Napalm is an advanced form of the Fire element. Napalm is very different from the type it is derived from, making some question the relationship between the two.

Elemental Description

Used by certain fire-users, "Napalm" is a sticky substance secreted from the user's sweat glands. Napalm is primarily used for three purposes; cohesive, trapping, and ignition. On its own, Napalm is used as a cohesive agent to trap and bind opponents, or to stick to surfaces. However, when used in conjunction with an ignition source, Napalm is a powerful explosive element, capable of causing massive damage. Due to its trapping and explosive properties, Napalm is ideal for setting traps to capture then dispose of enemies.

However, Napalm's power and versatility comes with a price; without an ignition source Napalm can only be used for trapping or disabling opponents, with virtually no damage potential. In addition, Napalm, being a liquid-like substance, can be diluted, rendering it ineffective. Due to these two weakness, Napalm's great versatility and explosive power is exchanged for an even greater weakness to Water.

Strong Against (Offensive)

Strong Against (Defensive)

Weak Against (Offensive)

Weak Against (Defensive)


Combination Techniques

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