Biographical Information
  • Chronologically <1 (Physically as 17)
  • Dr. Gersch Moses (Father/Creator)
Physical Description
  • Artificial Processed Transgenic Hedgehog
  • Male
  • Height: 100 cm (3' 3")
  • Weight: 88 lb.
  • Fur Color: Crimson, Jet Black, White
  • Eye Color: Red
  • Skin: Tannish-orange
Theme Song
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Currently Neutral (Formerly Hero/Evil)
Ability Type
  • Speed/Power

Being alone, running, being powerful, self-healing, serving justice, classic rock music, destroying hard work, winning.


People who think they are stronger than him, sharp objects, high-pitched noises, machines/robots, anything with an alignment of evil (Excluding himself), Dr. Eggman, Dr. Gersch Moses, oppression, having to give up, flashing colors, people who think they are 1337.

"You may have brought me life, and tried to make me do your biding. But My decision has been made, and I am NOT listing to YOU." -Mono the Hedgehog confronting Dr. Gersch Moses.

Mono the Hedgehog was intended to be a cloned successor of Shadow the Hedgehog, and has most of the abilities of Shadow the Hedgehog. Mono also has myostatin which gives him super-strength, but is flawed so he uses Chaos Drives to substiute for it. The Inhibitor Rings on his wrists give him powers the differ on his karmic actions.



Dr. Gersch Moses craved to enslave the Earth and started to work on Project: Artificial Zeus, which involved creating a powerful being to outstrengthin the ultimate lifeform.


After Mono was released from suspended animation, he went on a rampage and had no control over his powers. Moments later Mono obtained control over his mind and started seeing flashbacks from Shadow's memories. Mono notices a cruise liner is sailing close by, and dashes onto it to get off the island. Mono makes his first contact with a chaos emerald when Amy Rose trips and loses her grip on the emerald she is carrying. Mono catches the emerald and triggers a vision when he was in suspended animation and witnesses Dr. Gersch Moses consulting with his plans about enslaving the Earth using Mono.

Confronting Moses

Once Mono collected the Seven Chaos Emeralds, he went on a search to confront his creator Dr. Gersch Moses. Mono finds out that Moses had stolen one of Dr. Eggman's Flying Battleships to conquer the Earth by himself. With Moses flying at near-orbit, Mono use chaos controls to get himself on the ship's main deck. When Mono reaches Moses They get into conversation with his backstory, and Moses tries convincing Mono to join with him. Mono tells Moses that he has chosen to save the Earth. Moses then says that Mono had made a wrong decision. Moses uses an immobilization beam on Mono to freeze him, and take the emeralds to power his superweapon which involves generating a wormwhole inside the core if the Sun to convert its energy to destroy major cities around the globe. Dr. Eggman, furious at Moses for stealing his Battleship, fires a missile barrage at the ship for payback. The explosion destroyed a few power generators which in turn, nocks out the immobilization beam and weakens Moses' superweapon. Mono, now free, snatches the emeralds back and (depending on his karma) turns into Super Mono or Dark Mono. Mono destroy's the superweapon and uses Chaos Repulse to tear the wormhole apart. (Then depending on his karma) Dark Mono throws the ship into the sun with Moses in it. While Super Mono, he would destroy Moses' flying fortress by using chaos spear, and then flies away.


Mono returns to Earth to see Central City and for miles around all left in ruins. With 'Hero' Status, Mono takes the chaos emeralds and uses their power to reverse the effects of Moses' superweapon, and then goes back to the island where he was created on, and puts himself in a suspended animation chamber. With 'Evil' Status, Mono stares at the ruined city and walks away without showing any remorse.


Mono shows alot of emotion when it comes to fighting. Mono cares about himself before others, but still shows his respect where it's due. When he's angry he lets his power control him, and doesn't care who gets in the way. Because of his intense strength he always stands up to a challenge and never is nervous. Mono prefers to be alone because he is insecure about who and what he is. Mono named himself 'Mono' because it means one, and thinks he's the only one that can be like him.


Mono's main fur color is crimson and has jet black marks on his quills. His appearance is the same figure as Shadow but had a genetic mutation occur once he was released that made his skin color reverse. He wears black pants because he didn't want to stand out.
Mono also has Inhibitor Rings, but instead of giving him ultimate strength and draining him, they upgrade his powers depending on his Karmic actions. Although Mono has Shadow's shoes, he runs like Sonic because of his faulty skating experience.


Old Powers

Because Mono is a clone of Shadow, he shares some of Shadow's signature chaos abilities. These include:

  • Chaos Control - Chaos Control allows the user to stop time at will and also allows the user to teleport through space.
  • Chaos Spear - Chaos Spear fires an electric spear with medium damage. (With Good Karma, you can discharge a continous stream of spears at a high rate of fire.)
  • Chaos Blast - Chaos Blast involves the user to charge and then release an immensely powerful shockwave of raw Chaos Energy. (This ability can only be used with Dark Karma.)
  • Chaos Bind - Chaos Bind allows the user to restrain up to 2 targets with light rings composed of pure Chaos energy.
  • Chaos Regeneration - Chaos Regeneration allows the user to heal wounded beings and bring someone back from the dead.
  • Chaos Rift - Chaos Rift allows the user to create a throwable sphere. Upon touching someone, it immediately sends them into space, or if it fails, and makes whoever got hit to be dazed.

New Powers

But because of Mono's usage of Chaos Drives, he learned stronger powers such as:

  • Chaos Repulse - Chaos Repulse involves the user to rip open space and create a singularity. It also allows the user to tear apart other singularities and entities.
  • Healing Factor - Healing factor is a specialized gene that regenerates any self-wounds and injuries.
  • Bio-Leech - Bio-Leech allows the user to drain the life out of an individual with physical contact. (You must be holding onto a living being and have Dark Karma.)
  • Chaos Cyclone - Chaos Cyclone summons a violent wind storm (F3-F5 Tornado).


  • Deep-Water
  • Loss of Inhibitor rings
  • Karmic decisions
  • Memories


"These memories are not my own." - Mono after experiencing some of Shadow's memories.

"I don't need your help, I've got my own problems to deal with." - Mono talking to Sonic.

Ranking Actions

  • S-Rank: Mono rases his arms and shouts "Winning!"
  • A-Rank: Mono says "Excellent."
  • B-Rank: Mono says "Not bad."
  • C-Rank: Mono facepalms, and then shrugs "It'll have to do."
  • D-Rank: Mono yells "What did I do wrong!?"
  • E-Rank: Mono kicks the E off the scoreboard and stomps off screen.

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