Mile Fletcher is a sixteen year-old soliarian overlander.


she has green hair with blue eyes. she wears sunglasses on her head, and usually waers a striped shirt and a black short-skirt. she also wears striped socks and ong black boots. She also has a special outfit for tournaments.


she is generally sweet and friendly, and is kind to anyone she meets. she only hates one person, Adolf the Wolf.Thats because his soldiers killed her family and friends. She is also bi-sexual, as she had both a boyfriend when adolf rose to power, and a girlfriend before she was captured.


She and her Family were found in hiding and captured by him and thrown into one of hos jails until soldiers liberated it. she was the only member of her family that got out alive. Afterwards, she swore vengance on Adolf and the E.W.D.O.



  • she is partially based off ann frank, partialy off Matt from deathnote.
  • she is a skilled markswoman, and has killed many E.W.D.O. members.

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