Mobius Rings are a naturally occuring phenomnon on Mobius in HS664's fanfic. They are used for power sources, money, technology, fashion and jewelry. They have special properties and can form anywhere in any zone on any continent, either from unknown reasons (possibly Mobius' natural Chaos Energy), pollution or artificial means. They can form on grassy feilds in volcanoes, under water, in virtual realities (even if their not part of the programming, and if a person collects some and returns to the real world they will still have them) and outer space. There are several types of rings.

All rings weigh a third of an ounce or about 42 carats.

Types of Rings

As Currency

These rings are easy to make pseudo rings. They are a copperish brown.

As Jewelry and Fashion

Many teens and young women have specially made Rings bands and finger Rings (like wedding rings) that are actually Gold at full power. These Rings have been known to positively effect emotions, shine beautifly and affect luck.

Natural Mobius Rings

Natural Mobius Rings are a large power source,, shine gold and if built into something, be virtually indestructible. When made contact with, they will automatically absorb the Ring. After that they can push the ring out (with the energy or not) and reabsorb them at will.

Super Power Rings

Freezle the Echidna, the Mobius Ring expert created Special Rings that when absorbed, temporarily give Invincibility and Triple movement Speed.

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