Nega MkII

Biographical Information
Romantic InterestsN/A
Physical Description
GenderN/A (Referred to as male)
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsDr. Eggman
  • Wisp-based Weaponry
  • Wisp-based Weaponry
Super Forms N/A
Other Information
American V.A.Michael Dobson
Japanese V.A.N/A
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorKagimizu

Nega MkII (prototype name) is a more compact, Mobian-like, and more powerful version of Eggman's Egg Nega Wisp, with powers based on the abilities of most of the Wisps.


Nega MkII's head is vaguely shaped like the main body of the original Egg Nega Wisp [Especially the eyes], but in a sleeker, more Mobian-like design. His arms from the shoulder to the elbow are the same as the Nega Wisp's, but instead of an additional head at the end, he has somewhat cone-shaped forearms, which end with somewhat large 5-clawed hands. His legs are shaped in a similar way, but end in 4-clawed feet. He also has a long, spiked tail. He has lights on various parts of his body:

  • A cyan light in each of his palms
  • A blue light along both of his forearms
  • A pink light along both of his forearms
  • A green light on his back
  • A large red light on his forehead
  • An orange light down both of his lower legs
  • A yellow light on the back of each hand
  • A purple light down both of his lower legs
  • A violet light in his chest


Nega is a top-of-the-line robot, built with all the latest technology Eggman had to offer. His armor is incredibly hard, as bullets bounce right off, and not even lasers pierce through Nega's armor. His motor functions have been built to allow to handle the fastest and most intense movements, and his engine is a very advanced hydro-oxygen hybrid; the engine takes in ambient oxygen and hydrogen, using the oxygen as the constant fuel, while storing the energy from fission for later use, thus allowing Nega to function in almost any environment. Nega's databanks have also been loaded with data on some of the most advanced hand-to-hand fighters around, including Statyx the Hedgehog and Wolfe the Hunter, making him a match for virtually any close-range fighter.

Wisp Powers

Nega MkII like his predecessor is capable of using the power of Wisps. However, his powers are much more expansive and varied, making him much more of a threat.

  • Cyan: Allows Nega to fire lasers from his palms, fingers, eyes, or the tip of his tail. The power of these lasers can vary, just as size and speed can
  • Blue: Allows Nega to shoot dark-blue lasers from his hands, fingers, or tail, which create cubes of varying sizes. Unlike his predecessor, Nega can change the structure and size and structure of these cubes. He is able to make their surfaces almost acidic, or make it possible to walk through them. This allows them to serve as platforms, obstacles, or even prisons/barriers.
  • Pink: Can create spiked balls/wheels from his hands that serve as dangerous projectiles, which can traverse around and even over barriers. He can also extend spikes from along his tail, and lengthen the claws on his hands and feet.
  • Green: Allows Nega to hover. Nega can also extend this ability to his surroundings, to create a zero-gravity environment. Nega can also use this power on specific items, allowing him to move his cubes and spiked wheels about as he pleases.
  • Red: Allows Nega to fire powerful fireballs from his hands or forehead. It also allows Nega to to generate high-temperature explosions from his body.
  • Orange: Nega can use this for bursts of high-speed movement in a certain direction. He can also fire orange rockets of solid energy from his palms, or by swinging his feet.
  • Yellow: With this, Nega can create a powerful yellow energy drill on his arms or tail-tip, which can tear through various materials. They can also be launched as high-speed mid-range projectiles.
  • Purple: When using this power, Nega's body becomes more bestial and quadruped. He also gains a large jaw with jagged, sharp teeth. He is able to slash, tear, and bite through almost anything, and move at very high speeds.
  • Violet: Nega's body becomes like a mirage, and allows him to phase through objects.


Like the Egg Nega Wisp, Nega Mk II can also use his Wisp powers in various combinations:

  • Blue & Cyan: Nega's lasers can travel through the cubes and fire from any of the faces of the cube or even multiple faces at the same time.
  • Blue, Pink, and Green: Using the power of the Green Wisp, Nega can move about the cubes and wheels he creates as he pleases, throwing them at opponents from multiple angles and directions.
  • Green & Orange: Using both of these powers allows Nega to perform high-speed flight.
  • Yellow & Orange: Allows Nega to create high-speed energy rockets that can pierce through obstacles, or travel underground and strike from below.
  • Pink & Red: Using this combination, Nega can create spikes wheels and set them aflame, making them even more dangerous.
  • Purple & Pink: Nega takes on his bestial form, while extending the claws on his hands and feet, and extending spikes from his tail.
  • Purple & Yellow: Nega takes on his bestial form, while creating a yellow energy drill on the tip of his tail.
  • Yellow & Cyan: Using this combination, Nega thrusts his hand into the ground, and a laser erupts from the ground underneath the target.
  • Orange & Red: Throws a high-speed fire rocket, which results in a large and powerful explosion.


Nega's primary weakness is the fact that his abilities are powered by Wisps. As such, he can only fight for a limited amount of time, a maximum being 8 hours before entering critical low on energy. Nega prefers to not use up all the power of his Wisps, as it's "troublesome" to try and capture more, hence his self-imposed limit. Once a fight is over, Nega must wait for the power of said Wisps to recharge to full energy; a process that takes about 3 hours. Each of Nega's powers also have a weakness:

  • Cyan: Can be reflected or redirected via reflective material.
  • Blue: Nega cannot change an individual cube's structure. If Nega changes the structure of one cube, then they are all changed (i.e. if one is made tangible/hazardous, while another one already is, the other cube is made intangible, or if one is expanded, so are all others.)
  • Pink: If the wheel hits a surface, it is stuck to and must move along that surface.
  • Green: Only allows slow rise in altitude, and can only effect a limited range.
  • Red: Can be doused by water or smothered.
  • Yellow: Cannot break through especially hard materials.
  • Orange: When active, Nega cannot change direction until he ends use of this power.
  • Purple: When moving at high speeds, it is difficult for Nega to change direction.
  • Violet: Nega cannot physically touch objects unless he makes his entire body tangible.


Apathetic, to-the-point, objective, and no-nonsense, Nega could be described as having the mentallity of a driven and experienced soldier. Nega dislikes annoyances and impedements, considering any issues or hostile people he runs into "troublesome", and will either ignore them, or ruthlessly dispatch them. In battle, Nega retains his cool and calm disposition, but is no less objective and merciless. Nega can be described as lazy, or at least one who prefers to do things quick and easy; in battle he limits how long he fights so he doesn't use up all the power of his captured Wisps, as capturing more is "troublesome". Nega also prefers to take shortcuts and the easiest way to get out of a situation, short of surrendering and (in most cases) fleeing. However, if a battle or issue is more "troublesome" than what the end result is worth, Nega has no qualms about abruptly dropping a mission or goal.