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Melyssa Von Nobletail (Merissa Von Noburuteiru) is the crown princess of the Kingdom of Nobletail. She is also the second-in-command of the K-9 Patrol.

Melyssa Von Nobletail

Biographical Information
  • 15 (current)
  • 40 (25 Years Later)
25 Years Later
  • Mel (used by Wolfen and Guntiver)
  • Queen Melyssa the Wise
Romantic InterestsGuntiver the Wolf
Physical Description
Gender Female
  • Fur: Purple w/white chest, face and tail tip
  • Hair: Pink
  • Eyes: Green
  • Blue sleeveless belly shirt
  • Brown boots w/ yellow band
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
25 Years Later
  • Blue sleeveless dress
  • Crown
  • Brown boots w/ yellow band
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
Political Alignment and Abilities
Other Information
American V.A. Ryushusupercat
Japanese V.A. ???
Theme Song(s) ???
Original Creator Ryushusupercat



Obviously, Melyssa and her brother spent their childhood as any heiress to a throne would, so there's nothing really special about Melyssa's childhood.

The Invasion of Castle Nobletail

One day, Melyssa and her brother, Wolfen Von Nobletail, were sitting on the battlements of Castle Nobletail, mumbling about how boring it was to be waited on paw and foot, and how they wanted to go out and see the world (which is Mobius). They decided to sneak out of the castle to see the nearby Lake Verity, home to a mysterious Spirit. They succeed in sneaking out, using their pet Growlithe, Solomon, to distract the wolf guards at the gates. At the Lake, they see the Egg Carrier flying overhead, and run back to the castle to warn their parents.

When Robotnik came to Castle Nobletail with his Egg Carrier (after the first Death Egg was destroyed), he tried to capture the children and ransom them off for the land belonging to the Nobletail family. Naturally, they consented, but Robotnik (being the jerk he is) decided to go ahead and roboticize the king and queen anyways. Just as his SWATbots were leading the two over to the Roboticization Chamber, Melyssa and Wolfen were rescued by a mysterious psychic entity, which turned out to be the Spirit of Lake Verity, Mesprit (yay Pokemon!). Forced to flee with only each other and their pet Growlithe, Solomon, the brother, sister and beloved pet Pokemon traveled and decided along the way to start a resistance (the name didn't come until Roxy Fox Pomeranian joined them quite a bit later). They came across a small forest, and rescued Patches the Pomeranian and Peter Werren Arferon (who likes to be called Peewee) from SWATbots. Peewee and Patches introduced themselves and Peewee told the two wolf siblings about a cabin belonging to his father, Professor Nathaniel Arferon. Upon arriving at the cabin, the young Mobians were shocked to find it burned to the ground, with Peewee's father nowhere in sight (it was later learned that he was captured and roboticized). To make matters worse, more SWATbots arrived, led by the SWATbot leader, Superbot, and the two Mobian wolves and their friends were captured.

Escaping from the Egg Carrier

Taken onto the Egg Carrier, our heroes only managed to escape when Peewee uses a Fire Stone from his backpack of random, useful items to evolve Solomon into an Arcanine. They managed to escape the jail room but were quickly caught again (along with the three Lake Spirits), and Robotnik decided to start his experimenting on Melyssa. The three Lake Spirits, however, used their power to knock out the power on the Egg Carrier, and creating a beacon that attracted Cinos the Werehog (the King of Beasts and the one that destroyed the Egg Viper and the Death Egg) to the Egg Carrier and allowing him to truly rescue the five prisoners (but not without insulting Robotnik quite fiercely) along with the three Lake Spirits.

After Escaping the Egg Carrier

After their ordeal in the Egg Carrier, the K-9 Patrol (remember, the name didn't come until Roxy Fox Pomeranian joined them) quickly began recruiting members, and would eventually come across the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

25 Years Later

Marrying Guntiver the Wolf

Sonic Adventure 3



Rank Quotes

Selected for Battle:

Win Battle:

Lose Battle:

Starting Chao Finder Mission:

Clearing Chao Finder Mission:

Clear Stage:
"Here I am!"

A Rank:
"Yes! I did it!"

B Rank:
"That was easy!"

C Rank:
"Not too bad."

D Rank:
"I need to try harder..."

E Rank:
"Oh, that was terrible..."


With Guntiver the Wolf


Melyssa is a friendly and kind-hearted Mobian, who acts as somewhat of a mother figure to Patches the Pomeranian. She is the second-in-command in the K-9 Patrol, her brother Wolfen Von Nobletail being the leader of the group.



Biggest Fears



  • The Japanese words for wolf are both urufu and ookami.

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