Miasma is not only one of the deadliest types of poison, it is also a deadly technique. The user sends out a fog of near-uncurable toxins that kill the victim within the hour. Only dieties can resist infection and even they cannot linger for long. However, those capable of commanding the element of poison are immune to this type of poison. Demons are very resilient against this type of poison, capable of lasting hours in it. However, if injected through a miasma-powered attack, then said Demon will suffer the same affects. Only devils can withstand such a poison. It should be noted that Miasma can infect people if they inhale it or have it injected directly into a wound. Also, Holy Water, Chaos Energy, and Water Lilies can cure someone infected with Miasma.


Miasma is where the User spreads a mist around them. The range is equal to the amount of energy expelled by the user. However, someone like Shadow could only expand it exactly 20 Ft. around him. The mist is also instilled with the toxin Miasma. The user also must constantly spend the amount of energy per minute to keep the mist active.


There are probably variants of this move so post them here.

  • Smog


Post your character here if they can use this technique.


This technique, while deadly, requires quite a bit of energy to make it spread any signifigant distance and at a constant rate. As a result, this is only a D rank move. However, it is extremely effective during close-range combat.

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