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Mephiles the Dark
Mephiles (11)
Voiced by
Dan Green (2006-2010) Tony Todd (2010-Present)
Hedgehog-shaped demon
Collector's Base (06civic68pa's Universe)
Good (Aly Parris's fan universe, A Blue Light For the Dark)
Neutral(Cyclonestar's universe)
Iblis, suffering of others, jealousy, messing with other people's minds, evil, killing, wrath, greed, chaos, destruction, himself, tricking people, the Cosmic Jewel
Shadow for imprisoning him, the Duke for splitting him, kindness, love, joy, justice, Sonic, Silver (and their friends), Elise, Eggman, Mason, S.W.O.R.D., Dr. Animo
Time Travel

Iblis Fusion


Energy Projection

Ageless Immortality

Master of Manipulation

Weak Multiplication

Teleportation of Others


Mephiles the Dark was a character and was one part of the being that was the primary antagonist from Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.

Mephiles has three forms; the first and original was a dark, blackish-purple formless ooze or gas with some gaseous qualities. In his second form, Mephiles appears almost identical to Shadow the Hedgehog , aside from having green split-reptile eyes, no visible mouth, and the fact that everything that is red on Shadow is gray on him. His third form (and his preferred one when he uses his abilities) was a crystalline, anthropomorphic hedgehog form resembling the appearance of other hedgehogs in the Sonic series, such as Sonic himself; in this form, he has no visible nose, mouth, or feet. His name was based on the one of the names of Mephistopheles related to the legend of Faust . When he met Brutal, He teamed up with him to kill Sonic. He revived and teamed up with Basco the Leadership of Pirates and Mandy in Pirate Attack. However, this only concept art.

Mephiles appeared in the second and third part of The Battle of Chaos.

Random Fight

Mephiles' first appearance in Random Fight is near the end of Episode 4 of season 2 - Fusion Saga. He shows up in his liquid state and possesses a defeated Apocalypse Sonic, who is about to be killed by BloodSonic, BloodSonya, Sora, Arrekesu and Vicious. He then transforms into Apocalypse Mephonic, and proceeds to defeat all five at once. Blood transforms into his Psychotic form and attacks - only to be interrupted by a red hedgehog. (It isn't revealed in the series, but the red hedgehog is named Draco and is the future son of Blood.) The three fight until Blood unleashes a Chaos Oblivion, killing the red hedgehog, weakening Mephonic and using up all of Blood's energy. Sonya and Arrekesu team up on him, with Vicious joining in later on. He then resorts to plan B - Fuse with Nazo and possess Harem, who had previously assisted Apocalypse Sonic. (I had named this fusion-possession Apocalypse Haremephazic) She then fights Vicious, Sonya and Arrekesu, defeating all three. Blood and Joineth interrupt and fuse, creating Bloodeth. Vicious and Bloodeth fought with Haremephazic, resulting in Sonic splitting from them, creating Haremephazo. Sonic was still missing a small portion of his light from Darkspine Sonic , and as such was slightly dark. Sonic had also stolen most of Haremephazo's power before splitting with her, and the three quickly defeated her. Haremephazo resorted to Plan C - possess Blood. Finding something interesting, Mephiles got rid of Harem and Nazo and brought out Defaran. Defaran created a portal and the four were taken to the No-Time Zone.

During the unseen battle of Fusion Saga 6, Mephiles is cast out of Defaran's mind easily, and taken out of commission for the rest of the battle. He later returns for season 3 - Corruption Saga, and first shows up in the middle of the desert before Chaos Controlling away. He is seen later through Nazo, whom Mephiles has telepathically linked himself with. Using this connection, Mephiles increases Nazo's strength and is able to speak through him. He tells Sonic that he has taken control of Nazo, however, it is later shown that Nazo is at least allowing him control. The two initiate a plan, and Mephiles is shown still in the desert.

He soon encounters Sonaw, and demands to see Topaz, in order to obtain the body of Harem from him. Sonaw quickly agrees, and the two begin walking. They discuss Mephiles' reasons for wanting Harem, and Sonaw deduces that it was because some of Mephiles' power was left in her. Mephiles expresses amazement at his deductive powers, and asks how he became so intelligent, to which Sonaw decides to end the conversation.

