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Sonicchannel27 Nazo
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I am darkness, I am light, but yet I am nothing."- Nazo

Sonic X

Nazo is a light blue glowing character. Nazo was born from the chaos emerald

for the Sonic X series. This mystery character never actually ended up in the series, and the producers never explained who this was supposed to be. Since the character doesn't exist, he also doesn't have a name. The name "Nazo" was given to him by fans since trying to save the picture resulted in "Nazo.jpg", and simply means "mystery" in Japanese. Also, it sounded pretty cool. Also, No one knew if he was good or bad, so fanfic creators such as Chakra-X to make it up.He is also was in the anime series of the Sonic Heroes,and he is in the Sonic Heroes Queen's Blade,with his bakugan,Betadron. Nazo is also like Chaos born of Dark chaos energy. or as they say and He also falls in love with a Girl named Kira ray flynn who fights over him with the.reincarnated Maria who is W.D.H / Shadows not happy about that though. His Extreme dark form is Apocalypse Nazo.

Fan Creation

Since Nazo was never officially used, fans used this opportunity to make up their own stories involving this unknown hedgehog. Most well known of the Fan creations, was the popular Nazo Unleashed flash series created by Chakra-X And the fan made sequel to it by Sunshinethefox, A.K.A Solar Fox Productions. He is voiced by Omahdon.

Nazo's Forms:

Normal Nazo - The base form of Nazo, also the first form we see. Though, This is the weakest of his forms, he is still able to over power Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Shadow in their normal,
Normal Nazo
Normal Nazo as he appears in chakra-X's movie "Nazo Unleashed"
Coycoy88Added by Coycoy88
Perfect Nazo. He gains this form after absorbing the energy from the Chaos Emeralds
Hyper Perfect Nazo. He attains this form after absorbing the new reservoir of negative chaos Energy, produced by the Super Emeralds.

base forms, and even fight in equal terms with Sonic and Shadow in their super forms. But it is shown that he is soon outclassed by Sonic and Shadow when they power up to their super forms and team up together.He looks somewhat like Silver, but is very light blue, has emerald green eyes, and black markings on his eyes like Shadow. He can also REGNERATE his wounds.

Perfect Nazo- After being beaten by Shadow and sonic, Nazo takes the Chaos Emeralds, and goes back to Angel Island. With the Master Emerald back in place, the island begins to float once more. Using Chaos Control, Shadow takes the gang to the island. Knowing that he can't beat them with his current power, Nazo absorbs the power from the Chaos Emeralds, transforming himself into what he calls "Perfect Nazo". With this transformation, Nazo's fur is red, he has more spike protrusions (including a pair of dreadlocks on his cheeks), his shoes are black and yellow, his eyes are red with yellow scaleras, he has yellow rings replacing his cuffs, his viberal spikes form an "X"-like shape on his back, and the outside lining of his eyes are blue. He has the ability to use "Super Chaos Control" with over-rides normal Chaos Control. While in this form he easily defeats Super Sonic, and Super Shadow. He even survives a full power chaos blast by an enraged Chaos Shadow without even a scratch.

Hyper Perfect Nazo - Or Hyper Nazo for short. After taking a beating from Hyper Shadic, Nazo informs Shadic that he has only helped him get stronger by changing the Chaos Emeralds into Super Emeralds. Nazo then preceeds to absorb the new reservoir of negative chaos energy eminating from the Super Emeralds. His general apperance doesn't change much. In this from he appears to be slightly taller than before. Instead of red eyes, he now has blue eyes with slit pupils, his shoes are black with a triangular yellow mark on the front of them, his cuffs are now black rings (showing a sign of seriously powerful negative energy), and the outside lining of his eyes are now black. With this new power, he is nearly right on par with Hyper Shadic, even almost winning the power beam struggle. Thanks to Knuckles and Tails, Nazo gets distracted for a moment, and Shadic shoots all of his energy at once, over-whelming Nazo. Nazo survives, only to be killed by Shadic transformed into his most powerful form;Perfect Hyper Shadic,basically becoming a godlike-entity.After Shadic reverts Nazo back to his normal form and kills him with one last powerful energy attack, Chaos Oblivion

