Melody Mongoose
MtH Melody Mongoose



85cm (2'9")




The outskirts of Station Square










Carnation pink


White or pale blur t-shirt
Blue demin jeans
White lab jacket (occasionally)
White plimsolls



Favorite Food



Chess, anime/manga, long walks, nature, peace, being by herself, learning


Being put under pressure, mindless violence, large crowds, pollution, extreme stupidity


Extreme intelligence
Skilled speed typist

Melody Mongoose is a student and polymath who currently resides in Station Square. She is 14 years old, stands 85cm (2ft 9in) tall, and keeps her weight a secret. She has black fur and hair, peach skin and carnation-pink eyes. She wears different-coloured t-shirts, usually pale blue or white, blue demin jeans, and white plimsolls, occasionally with a white lab jacket. She is extremely shy and suffers from selective mutism.


Melody was very precocious even as a child. However, when she was very young, her parents were both killed in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Melody survived after surgery, but the trauma of the experience caused her to become very shy and withdrawn, eventually developing selective mutism which caused her to be totally silent around most people, especially large crowds.

Melody formed a close friendship with Solstice, whom she met at high school, and with Solstice's help she is beginning to regain her confidence and speak more. However, she is still totally silent around strangers, or large groups of people. She prefers to communicate through a "type-pad", which she types messages on for people to read.

Melody lived with her aunt and uncle after her parents' deaths, but has since moved out and now lives on her own. With her high intelligence she is perfectly capable of doing so.


Melody is very timid and shy, to the point of suffering from selective mutism; she will only speak to those she is close to, and even then somewhat infrequently. Melody is usually calm and focused, but when placed under sudden pressure she tends to crack. Despite her shyness, Melody is always willing to share her knowledge with other people.

Melody is very caring, especially towards the environment. Despite the questionable nature of her friends' jobs (Mystery being a mercenary, and Solstice an exotic dancer), Melody is more than willing to help them out, such as performing hacks for Mystery.

Melody, having spent a lot of time on the Internet, is well-versed in Internet culture and occasionally references memes such as "over 9000", or quotes anime such as Gurren Lagann.


Melody is incredibly intelligent, particularly in the fields of chemistry, mathematics and computing. She is very steady and careful, rarely making mistakes. Even though she rarely speaks, she is fluent in eleven different languages including two "dead" ones. Having become accustomed to typing her speech, Melody is an extremely fast typist and can manage over 150 words per minute without effort.


Melody is physically weak and, despite having some knowledge of martial arts, is somewhat inept at defending herself. This, coupled with her timid nature, means she usually attempts to avoid conflict.

Melody's withdrawn nature can be a hindrance at times, as she rarely opens up about her problems and is extremely reluctant to talk to new people, especially boys.

Melody can get stressed easily and is not very good at handling pressure. When placed under such pressure she tends to crack, either becoming very upset or angry, or fleeing from the vicinity entirely.




  • None


  • None (yet)


  • Blaine Mongoose (father, deceased)
  • Janet Mongoose (mother, deceased)
  • Aunt and Uncle

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