Melody is a 12- year- old sonokinetic dog. She has a pet Pichu, Operetta. Melody is kind and selfless, and as a child she was unable to control her powerful voice and everyone called her names like "Siren" and "Jynx". Melody is owned by TeamSonicPrez. She has no enemies.


Melody doesn't remember very much of her past. Her earliest memory is when she was 10 and her powers started. She was called up by her music teacher to sing "The Preamble" from Schoolhouse Rock as a solo. She left her music teacher and classmates weeping and begging for more.

After that everyone generally avoided her and started calling her names. The first one was "Witch." Then, when she was in sixth grade, the class had a wider vocabulary and started calling her "Jynx." Finally, in middle school the seventh grade class learned some ancient Greek myths and dubbed her "Siren."

Out of loneliness, she went to a Pokemon Pound and adopted a Pichu with a ukulele on her back. She named the Pichu Operetta. Melody started becoming a Pokemon Trainer after that, and dropped out of school to pursue her dream to be a singer and her passion as a Trainer.


  • Operetta (Pichu)
  • Symphonique (Eeevee)
  • Musa (Mew)
  • Tune (Mincinno)
  • Song (Umbreon)


  • Sonokinesis
  • Speed of Light
  • Childlike innocence helps her out of sticky situations
  • Calm temper. You can count on her not to get you into trouble by getting mad.
  • Developing powers over technology.


  • "The sound of music my ass. I just like to sing."
  • "Oh, oh, oh, dear! Here, let me help. . ."


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