Miyuki the Cat is the former Guardian of the Dark Spectre Sphere. She has been seen as a sacrificial type of person, forcing herself out of her guardianship position, ironically, because she wanted to defend the names of the Guardians.


Miyuki by L3V3L-S3L3CT

In Fallen, she is with Jennyl for a while before she is forced to break up with her, and decides to test her to see if she can handle being a guardian, she defeats Jennyl, but in turn, she is forced to leave as well.

Miyuki is often seen as being annoyed at almost everything. Whether she be helping or hurting, everything somewhat seems to be a bother for her. Some say it is because of her past, and she uses this attitude as a facade, but on the inside, she probably is in fact, very annoyed.


Miyuki is very vengeful towards others. If someone does her wrong, despite her reluctance to do things, she will find them and probably teach them a thing or two about respect. She holds many grudges, and doesn't let them go for anything and everything.

She is also very annoyed with everyone. She has somewhat of a superiority complex, believing that she is somewhat better than everyone else because of how much she helps people. This can screw her up in combat.

She is also very reluctant to fight others. She would rather talk first and fight later, mostly because of that said superiority complex. She believes that many aren't capable of being able to go a few rounds with her, so she often shies away from the thought altogether.


Falling in Love

When she first got into the Guardian business, Miyuki was very antisocial. She did not like talking to others, because she had gotten into the mindset that the life of sociality could not be akin to the life of a guardian. So she shut herself off from others, especially considering she was torn from her family. But she soon found love with Jennyl, and it seemed that she came out of her shell.


But not everything is meant to last. Miyuki soon found out what Jennyl was doing, as she was stealing from others and hurting people. The many years of being a guardian, Miyuki thought, had finally caught up to her beloved. She was forced to break up with Jennyl, and gave her an ultimatum. "Prove your worth as a Guardian and defeat me in combat, or leave." Miyuki gave her all in order to fight Jennyl, and won. But however, she was forced to leave as the fight had caused a great imbalance between the Spectre Spheres.


Miyuki's first days as a normal Mobian were ones that she would rather soon forget. She was met with many requests as people recognized her from the Guardians. She soon became annoyed at this, but carried out her duties as she was told. Soon, she regained the acceptance of the people, although they blamed her for the outbreak of crime throughout the land. She constantly helped others, although she acted like she didn't care, until one day, she went ino a bar. She was loooking at the television, and saw a familiar girl on there...


Martial Arts

Miyuki is very adept at Jiujitsu and Karate. She fuses the two in order to maximize damage, making her a serious threat to those that wish to go toe-to-toe with her. She is not a good grappler, however, and does not know how to counteract them, so that may be something to look out for.


Miyuki can create and manipulate dark energy. She creates little gloves around her hands while fighting so she can help herself against tougher opponents. She almost always uses this as a last resort though. She can also use it to stun her opponents, or incapacitate them immediately.

How Did She Come to Be?

Oh. We're back? Good. Well, Miyuki was an adopt that I wanted for a long, long, long time. She was like, my main Mobian girl that I wanted to buy. Like Jennyl, MinuteHandMuse on deviantArt was seeling his characters--see? Really keyboard? What the fuck?

Anyway, MHM was selling his characters. I wanted this girl really bad, so she was on the list. I guess in personality terms, I wanted to create a not-so-typical ninja girl. So yeah.

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