When The Perstoneality is shattered 4 monsters come out. A Blue yellow red and a huge black one come out.

Blue Monster

The blue monster is incredibly fast and can run up to 1,500,000 miles per hour. It can only be defeated by water.

Yellow Monster

The Yellow monster can fly at incredible speeds and it can breathe in space. It can only be killed by touching the ground.

Red Monnster

This Red one is extreamly powerful and can liuft up to 10,000 pounds. It can only be killed by falling a long distance.

Black Monster

The Black monster is very powerful he has all the powers of the previous three monsters but multiplied by 5 he is also 3 times their size combined. To kill it you have to beat it in a batle which is near impossible.


  • The monsters symbolize the greates heroes Sonic Tails and Knuckles but strangley the creatures are evil.
  • The Black monster sybolizes Eggman the evil one who would free them from their rock prison

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