Mobian Empire
Flag of the Mobian Empire
Type of Government
Totalitarian Fascist Dictatorship, Single Party State later Democratic Empire
Imperial Code of Laws
Head of State
Head of Government
Prime Minister
Commander in Chief
Dominus Bellum (Heir later offical Höchste)
Prime Minister
Snively Kintobor

The Mobian Empire (メビウス人帝国 Mebiusu-jin Teikoku), was a militaristic government established by Julien Kintobor, better known as Ivo Robotnik. The Mobian Empire is the main antagonistic faction of Sonic: War for Mobius.


Overlander Invasion of Mobotropolis

Shortly after the end of the Great War, King Maximillian Acorn informed Warlord Julian that he was to dismantle the War Ministry immediately, as the king had made him the Minister of Science and there was no need for the army now. Unbeknownst to King Max, Julian was really a double agent and the new leader of the Overlanders. By this point, while Julian had developed the SWATbot model to support the invading force, he had found an infinite energy source known as Alacritas. That night, Julian gave a young officer and trusted ally named Colonel Dominus Bellum, leader of the Overlander forces outside Mobotropolis permission to deploy his troops and begin the invasion. The Kingdom came under siege in several various locations simultaneously in order to prevent retaliation. King Max was soon brought before Julian, where Julian's schemes were finally revealed. Having renamed himself Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Julian demonstrated to King Max the roboticization process on several captured Mobians. Following this he proceeded to banish King Max into the Zone of Silence as he had with Kodos during the Great War. With the king now disposed of, Robotnik ordered Colonel Bellum to round up the remaining citizens of Mobotropolis and the Kingdom then roboticized them. Approximatly 45% of the city's population was roboticized, while the rest managed to escape to the Great Forest while others switched sides and allied themselves with the newly formed Mobian Empie. Due to those actions Bellum was promoted to Field Marshal and was appointed surpreme commander of the newly formed Imperial Military.


See also: First Robotnik War

Robotnik's military invasion had lasting global impacts and marked the beginning of Robotnik's ten year rule over the entire planet. Following his takeover of Mobotropolis, which he renamed Robotropolis - the main city of Robotnik's empire, the despot sent out his hordes of robotic armies to capture and roboticize other Mobians. Not long after taking Mobotropolis, Robotnik had even sent his troops to his home city and capital of Megapolis. From the far off Kingdom of Mercia and Sand Blast City, to the wandering Lost Tribe of Echidnas, to the distant continent of Downunda, Robotnik managed to capture and roboticize or exucute induviduals who did not pledge alligence to the empire. From there, he placed various Lieutenants and regional dictators, such as the infamous High Sheriff and Crocbot, to ensure that any rebellious acts would be quelled. (StH: #58, #61, #62, #72, KtE: #11)

Government and politics

The Leaders of the empire are chosen by the trust of his/her predecessor. The Mobian Imperial rule was authoritarian. There was little to no freedom of speech and dissidents were punished harshly. Sectors were grouped and turn into oversectors and are controlled by the Imperial Military and the Imperial Secret Service, who exercised power in the disparate regions of Mobius. The sectors were no longer given a say in the government, but were now kept in line through fear of force. Bellum's Empire was more benevolent, but was more focused on Organic supremacy. After Dominus Bellum's death the empire had became alot more benevolent as time went on.

Society and culture

The Mobian Imperial Society is highly militaristic and industrialized. The empire believes in expanding the industrial system and holds little to no regard for the environment. Most of the organic population are military conscripts, leaving criminals, the aristocracy and ex-servicemen as the only civilians in general imperial society. The crime rate is high and organic deaths are never get calculated and Robots and Robians were given more rights. Most of the empire's resources go straight to the military, the factories and propaganda related structures. To Robotnik, Organics were nothing more than soldiers as the imperial military and his robotizied society are above all the most prized elements in the Mobian Empire. Dispite this, there were still a minority of highly developed cities in the Empire, such as Future City, Anèz and even the capital Megapolis. Under the Ruling Council, non intelligent Robots and Robians were sadisticly discriminated by the Organic population and were view as "animals". Air pollution stoped and Organics rights increased rapidly. Dispite the changes, Desire of Conquest still stood. Infact the robotized and non-intelligent robotic population sufferd ethnic cleansing at the hand of Imperial troopers and vengeful civilians.


Most of the population and resources in the Mobian Empire go towards the military. The Mobian Empire has the largest and most technologically advanced armed forces in all of Mobius. All of the Middle and lower class Imperial citizens are trained from birth to fight in battle. A powerful military and an expanding empire is Robotnik's main goal for creating his robotic centered empire.

Law Enforcement Organizations

  • Imperial Police Department


  • The Mobian Empire is based off of the galactic empire, the main antagonists of Star Wars and the historical Nazi Germany.
  • The Mobian Imperial insignia resembles the swastika, the symbol of the Nazi Party.
  • Dispite being based off of two supremacist factions, the Mobian Empire holds no focus on that factor, until Bellum, Snively and Argenteus took power and the Organic population began to discriminated Non-Intelligent Robots and fully Robotized Citizens, viewing them as "abominations" and "animals".
  • The Mobian Empire's military is the main focus in Sonic: War for Mobius.