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Mika the Organic Robot

Biographical Information
Romantic InterestsNone Yet
Physical Description
SpeciesLiquid Metal Hedgehog
AttirePink hoodie and capris pants
Political Alignment and Abilities
WeaponryAnykind because she can absorb and materalize any kind of weapons
AbilitiesFlight, Absorbation
Super Formsnone made yet XP
Other Information
American V.A.none
Japanese V.A.none
Theme Song(s)none yet
Appearancesnone yet
Original CreatorEAJ


Miko is a being that was just a liquid metal but after bonding with a deing female that wanted to live and had lost her family and wanted revenge Miko and this female had fused and became one being that due to Miko's abilities was able to do many things.

Age: 25 (physicaly) 18 (looking)

Species: Hedgehog.

Personalility: Friendly, Easygoing, Allways wanting to make friends


Mika the Organic Metal Hedgehog
This picture is her appearnce


Adapatation: to a slight degree because she can absorb and use anything metal and wood and use it but racial abilities is something she can not overcome.

Flight: Her black wings say it all

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