Cyber Nazo - Cyber Nazo is a robotic modification of Nazo, and is twice as strong as his base form. He has blue parts on his body and head with yellow linings on them. Instead for a left eye he has a glass purple one.This glass eye is robotic and can detect chaos emeralds or even incoming attacks. Cyber Nazo is much more powerful than Sonic and Shadow in their super froms. He has the same abilities like his original base form. Plus a few new ones such as cyber blast and the ability to cancel out energy moves, without chaos control. Cyber Nazo appears in the fanon sequel to Nazo Unleashed, The Return of Nazo (T.R.O.N.), created by Sunshinethefox [1]. Cyber Nazo stole a Chaos Emerald from Shadow and then proceeded to steal one from Sonic and presumably kill Cream and Cheese. Sonic was enraged by this and transformed into Dark Super Sonic. Dark Super Sonic was beaten easily by Cyber Nazo. Sonic transformed into Super Sonic but it did no good. Shadow then arrived on the scene and
Cyborg Nazo
Cyber Nazo
Lucas.kruuseAdded by Lucas.kruuse
turned Super. Cyber Nazo easily outclassed Super Sonic and Super Shadow in battle. Even when they used the "Super Lightspeed Attack" the heroes were no match for Nazo. Sonic and Shadow then powered up to their full-power Super forms and proceeded to use Chaos Unification to merge into Super Shadic. At the end of part 1, Super Shadic was seen punching Nazo really hard in the gut, implying that Super Shadic is on parr or stronger than Cyber Nazo.

Basic Information


Nazo in most fanfics, is known as being vile, ruthless, and dark. but in some cases like in "Nazo and the Zodiacs" where he is more kind hearted and selfless.


Nazo has the power to use Chaos Control and other Chaos Powers. Here are a few examples:

  • Chaos Flare

Nazo used this attack a couple of times on Sonic and killed Tails with said attack.

  • Chaos Eruption

Nazo unleashes a blast of Chaos Energy powerful enough to destroy a city. Nazo can also fire a bigger Chaos Eruption from the air, thought it's not as powerful as Chaos Torrent.

  • Chaos Torrent

Similar to Chaos Eruption but has a wider blast radius. Nazo can only use it on the ground to focus it's aim, though.

  • Perfect Transformation

Nazo can transform into Perfect Nazo once he has all the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald in the altar.

  • Perfect Chaos Flare

An enhanced version of Chaos Flare.

  • Perfect Chaos Control

So fast, that a normal Chaos Control makes you look like moving at a Snail's pace. It is matched with Hyper Shadic's Hyper Chaos Control.

  • Perfect Eruption

An enhanced version of Chaos Eruption. But it was deflected by Hyper Shadic's Chaos Wind

  • Hyper Transformation

Perfect Nazo can further enhance himself through using the negative energy of the Super Emeralds.

  • Master Breaker

Nazo's ultimate attack. Only used for destroying the Earth and shattering the Master Emerald, thus, enabling him to be the most powerful being in every universe, but failed due to Nazo being distracted by Super Tails and Hyper Knuckles.

Fanfics Including Nazo

Nazo has many fanfiction and identities, the question is who really is he?

These fan-fics feature some theories of how he was made to be and his powers.

Apparently his origins are shrouded in mystery;In "Nazo Unleashed" it is revealed that he comes from the dark energy stored inside the Chaos Emeralds when used incorrectly.(This is confirmed at the very beginning when a darkness energy comes out from a Chaos Emerald,taking Nazo's shape and appearence. His only purpose in life is becoming a godlike-being by shattering the Master Emerald since he can't reach power level equal to infinite.

His powers are never fully revealed in Nazo Unleashed but they're basically infinite. Being a darkness creation born from the Void itself he doesn't need a past life,he doesn't need friends,he doesn't need feelings. Only true power and strenght is respected. Being composed of Chaos energy he can basically regenerate himself without limits even if his body is destroyed;he doesn't have a true physical body. His energy is also infinite. He can even bend the power of Chaos Control by moving freely inside another Chaos Control. In Perfect Form he can freely control the power of darkness. His only weakness is lightspeed attacks although in Nazo Returns pt1 he managed to avoid being tricked again by the same technique. He usually underestimate opponents and he quickly enrage when beaten around. He's really intelligent but he prefers to fight using instinct rather than strategy. Nazo despite these weaknesses he's undoubtly the most powerful villain ever appeared in Sonic Universe.

Nazo also exists in Naruto: The vengence of solaris, A naruto-sonic crossover. Mysteriously, solaris falls into peices, which crash into the Naruto world, but not before Nazo is given the command to retreive them and revive solaris. However, Nazo intends to fuse himself with solaris, making him the destroyer of multiverses.

Nazo also is the main character in the series Nazo and the Zodiacs. But in this series Nazo is not a villian bit an anti hero.

