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Mikhail Rancovich is a 16-year-old tiger, who appears to have a Russian background, given his accent and attire.
Mikhail Alexinov Rancovich
[[Image:Mikhail|{{{Image size}}}px]]
16 years
4' 1"
82 lbs
Orange fur with black stripes, green eyes gray hair
Super Forms
Mighty Mikhail (Requires 7 Chaos Emeralds)
Above-average strength and agility, advanced gunslinger skills, Chaos Control/Blast, (Mighty form only) Mighty Blast (Mighty form only)
Black trenchcoat, black boots, gray gloves, gray utility belt
.44 Magnum revolver (stored in holster inside coat)
Voice Actors



Mikhail grew up in a strict family living in a tundra. His father enforced the rules of the household with an iron fist. As punishment for the slightest thing, Mikhail would usually be sent out to the wilderness at night to "repent what he had done." Soon, Mikhail decided to run away from his abusive father and live life as a thief, stealing to survive.

Live as a Thief

Mikhail lived a small time of his life stealing what he could to stay alive. He had no money, no home, no love from his family. Almost every city he had come across, he was labeled as an outlaw to be captured, dead or alive. Soon, he meets a certain orange cat. For a while, they are rivals, but soon settle their differences to fight every form of evil that came their way.

Future Adventures

Mikhail fought alongside Lance the Cat and Sonic the Hedgehog to defeat foes like King Sentia, and his son and heir, Chirns.


After the fight with Chirns in his Mighty form, Mikhail pulled out his revolver as a last-ditch effort to kill the alien prince. As Mikhail fired, Chirns used his inhuman reflexes to catch the round, and fling it back, landing right in Mikhail's chest. As Lance comes to Mikhail's aid, he tells Lance to avenge him at any costs with his dying breath. Filling Lance's heart with sorrow and rage, Lance and Sonic go Hyper, and wage in a final battle against Chirns.


Sonic Adventure: Exodus

Mikhail is one of the leading characters in Sonic Adventure: Exodus. He becomes Lance the Cat's rival and friend, and fights King Sentia and Chirns, unfortunately dying during the fight with Chirns

Other Information




Cold weather


Hot weather

Lots of noise


"The name's Rancovich. Mikhail Rancovich."- Said when introduced.

"You have no idea who you're up against, alien scum. I will be a wielder of Chaos! I will be mighty!"- Said before Mighty transformation.

"Hmm, satisfying."- After a victory.

"Ach, what a disappointment."- After a defeat.

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