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The game Mystic Monkey is the first EN?GMA spin-off fangames and the first appearance of Mystic Monkey. It's low poly graphics to make the game more hand-held like in quality. It is also one of the few fan game projects planned that stars an oriignal character as protagonist. The game is still in planning and is yet in development. It is yet decided if it will take place during the Classic era of Sonic games, however story elements are reliant on modern locations and characters such as Shadow, Blaze and Alberto Robert being modern characters.


The game starts off with Mystic chasing after Nack the Weasel who has stolen one of the sacred swords. As the game and story begins Mystic must find his sword and leave Grand Kingdom for the mainland in hopes to pursuit Nack the Weasel and find the other three swords.

As Mystic visits New Station Square (famously known for when Sonic saved the world from Chaos) Mystic helped a Soleannan shoemaker named Alberto Robert and in return he gave Mystic a pair of customisable shoes made to look like Sonic's Power Sneakers, these shoes allowed Mystic to move faster than his physical capabilities as well as customise with other shoe parts for more abilities.

With these shoes Mystic continued his adventure meeting other heroes along the way, while his abilities as a hero increases.


At times Mystic will meet heroes, some legendary from the games, some old friends. Besides helping Mystic in his story they also provide missions for Mystic to perform once he has completed the acts of the local zone. Some of these missions which require the hero themselves to be played. They wait at Adventure Fields.

Mysterious Disembodied Voice

Addressing Mystic from a source of heavenly light, the voice heed Mystic's desire to be a hero and guide him towards the very sword lodged in a large rock. The voice purpose is for tutorial stage and starting players off. Who the voice is can be speculated but will be revealed in later games.

Mighty the Armadillo

The first hero Mystic meets, he considers him a legend. Mighty teaches him the Wall Jump maneuver.

Amy Rose

She is the first major hero that Mystic will meet. If being glomped then hammered by her is what one calls a "meeting". After her apology she helps him track down Nack who is hiding in the city.

She is located at Station Square.

Knuckles the Echidna

A treasure hunter from Angel Island who is in the pursuit of a theif. Believing the theif to be Nack, Mystic assist in his search.

He is located at Casinopolis.

Tidal the Merhog

An old friend of Mystic, they grew up together at Grand Kingdom. They meet in canyon ruins when Tidal got caught in an underground stream. Due to the dry heat of the ruins, Tidal needs help.

He is located at Dry Ravine.

Blaze the Cat

A mysterious lady Mystic meets at a reactor on a volcano. Turns out they are looking for the same person.

She is located at Furnace Reactor.

Sonic the Hedgehog & Miles "Tails" Prower

Mystic has worshipped Sonic as a hero since he was a kid. Mystic was highly honoured to work along side his hero. Sonic and Tails is on to Dr. Eggmans latest evil scheme which has little do with with Mystic's story, but would Mystic be side-tracked from his quest?

Both Sonic and Tails are located at Egg Carrier.

Nack the Weasel

Antagonist of the game, he comes to Grand Kingdom to seek the sacred swords, ancient artifacts that come from Grand Kingdom's history. Nack plans to steal and sell them to the highest bidder in the black market. He is opposed by Mystic Monkey who needs has to stop him and returned the swords to where they belong.

Dr. Eggman

Will be obligated in the game.


By default, Mystic Monkey starts out with slow, standard speed and no spin jump. He only has a sword for self defence. As you upgrade your shoes his speed and abilities increase to match that to traditional Sonic gameplay from the games. The controls are simular to classic side scrolling Sonic games but the speed, skills and abilities varies depending on Mystic's shoes or who else is the playing character. The zones come in parts (or acts) usually 2 or 3. Nack the Weasel sometimes shows up as a sub-boss at the end of the last acts.

Custom Shoes

SNN article: Custom Shoes

The custom shoes are power sneakers similar to Sonic the Hedgehogs only they are customisable with Skills. By equipping skills to the shoes can make the wearer feel as fast as Sonic or the confidence to pull off abilities that are common to Sonic.

Recipes are purchased in shop as they are required to make shoe parts from combining collected materials found throughout the adventure. Various skills can grant new abilities such as sword skills, Spin Jump or Spin Attack or increase movement speed or height in jumps while some skills are purely cosmetic. It is possible to remove or replace skills in order to improove Mystic's abilities. It's possible to have more than one of the same skills while other skills maybe incompatable with one another.


Zones consist of an Adventure Field like areas where Mystic can fully roam with starposts which mark the Acts to each Zone as well as NPCs to talk to. Each HUB stage also has an ally to recieve missions from. These HUB Stages also have Emblems hidden around them to collect. Sometimes HUB stages come in divided areas which can only be accessed after acts of the local Zone been cleared.

When Mystic finishes an Act, new missions would be available that take place in that act of the Zone which Mystic can accept from the ally at the HUB Stage.

HUB Mission Giver Theme
Forest Zone Home Town Mighty the Armadillo Forest
Speed Highway Zone Station Square Amy Rose Urban
Rushin' Roulette Zone Casinopolis Knuckles the Echidna Amusement
Sand Rock Zone Dry Ravine Tidal the Merhog Desert/Underwater
Red Hot Zone Furnace Reactor Blaze the Cat Fire/Industrial
Sky Deck Zone Egg Carrier Sonic the Hedgehog
Miles "Tails" Prower


When Mystic arrives at a new place, he is likely to make a new friend who will give him various missions. These missions usually take place in certain acts of the Zones such as specific goal to fufill like collecting a certain amount of rings, reaching the goal in time or other specific tasks. Some of the missions may require you to compete against the ally located int he zone or the ally themselves are playable. These missions earn Emblems, materials and Shoe parts.