Sonic splash riders

Nazo appears .. but just doesn't know how to ride extreame gear.Thumbnail (1)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2.0

In book/movie 8, After Sonic the Werehog defeated Mephiles the Dark on the planet Neptune, with the help of Mark the Hedgehog, Mark told Sonic about his arch-enemy, Nazo. In the series, he is the god of death. In book/movie 9, He is the combined form of Dr. Eggman, and a clone of Darth Knuckles. He was destroyed forever by Shadic the Hedgehog. But in book/movie 13, he was reborn by the power of an aqua Chaos Emerald. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow attacked Nazo, but Nazo knocked out Knuckles and Shadow, and used Chaos Blast on Tails, killing him in the process. Right when Nazo was about to finish Sonic off, Sonic (who was sobbing on the ground after Tails's death) transformed into Dark Sonic and attacked Nazo. After Super Sonic and Super Shadow beat up Nazo, Super Sonic saw Tails and Knuckles flying towards them. Sonic noticed that Knuckles and Tails were alive. Then, Nazo went to Angel Island, and Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow decided to face Nazo one last time. When they teleported to Angel Island, Nazo killed Sonic and Shadow. Soon, Sonic and Shadow were revived by the Gods of Mobius, and transformed into Hyper Sonic and Hyper Shadow, then, they combined into Hyper Shadic, and attacked Nazo, who transformed into Perfect Hyper Nazo. Then, Tails and Knuckles decided to help Shadic, by transforming into Super Tails, and Super Knuckles. Together, they used Chaos Ka-Blooey to finally destroy Nazo.

Sonic: War of Shadows

In the comic Sonic: War of Shadows, Nazo teams up with Mephiles and Dark Gaia. In this comic Nazo appears with dark grey streaks in his hair and body. Sonic, Shadow, and Silver combine in this comic to become Hyper Silvnicow. Nazo is later killed by Tails but Mephiles absorbs the energy leaving his body and it transforms him into Hexxor the Destruction. Hexxor later combines with Dark Gaia and transforms into True Dark. True Dark was killed by True Light, which was Silvnicow powered by the Super Emeralds, Sol Emeralds, World Rings, and Master Emerald.

SCU Adventures

Nazo is unleashed shortly after the events with Black Doom. The Master Emerald breaks apart, and Nazo is unleashed. He tracks down all the Chaos Emeralds, running into Sonic and Co. many times. He kills Jynx when she accidentally plays a small prank on him, and then kills her brother, Jester when he is attacked by him in anger. He runs into Shima, who has the sixth Chaos Emerald, and they fight, leaving Shima fatefully wounded, and sending her to the ER. Sonic and Co. follow Nazo to Angel Island, where the final battle takes place, and Sonic and Shadow turn into Light Sonic and Light Shadow.

RP: Nazo Unleashed

Sonic Heroes: Return of Metal Sonic

Nazo is revived by Metal Sonic, and later on joins with him to become Perfect Dark Metal Sonic

Sonic GT

It takes place about two years after the events of Nazo Unleashed and the Return of Nazo (on Earth). Nazo was revived by Black Doom and joined him, Dr. Julian Robotnik, the S.S.S.S.S. Squad and the other enemies of the Sonic Heroes.


Nazo is a glitched combonation of evil, negative Chaos energy, and a corrupted super-transformation. He lives in the Glitch Zone, always trying to use it's raw powers to cause the collapse of reality! However, Nazo has two strikes against him, which are Ashura the Hedgehog and Wechnia the Echidna.

The legend of Chakra

He will have a girlfriend named Chakra in The legend of Chakra.

Nazo currently

Nazo is currently in a unknown hedgehog refering himself as the god of 7 things and calls himself Gus Chaos who is actually good but Nazo is in him making him a devil and some times kills Gus and becomes whole but when he dies Gus reforms as a baby and Nazo rests eating his will power for a while untill gus is a kid then starts using his powers again.Sonic andShadow combined make Shadic the hedgehog. none of the Sonic characters made can beat Nazo alone because he will destroy you on sigt no questions asked in the return of nazo on youtube ONLY Shadic can beat nazo.Before the future he will have a friend which is my character Dark the hedgehog.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2011)

Along with Sonic, Shadow and Silver, Nazo appears as a playable character in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2011), an upcomping game and the sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). He has his own "Team", like Sonic, Shadow and Silver. Members of his team include Wechnia the Echidna, Ashura the Hedgehog and Honey the Cat.You can also see Nazo at the SONIC NEWS NETWORK THE SONIC WIKI

Sonic the Hedgehog Anime

Nazo has an appearance in movies in the anime, his first movie was Sonic the Hedgehog: Nazo: The Invincible and the second was Sonic the Hedgehog: Cyber Nazo.

