Nega Storm is Storm's alternate self
, created by Eggman Nega. He was created to destroy both Storm and Skylar, so Eggman Nega could rule the Earth. He was Storm's complete DNA in him, along with other Mobian DNA, making him a worthy rival for Storm.


Nega-Storm looks almost exactly like Storm. His fur is royal blue. His gloves are blue with stripes, his shoes are spiky, and his eyes are gray. The colors of his shirt and jacket are opposite of Storm's; Storm has a black shirt, gray jacket and Nega has gray shirt, black jacket. Otherwise, he looks the same as Storm. Nega-Storm also created Mecha Storm.


Nega-Storm was created by Eggman Nega to kill Storm. As soon as he was created Eggman Nega told him to go kill Storm. Nega-Storm refused, saying that he had preperations to make. He then built Mecha Storm. Mecha Storm and Nega-Storm then went out to kill Storm and Skylar. He ironically killed Storm used a Chaos Spear.

Nega-Storm also fought Storm and Skylar as Nightmare Nega-Storm.


Nega-Storm has all of Storm's abilities. He has one Super Form: Nightmare Nega-Storm


"So, this is the Perfect Lifeform? Pathetic."

"Why am I wasting my time on such weaklings?"

"Hmph, that was nothing." - S Rank

"Nothing to it." - A Rank

"Average." - B Rank

"This doesn't look good." - C Rank

"That was appalling." - D Rank

"Where... was my A-game?" - E Rank

Theme Song

Three Days Grace - Animal I have Become03:51

Three Days Grace - Animal I have Become

Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace.

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