After some time, the two sense an energy signature closing in on them. They stop, and it turns out to be Flab, who Sonaw remembers as "the guy who spinkicked him". Flab denies this, and Sonaw brings up the question of how a Digimon look-alike can become a hedgehog. The question is quickly answered as the original Flab being a 'fan'. Mephiles quickly dispatches the two 'fans', and Flab disappears. Mephiles takes the opportunity to question Sonaw why he's been leading him in circles, and Sonaw reveals it was all a trap, as 7 Cyber Metal Sonic's teleport in around them. Sonaw explains that no-one would surrender that kind of power, and leaves Mephiles to the Cyber Sonics. (more to come)

Fow Toth Town

After targeting G.A.A.M and Ripper the Fox, Mephiles sends his only current troop, Xeot, to kill them all. Xeot and Ripper face each other many, MANY times throughout the chase. Eventually, Ripper gets beaten up by Xeot on Jupiter, which leads to both the Master Sword (his new sword, after getting the Demon Icarachi, Grinder gave Ripper it) and his Vortex Manipulator (From Doctor Who,) getting stolen. Xeot chases Ripper to Fow Toth Town. Xeot is then later seen delivering a Stasis report on the hunt. Mephiles then just simply says, 'Very well then. let her (G.A.A.M) and Ripper Ashcroft's exterminations... BEGIN!' Later, he meets with Xeot in the damaged mall.

Blaze and the Prince of Space

Mephiles is released from the Staff of Darkness in a hidden temple on the island Keita and the gang escape to when Southern Island is attacked by Ibilis and Primula. But he was released by accident. He joins up with Primula and Eggman Nega, who hires Captain Whiskers and sends him after the heroes with a battleship, which they sink. When they reach Keita's home, they find it was burnt to the ground with nothing left standing. Here, Mephiles combines with Ibilis to create Solaris. He is defeated by Blaze and Silver and is sealed back inside the Staff. When Blaze was about to kiss Sonic Brutal kills him and cause Blaze to cry.

This is a very funny comic to show that Mephiles has no mouth.

Sonic at Noontime

Mephiles is the main antagonist in sonic at noontime. He destroys the kol and attempts to take over mobius prime (with the help of eggman) He is met by sonic and noon and recognizes sonic and develops a hatred for noon. Mephiles betrays eggman and continues to take over mobius prime himself. He is defeated by noon the hedgehog. But, he is not done for.

Sonic Gx

Mephiles the Dark appears in Sonic Gx,having the same story as in Sonic'06.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2.0

Many years ago when Sonic was a baby, Mephiles hunted down Sonic's parents. After that, Azmuth the Wise kicked Mephiles out of the house and told him to stay out. 18 years later, Mephiles is trapped in a staff. But one of Darth Knuckles's zombies freed Mephiles from the staff so that he could continue his mission to destroy Sonic, and his teammates. But Sonic the Werehog on the planet Neptune, killed Mephiles and scatter his goop parts everywhere. In book/movie 9, Mephiles was revived by Dr. Eggman, and during the fight, Mephiles revived Iblis, and he combined himself, Iblis, Brutal, the Komodo Dragons,and the Nega-Wisps into Nega-Solaris. He was destroyed forever by Shadic the Hedgehog. In the series, he is the twin brother of Nazo the Hedgehog.

Return from Oblivion

Main article: Ultimate Sonic

At the end of Sonic '06, Sonic and Princess Elise returned to the past before/during the Solaris Project. Elise extinguished the Flame of Hope thus erasing the events that lead to Mephiles, Iblis and Solaris.

Solaris as defeated by Super Sonic, Super Shadow and Super Silver which erased him from history. But as he is still worshiped as the Soleannan god, his name was never forgotten thus it's actual body remnants, Mephiles and Iblis and were forgotten from history and existence, fated to Oblivion.

While the Flames of Destruction lost and extinguished in the eternal black of Oblivion, Mephiles did not fade like the forgotten are suppose too, instead he grew powerful (Oblivion consisted of the Dark element). What was suppose to be his prison was now his home.

Mephiles eventually returns, yearning for completion and alien on a timeline not his, he hopes to become a God yet again and this time set his sights on the legendary Black Chaos Emerald. Passing through the Special Zone and disturbing the sanctidy of Tikal the Echidna and the chaos power, Tikal seeks help from Sonic to save the world from Mephiles.

The Scepter of Darkness maybe his emblem.

Aly Parris's fan universe

Main Article: Mephiles the Dark (Aly)

Mephiles appears as a hero and the grandfather of Melissa, Rosalina, Alicia, Julian, Silver, and Kayne. He also created robot copies of himself.

Pianoteen's Universe

Mephiles appears as a minor threat to most of the characters but can be the main antagonist. He usually likes to mouth off to Louis and his friends unfortunately having access of using Iblis and another type of Solaris due to the capturing of the two from the cards in Louis and the world of Wizard101.

