Mobius TV
The Mobius TV logo
Network type Broadcaster, Television
Country/Countries Green Hill Zone, All of Mobius is available to see it.
Availability Worldwide
Founded by Makkon the Hedgehog
Motto "We got it all!"
Owner Owned publicly
Key people
Launch date 2912
"We got it all!"
Makkon's motto for Mobius TV.

Mobius TV is a Media network that has many shows and news networks. It was meant for public who do not have Cable and they can get the news and watch some of the top-rated shows provided by Cable networks for free. Mobius TV also has all of this content online on their website, too.


Back in 2899, Makkon had no cable, and wanted to watch the TV shows that his friends were watching, back when he was a kid. So, in 2910, he remembered him as a kid, wanting to see the best programs on cable. So, he skipped college (In which his parents were very angry) and bought the technology to make a program. He also bought a satellite to produce it. At first, he got on the internet and looked up some of the shows that were popular now, and published it onto his channel.

Companies that made these shows were outraged that he was showing their shows without permission. So, he was sued 1.2 million dollars for using their television programs without permission and was sent to jail for 3 years. After the 3 years had past, he asked his friends to help him in reviving the channel again. This time, he paid people to use their programs and put them on his channel.

It wasn't later, until 2922, that people requested original ideas. At first, Makkon was frustrated by this idea until he remembered his old friend, Mark, that he could animate and draw pretty well. So, he hired him to make a cartoon for the kids and direct a TV Show and hire actors for it (He had a degree in Directing, you know). That first show was called "Radioactive Apocalypse" and was themed around a post-apocalyptic Mobius, were zombies have token over and their are only 5 survivors left, kind of like Left 4 Dead.

The first cartoon was "Super Hedgehog", a cartoon about a Hedgehog who has cool powers, like Superman's. Pretty soon, both shows got good reception and they made more, and after 20 years, because of the original ideas, Mobius TV was a success.

Head Quarters and Offices

After making a ton of money by Mobius TV, Makkon settled a HQ in the central part of Green Hill Zone and built a few offices in Glending and Gemton. A new office is in construction down at Green Hill and is expected to be done in 2944, on the 30th anniversary of Mobius TV.


Mobius TV stated that their funding is received from the Government, and from donations of viewers and the paying of TV ads and the paying of other Channels using their original Ideas to put in their network. There used to be a rumor that they are stealing money from Mobian Media Network, but that was proved false by Mobian Media Network, by showing police their bank accounts, showing there was no changes at all.


Here is a list of Programs that is Original to Mobius TV and not;

  • Radioactive Apocalypse (Original) (Stopped)
  • Super Hedgehog (Original) (Stopped) (Cartoon)
  • Sonic News Network
  • Mobius TV Network (Original)
  • Makkon and Megan in the Morning (Original) (Stopped)
  • Iron Hedgehog (Cartoon)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: The TV Series
  • Mobius TV Gossip (Stopped)
  • Olympic Dream
  • Two and a half-Hedgehogs
  • Top Floor
  • Sonic Sez (Cartoon)
  • Inside the Office of Doom

Many more to put.

TV Movies

  • Radioactive Apocalypse: The Re-beginning

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