Sonic Afterlife

Nazo appears as the main villain in Sonic Afterlife. Here, Nazo is an evil ghost that pretends to be Sonic's ally after he is killed by Dr. Eggman and sent to the Afterlife. Nazo guides Sonic across the Afterlife, reminding him of his moves and teaching him to use Spirit Energy. However, when Sonic heads through the Afterlife Gate, Nazo implants himself into Sonic's spirit, giving him brief control of Sonic's body until Sonic's Spirit Energy expels him. Nazo explains his history and declares that the living world is doomed now that he is free. His very presence distorts the barrier between the living world and the Afterlife. Sonic fights Nazo as Spirit Sonic in the final battle, and Nazo is defeated despite his abilities. The evil ghost is caputred by vengeful spirits and banished to the realm between both worlds, but not before declaring that he will return.

The Adventures of Pinkie and Nazo

Nazo the Hedgehog appears as one of the two main characters in this series, he is released from the Chaos Emeralds due to Pinkie's transformation.

Nazo and the Zodiacs

Nazo and the Zodiacs takes place right after Nazo is defeated by Shadic. After Nazo survived the blast by Shadic he drifted through space until he landed on Planet Acropolis. there he meets a group by the name of the Zodiacs. each one baring the name of the celectial body. the Zodiacs goal is to rule Acropolis and de thrown the evil dictator that controls it.  after Nazo gets to know the Zodiacs and there goals
better he joins them, and his name is changed to Aries.

In this story Nazo is not in fact a villian he is now an Anti-Hero, due to the fact that he is not fighting to take Acropolis for his own evil purposes.  

After Dragon Ball ZX

In "After Dragon Ball ZX", Nazo is the main character and prince of all Mobius. He has a turbo perfect form as well. His older sister is Sally Acorn and his best friend is Alex the Hedgehog. His only known blood relative is Drazo who attempts to kill both Nazo and Alex. He is currently training with Kami-Sama to defeat 2 more like Drazo named Mazda and Alto.

Theme Songs

"Me Against the World" by Simple Plan

Sonic The Hedgehog "Ten"/G8

Nazo in this séries are a Demon God, with unlimited Chaos Powers. He is a main antagonist of the Gamma ARK (Sonic "Ten" is divided by "Alpha", "Beta" and "Gamma" ARKos Sonic The Hedgehog Ten. This appearance[And forms] are similar to Chakra-X basic form, but with more costumes and a long red cape. The conduct of Nazo in this séries are more aggressive and violent. He is a oldest of three demon brothers[Khimaera is the midle and Kyoufu the youngest] 

He are a traitor of G8 Gods[Chaos Kami-sentai in japanese version], and he evokes the Khimaera sealed demon and Kyoufu Fear unknown spirit. Nazo morphs into a Demon Hedgehog, but Laiko with the 7 gods, sealed him in Chaos Hell(Chaos Makai or Chaos Gehenna in the Japanese version).

Nazo's rivalry with Uni

  • Nazo was reponsible for the destruction of Princess Uni s home planet Pandora (not the one from Avatar ). After sensing someone was more powerful than him & that it was a newborn child, he tricked IX into thinking an oracle told him the next heir to the throne was him. The plan to kill Uni almost worked, until he found out her parents put her into a small rocket to escape.
  • Nazo was also reponsible for Tikial's "death". He tricked her father into realsing Chaos from his prison & causing havoc on Knuckles's people. He would have succeded in killing Uni this time, but she went into a powerful Avatar: The last airbender-like state that put a special mark on him, sealing him in the Master Emerald, until humanity's cruel deeds charged the negative energy of the Master Emerald enough for Nazo to break free of Uni's spell.

Sonic Ultimate Adventures: Anti Nazo?

After Scourge's failed attempt to take over Mobius with the Chaos Emeralds at his hand. Nazo was born, he attacked Scourge and flew off with the Emeralds. At the same time on Moebius, the Anarchy Beryl began to act up and Zano was born on Demon Island. O'Nux encountered the mysterious Anti Nazo but Zano just flew off with a big chunk of Anarchy Beryl. While Nazo was flying he sensed a power similar to his on Moebius. With the change of plans He flies off to Moebius to find out was the power is. Zano sensed Nazo coming from behind him and waited for the mysterious Hedgehog to arrive. Nazo encounters his Anti Self and asked who he his. Zano told him he was Zano The Hedgehog protecter of Moebius and that he was taking the Anarchy Beryl to a sacred shrine in the East. Nazo calling Zano "brother" asked for his assistance in destroying Mobius but Zano declined and Nazo told him "Well this is your last moment of living, "brother".", and he attacked Zano only to miss. The two clashed and both Hedgehogs almost died in the battle but both escaped to different locations.

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