Sonic Adventure XG (Ex Generations)

In Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) Mephiles finally reached his goal by freeing iblis from Elise's body and fusing with him to become Solaris, but Sonic Shadow and Silver combined their Super Forms to defeat the God of Time/The Sun. Later Sonic and Elise erased solaris from time sending Iblis and Mephiles out of existence.. But In Sonic Adventure XG in the first movie before the series ever began he has returned revealing that he was in Chaos Hell the entire time. The reason why he still exist is due to one reason:

  1. Because of the Good Future timeline splitting from the good future when Blaze the Cat sealed Iblis inside of her and went away but in the present he was still released and merged with Mephiles he was immune from being wiped from time since he didn't exist in any future.

More to be announced when Sonic Adventure XG (Ex Generations): Nazo The Second Coming is over.

Sonic: War of Shadows

Mephiles teamed up with Nazo and Dark Gaia. When Nazo was killed by Tails, Mephiles absorbed his energy and was transformed into Hexxor the Destruction. Later Hexxor combined with Dark Gaia and it created a beast named True Dark. True Dark was later destroyed by True Light, and his energy was sent into space.

Sonic: War for Mobius

Mephiles the Dark first appears as the main antagonist of seasons 4 and 5. He is also the true main villian in the series, as his power became the main focus at the second half of the series and that his legacy completely survives through the influence of his Cult, Falek Bellum and his Inner Circle.

Sonic: Armageddon

Even though Mephiles the Dark was destroyed, his influence and his servents still stand. He also appears in flashbacks before his destruction.

Nanoimals Two

Mephiles appears as Dark Nanoimal. If you want to captures Mephiles, bring three or more created Dark Nanoimals to fused into beast/dragon Mephiles. He is the major boss and not antagonist. He told about the mystical creature called Ibisron the Master God of Darkness, but they spilt into two Dark Nanoimals Ibisor and Pricron original form.

Dino Fury

during episode 24, Mephiles escaped from Delta Base then revenge on Samuel then teamed up with Coal Mutant. After Coal Mutant was destroyed by Blizzard Force Megazord, Mephiles went to lifeless monster to formed Mephiles the Mutant Dark. His Coal Mutant's lifeless body were finally destroyed by BlizzardMax Megazord then sealed away by Specter of Time.

SPD Alert

After event Power Rangers: 2007, Mephiles was arrested while inside the specter then trapped it forever.

Pirates Attack

Mephiles was freed by Mandy then decide to fused with Samuel's Angelic Ranger power to formed Mephiles the Dark Ranger. This only not appeared a show, but concept art.

Power Rangers: The Flaming Rings

Mephiles was not antagonist, but he telling Samuel who created Iblis Ring and Chirop Ring.

Knuckles' Chaotix: The Sprite Comic Series

In Robotnik Strikes Back, Mephiles played relatively the same role that he played in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, where he was using and manipulating Silver and Blaze into doing his evil bidding. As such, Silver began hunting down Sonic, who he believed to be the "Iblis Trigger". Blaze, being the less "naive" of the two, began to suspect that something was not right about Mephiles, and knew that there was something "dark and sinister" about him, and warned Sonic about him as soon as she came across him.

When Silver returned back to their present timeline after Shadow had taken him ten years into the past to learn of Mephiles' true motives and origin, they, along with Sonic, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and Ray engaged Mephiles in battle. By the time it was over, Mephiles soon found himself trapped within the Master Emerald by Knuckles, and began plotting his revenge, foreshadowing his major role in The Last Story as the main antagonist.

During the time Mephiles spent trapped within the Master Emerald, he overheard an important conversation between Knuckles, Silver, and Blaze regarding Iblis' defeat in the future, and how Blaze was currently being used as a vessel to contain him. He then began formulating a plan to trigger Iblis' release through her tears, and as soon as he heard Blaze state that she and Silver were best friends, that confirmed everything he needed to know to put his plan into effect.

After he was accidentally released from the Master Emerald by Charmy Bee, he attempted to give Knuckles a "one-way ticket to oblivion" for having him sealed up, but he was quickly stopped and sent flying from the altar by Knuckles and Rouge. Not very long afterwards, Mephiles listened in on yet another conversation of the heroes', and decided that he was going to allow them to collect the Chaos Emeralds first (since he needs them to merge with Iblis) before he decides to go through with his plan to kill Silver.

