Quotation1If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding! How can you have any pudding when you didn't eat your meat?!Cquote2 - Mr. Marcos

Mr. Marcos is a cruel and heartless teacher at a school with a name unknown to the public. He loves torturing, hurting, and ultimately killing people, and no one really knows the reason why. His mortal enemy is Floyd the Pink Echidna, whom he vows to kill one day.

Mr. Marcos, the Evil Teacher
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Unknown
Description His physical appearance is always changing. He is usually depicted as a tall, flimsy teacher with a pointer in one hand and a whip in the other. His head is tall and blue, and upon his eyes sit glasses. He has gray hair as well.
  • Suit and Tie
  • Glasses
Relatives Unknown
  • Brick (By Floyd)
  • Mr. Socram (Alias used in The Wall
  • "Wrong, do it again!"
  • "If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding! How can you have any pudding when you didn't eat your meat?!"
  • "You! Yes you, behind the bicycle stands! Stand still, laddie!"
  • The Board of Education of Mobius
Friends Unknown
Romantic Interests Fat and Psychopathic Wife
Main Enemies Floyd the Pink Echidna
Weaponry Whip which turns into a Ball and Chain upon taking excess damage
Abilities Possession, Transforming his whip into a Morningstar
Theme(s) Another Brick in the Wall (Shared theme with Floyd
Super Forms No real super forms
Ability Type Unknown
Alter Egos Mr. Socram


He is shown to be excruciatingly evil, as depicted by his actions in The Wall. He possesses knowledge beyond that of a normal Mobian, but is so smart, he is insane. He is merciless, and shows mercy to not even the weakest of foes. He is even willing to possess his worst pupil, Floyd, into attempting to kill his friends and eventually himself.

His major flaw is that he tends not to see the downside of his schemes. Everything he does he believes to be perfect and flawless, even though there are usually holes in his plans.


Little is known about his past, though it is revealed that his cruelty does have something to do with his past. As a teenager, he fell in love with the woman of his dreams, and married her when they grew older. As time went on, she became abusive and possibly became the source of his malevolence.

It is also known that he attempted to kill Floyd when he was still a child. He failed in his attempt, and now both swear vengeance against one another.


Possession: It is shown that he can place the whip atop one's head and possess him. He can set the requirements for reversing the possessions, but it is not without flaw.

Whip Transformation: When Marcos is heavily damaged, his whip turns into a ball and chain. It is far more powerful than the whip, and when he used it for the first time, it was nearly the death of Floyd for the second time.

Relationships with others

Floyd the Pink Echidna

As stated before, these two are mortal enemies. They never get along, and they are always at each other's throats.

Drake the Echidna

Drake turns out to be a rebel against Marcos, much to his irritation. Drake seemed oblivious to everything Marcos said or did, no matter how much Marcos threatened him. While Drake was annoying, Marcos never saw him as anything more than a nuisance.

Myesha the Echidna

Mr. Marcos has been shown to hate Myesha as well as Floyd. Because he knew of his undying love for her, he constantly used her as bait to attempt to kill Floyd, no attempt working. Even when he destroyed the love that lingered in Floyd by possessing him, Myesha was still able to revive Floyd's old self.

Evo the Hedgegoose

Like Myesha, Marcos used Evo as bait to get Floyd. While he still held a grudge against Evo, he thinks of him as a waste of time. He doesn't even try to kill him, just lure in Floyd.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Killing people
  • Seeing people hurt
  • Seeing people die
  • Sad children
  • The thought of people suffering
  • Possessing people
  • Hurting people
  • School
  • Torture
  • When people listen to him
  • Talking
  • Being violent
  • Fear
  • Power


  • Love
  • Healthy people
  • Happiness
  • Good schools
  • Peace
  • Floyd
  • Myesha
  • Rebellions

Appears in

Canon Roleplays


  • He nearly killed Floyd, twice.
  • He also nearly killed Evo and Myesha.
  • No one really knows why he likes to see people suffer. People assume it was his past or his wife, but no one is certain.
  • His wife seems to be the only person he doesn't attempt to torture in any way.