditional" feminine stuff because those stuff didn't really interest her. She started reading at a young age, and that's what helped contribute to her interest. At night she would read a book about the history of Mobius and everything it went through. She applies logic a lot to topics to this day.


Melissa is averagely delightful and percipient. She is sometimes known to be kind but headstrong and has a tendency to put too much pressure on herself to react in the most wise way. She can be very caring as well, in many cases she goes out of her way to make sure her friends are safe and happy. However, when people get her agitated, she sometimes and gets passive aggressive and sarcastic because she's the type you really don't want to mess (unless you like sarcastic insults).

Melissa has a hard time admitting how she feels, especially if it's someone she likes. She can be a really sarcastic person (as stated above briefly), as some of her quotes below are sarcastic. She can handle a lot of sex related jokes. However, she's not exactly that good to come up with a great comeback. Melissa is like that dare devil in a group of friends, always trying new things and then getting in trouble later for it. Though she likes the color pink, she likes it a lot as long as it blends in with black. Melissa isn't afraid to admit what she would have done wrong. Maybe not all cases that is true.

Because of the lack of contact with other people when growing up, it's a little difficult for her to talk to new people. She is usually wary around strangers but once she is warmed up to you, she is rather talkative (at least to her friends). This is evident when around a large group of people she does not know. Melissa tends to sway away from that large group, unless there is a person she knows very well, then she'd head over to that said person. Though unsurprisingly, she tends to work alone since "it's easier and less stressful."


  • Spending time to herself (solitude)
  • Working on her katana skills
  • Reading books
  • Philosophical stuff, or stuff with deep meaning
  • The colors green, brown and black
  • Dubstep, electronic music, or any types of music
  • Scary stuff


  • Being around people she's not familiar with
  • Being in public for a long period of time
  • Rushing things
  • When people yell at her when she simply asks for them to repeat something
  • When she feels she has failed someone


Undertale OST - Bergentrückung (Intro) ASGORE Extended15:47

Undertale OST - Bergentrückung (Intro) ASGORE Extended

Fighting theme song

Melissa does possess super speed and is as fast as Scourge, and she is capable of getting up to Sonic, especially when he slows down. Melissa's primary method of attack is her own katana. She is really great at it, but she isn't Levi Ackerman-great at it. If anything, Melissa is good with her katana as Mikasa Ackerman is. More or less, she's capable of using her katana. Melissa can turn invisible, but she rarely uses it because she forgets that she can. However, in a dire situation, she knows what to do about her invisibility. This trait was inherited from her mother, Elizabeth. Even though she can't control all the elements, Melissa can only run on water.

She may not have super strength like Knuckles, however, she is physically strong, able to defend for herself and to take down any intruder at ease. She cannot punch through rock or anything strong; her strength is solely for self-defense.

She does have a transformation. If she uses the Chaos Emeralds, she can turn into Zeo Melissa. Melissa never really uses her transformation. Sometimes though, just in case.


Melissa can lose her tempter when you make her angry enough, and luckily she rarely swears, which is a good thing. Her sarcastic and passive aggresive attitude can cause fights to start. Interestingly, when she was a little kid, she had many phobias, but she outgrew a lot (but not all) them when Melissa got older. A big weakness is admitting how she feels because she has trouble explaining her feelings since she never learned really how to.

Her hearing sometimes can be fuzzy but only in noisy situations. For instance, if the room was somewhat noisy and someone quietly is speaking, Melissa can't hear it fully and can only hear parts of it. However, if the room was quiet, and someone is quietly speaking, she can hear it no problem. Melissa's hearing is really fine, but people just tend to talk quieter around her, making it harder for her to hear. So Melissa can be considered a little deaf.


Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 7
Attack 7
Spcl. Atk 8
Defense 8
Spcl. Def 8
Speed 9
Reflexes 8
Magic 0
Psyche 6
Intellect 9
Total 70/100
Other Stats
Eyesight Perfect
Hearing Average
Olfactory Normal


"I'd love to see you try. And if you can, bring it!"

"Victory has been achieved!"

"I lost. Oh well. It's not that bad."

"We don't have to be first, but we have to finish this."

"That's how we do it!"

"I've never been perfect, but neither have you."' 

"While other people would be partying, I'd be reading a book. That is partying to me."

"Yeah sure, I 'believe' you."

"I show you the beauty of the world, while you showed me the grim reality of it."


Feel free to add your characters to Friends/Allies, Enemies, and Rivals, but then tell me please ^^



  • Brian the Hedgehog (father)
  • Elizabeth the Hedgehog (mother)
  • Alicia the Hedgehog (sister)
  • Rosalina the Hedgehog (sister)
  • Julian the Hedgehog (brother)




  • Rik the Spidermonkey (asks to fight)

Interactions with other characters

Shadow the Hedgehog

At first, Shadow didn't want to do much with Melissa. But at least he respected the fact that even though Melissa did like him as a friend, she never bugged him about it and never mentioned making a relationship or anything like that. If they were in the same room together, it would just be awkward because they wouldn't know what to say to each other. But sometimes they do help each other, and Melissa respects Shadow a lot and wouldn't bother him if he didn't want to be bothered.

Sonic the Hedgehog

When Melissa first met Sonic, she was very quiet and shy around him, in which it didn't bother Sonic at all. Though Melissa doesn't really interact with Sonic, she thinks he's alright. In reality, there isn't really much about their relationship, but they are more or less acquaintances than anything.

Amy Rose

At first they were rivals, but Melissa did not exactly care. Not because Melissa did anything, but since Melissa was hanging out with Sonic for a little while, Amy's senses made her think that Sonic does not like her and that he'd rather spend time with Melissa than Amy. But Melissa never liked Sonic that way, and it took a while for Melissa to explain everything to Amy. Fortunately, Amy finally realized that, but she is still cautious around Melissa when she's around Sonic. Other than that, they are perfectly fine.

Missy the Maniac

Missy the Maniac is Melissa's Moebian counterpart. Unlike most Mobian and Moebian relations, where they are enemies, Melissa and Missy are actually friends. Sometimes Melissa can consider Missy her sister because they are almost alike. Melissa even learned that Missy is pretending to act crazy and all that so that her enemies could let their guard down, and that Missy is actually an anti-hero, considering the fact that most of Moebius is full of villians.

Their personalities may not have been exactly switched, however, their quirks are contrasts of each other. For instance, Melissa tends to be quiet and introverted while Missy is loud and extroverted.


  • Melissa has a super form. If she uses Chaos Emeralds, she will transform into Zeo Melissa.
    • She rarely uses her super form, only for "dire situations."
  • Melissa is the first fan character Aly ever made.
  • Her middle name is Elizabeth, which is derived from her mothe's name.
    • Infact, Aly's cousin's middle name is the same as well.
  • Despite not being outgoing to new people, she seems to get along with boys more than girls.
  • Out of the four siblings, she is the only one without any sort of markings in her fur.
  • She is left handed, which contrasts Missy being right handed.



Forget by Marina and the Diamonds



Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (lyrics)-105:02

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (lyrics)-1

Tear in My Heart by twenty one pilots

Twenty one pilots tear in my heart (lyrics)03:17

Twenty one pilots tear in my heart (lyrics)

Property of Aly

Melissa the Hedgehog is property of the user User:Ami670 and was her first fan character. Please ask if you want to use her for any of your creations.


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