When everyone was finished collecting the Chaos Emeralds, Mephiles stayed true to his word by killing Silver after they were finished, thus causing Blaze to cry and release Iblis. When the fiery creature was unleashed, the two of them merged together and became the time-consuming creature, Solaris. Unlike in Sonic 2006, Solaris was able to speak, and thanked the heroes for collecting the Chaos Emeralds "for [him]", and told them that they had served their purpose and were no longer of any use to him, and as such, he opted to dispose of them accordingly, along with everyone and everything else in the universe. Using the power of the Chaos Emeralds, the heroes (including the recently-revived Silver) were able to engage Solaris in an emerald-powered showdown, and managed to defeat him.

On the brink of death, Solaris created a space-time rift in a last-ditched effort to finish the heroes off and ensure that they and everyone else would die with him. After mockingly telling them that there was no escape, Solaris exploded, but even though he was gone, the void remained. However, Wechnia was able to use his powers to close the void from the inside, but ended up sacrificing himself in the process.

Crystalline Mobius

The Mephiles of this universe is the husband of Cream the Rabbit and the father of Dementina the Demonspawn. He taught Dementina to torture her victims and devour their souls, and after she killed everyone, he crystalized the planet.

The Invaders

In The Invaders, an upcoming fanfic by bigbro223, Mephiles appears as a good person, but his true intentions are revealed in the end of the fanfic. Around the year 500 B.C., Mephiles is seeking for the Cosmic Jewel, a pyramid that brings the user a powerful army in their control. However, Mephiles could not warp himself to the Jewel's dimension, but can warp other beings from its dimension. In order to pass the time around 1,500 A.D., he creates a team named S.W.O.R.D. At first, the team are heroes, but around 1,570, after they failed to stop a crime, they were banished from the land forever. But Mephiles hid underground for centuries. In 2008, Mephiles learns of the existence of Scrouge the Hedgehog, and warps him to his underground base, and recruits him to S.W.O.R.D. Afterwards, he recruits Metal Sonic and Sonic to the team. Scrouge's version of Dr. Eggman, Dr. Animo, locates the Cosmic Jewel and sends an army to Mobius. Seeing an oppertunity for the Jewel, he sends S.W.O.R.D. out to the threat and manages to defeat Animo. However, instead of destroying the jewel, Mephiles takes it and takes control of the army. However, S.W.O.R.D. defeats Mephiles, destroying him and his grand army. They then destroy the Cosmic Jewel, sending Scrouge and Dr. Animo back to their dimension.

BearfootTruck's Universe

Mephiles hasn't appeared in ASMW yet, but he has appeared in two side stories and may appear in more stories in the future. In all of his known appearances, Mephiles speaks with a more advanced vocabulary than seen in Sonic '06.

A Blue Light For the Dark

Mephiles — in his Shadow form — meets Sonic at Green Grove Zone. Initially, Sonic wants to fight him, but Mephiles doesn't want that; he wants to apologize and to be friends with the Blue Blur. Because Sonic doesn't believe him, Mephiles tells him a little story: In short, when he killed Sonic, he looked back on everything he did and came to regret it very much. However, the Dark One couldn't stop his evil path because of Iblis' release. Thus, Mephiles came to Sonic because he believed that the Blue Blur would be willing to forgive him for his past misdeeds.

He is relieved when Sonic forgives him. However, his relief soon fades away when Sonic leaves him behind, still fearing that he's not who he claims to be. Distraught, Mephiles curls up in a ditch that night, thinking about all the pain that he's experienced in his life. The next day, he encounters Sonic again and asks why he ran away from him. Here, Mephiles tries to assure Ol' Blue that he's given up his evil ways, but to no avail. That night, Mephiles has a nightmare where his past misdeeds take the form of demonic clones and haunt him. Upon awakening from this nightmare, he is very sad, but soon after, his sadness changes to anger. Thus, he formulates a last-ditch plan to win Sonic over.

When Mephiles finally locates Sonic again, his rage gets the better of him. He gets into a fight with the Blue Blur and ends up trying to choke him to death. However, when he looks into Sonic's eyes, he lets go, overwhelmed with guilt. Despite Mephiles' pleas, Ol' Blue is still very angry at him. Finally, on the verge of crying, the Dark One gives Sonic some flowers as an apology, which he accepts. After the fight, Mephiles sits down and tells Sonic his story. Thankfully, the two of them are sympathetic towards each other in spite of their earlier conflict. After getting his wounds patched, Mephiles engages in meditation. Mostly, it proves relaxing, until a traumatic memory intrudes upon him. Luckily, Sonic calms him down, and eventually, Mephiles gets back to running with him.

Aside from running, Mephiles also plays catch & goes train surfing with Sonic. Here, it becomes evident that Mephiles is still physically able, but socially awkward, so he learns some slang & hand gestures from Sonic. Furthermore, when Sonic jumps off a train in Rail Canyon Zone, he actually shows concern for Big Blue's well-being. After train surfing, Mephiles leads Sonic to Seaside Hill Zone, where he plays a prank by jumping into the water and dragging Sonic with him, making Ol' Blue very angry once he surfaces. However, Mephiles apologizes and promises he won't do it again.

After swimming around for a bit, Mephiles is taken to Dr. Robotnik's fortress for one final test. Here, he shows his true colors when he accuses Robotnik of trying to use him for evil purposes. Furthermore, he destroys a new doomsday device the doctor was working on. As a reward for passing the test, Mephiles gets to lie down and chat with Sonic. Here, the Dark One reveals that he came back because he shared a link with Shadow. He also reveals that he developed a dislike for humans because none of them befriended him. Nevertheless, Sonic is compassionate towards him and is still willing to help out.

From here, Mephiles follows Sonic to Knothole, where the True Blue Hedgehog introduces him to his other friends. They seem to distrust him, but after getting to know him a bit, they accept him. Mephiles also learns how to disco dance and has his first taste of chili dogs. So far, he has been doing well, but when Sally distrusts him so much that she makes him take a lie detector test, he gets mad at Sally & Sonic for allegedly plotting against him. Fortunately, Sonic convinces Mephiles to take the test, and despite flubbing two questions, the Dark One passes. Afterwards, he kisses Sally's hand, thanking her for her forgiveness.

Once supper is finished, Mephiles follows Sonic to Azure Lake Zone. Here, he asks Sonic to stop so that he can enjoy the sunset. To Mephiles, this is one of the best moments of the day. Once the sun sets, Mephiles follows Sonic back to Knothole, where he watches the movie Supersonic Man with him. After the movie, Mephiles thanks Sonic for all he's done, and for the first time in his life, he cries. At first, he's ashamed to be showing this alleged "weakness", but when Sonic tells him that it's OK, he cries even more, which feels liberating to him. After he’s done crying, Mephiles hugs Sonic for just a little longer before cuddling up in bed with him & Tails.

Mephiles also appears in the "Sonic Says" segment, collecting donations on behalf of the Salvation Marine Corps. He gets a $50 donation from Knuckles.

Sonic's Weird Birthday

Mephiles makes an unexpected appearance during Sonic's birthday party in Knothole. At first, Sonic wants to have a go at him, but the Dark One assures him that he’s here as a good guy. To prove it, Mephiles gives Ol' Blue a birthday present: A bottle of an unknown poison. Despite Sonic's confusion, Mephiles insists that the poison could be very useful for him. After this, the Dark One wishes Sonic a prosperous future, hugs him and teleports to another location.

06civic68pa's Universe

Main Article: Mephiles the Dark (06civic68pa's Universe)

Mephiles has a different origin. True, he was created from Shadow's shadow, but was created by the Collector

Mephiles the Dark

with Shadow's shadow and some of demonic magic that Collocter stole from Marsha. This means that Marsha and Shadow are his base templates.


  • In some kid's continuity, Mephiles is the anchorman on News On Q.
  • In GurahkWeavile's continuity, Mephiles is survived by multiple children: Ashley the Bat (with Rouge), Coffee the Dark Seedrian (with Cosmo), Stella Rose (with Amy), Slade the Hedgecat (with Blaze), Zelda the Echidna (with Tikal), and Fetalia the Dark (created). With the exception of Fetalia, all of them were born when Mephiles raped and impregnanted the girls mentioned in parentheses.
  • Mephiles the Dark is the distant cousin of Shade the Silhouete. How that is possible is never mentioned but Shade is essentialy a female version of Mephiles. Mephiles took Shadow's form and Shade took Rouge's form. It could be seen they may have riverly as Shade mostly talks of him in disdain. This is revealed in the Team Dark focused continuity called 'Dark Deed's Universe.' Surprizeingly Shade could be seen as more evil and a hell of a lot more perverted. As she was able turn Sonic evil and bedded him alot. It's possible Mephiles may team up with the good side to defeat his suductive cousin.
  • In BearfootTruck's universe, Mephiles was said to be extremely lonely even while he was Solaris. However, since this information comes from a one-shot story, it may not apply to ASMW.


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