Cquote1 My name is Galaxy Uchiha. I advise you to remember the name... For it is the name of the one who will defeat you here and now. Cquote2
Nero The Hedgehog

Nero Angelo The Hedgehog
Nero Old Look
Galaxy Uchiha

Nero Uchiha

Galaxy Angelo
68 (physically and mentally 18)
Mobian Hedgehog
Green & Black Mobian Hedgehog
Black Vest and Pants, Black, Red, & White Shoes.
Unnamed Biological Parents

Mitsurugi Uchiha (Adoptive Father, Deceased) Unnamed Adoptive Mother (Deceased) Unnamed Adoptive Younger Siblings (Deceased) Adoptive Older Brother (Deceased[?])

Uchiha Clan (Deceased)
Romantic Interest
Currently None
Previously Neutral-Evil Currently Neutral-Good
Thrill of Fighting Powerful Opponents
Nothing in particular
Excellent Swordplay, Sharingan, Great Strength & Speed
Sonic The Hedgehog

Knuckles The Echidna

Miles "Tails" Prower
Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik

Mecha Sonic

Metal Sonic
Super(?) Nero
Nero "Galaxy" The Hedgehog, legal surname Angelo, adoptive surname Uchiha, is a Sonic Fan Character, created by

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Nero shares similar origins to Shadow the Hedgehog, having been born long before Sonic and company, and was frozen in cryogenic stasis for over 50 years. Despite having similar origins, however, Nero is in no way connected to Shadow. Nero was born into an average family with a rather unusual birth defect being his heterochromatic eyes and poor eyesight. After reaching the age of 12, his mother having died when he was 8 and his father blaming his mother's death on him, his eyesight having improved greatly before his mother's death, Nero ran away from his home, wanting nothing more than to be free from his father's cruelty.

A short time after his escape into the world beyond his home, Nero was attacked by an unknown assailant, and subsequently saved by a dark gray Hedgehog by the name of Mitsurugi. Following his rescue, his savior brought him before his own family, introducing himself as head of the Uchiha Clan, and adopting him into his family within the Clan. Although his adoption was less than welcome by the older Clan members, he was accepted very well by those within his age range, and was even treated as a true-blood Uchiha by them. When training with his fellow Clan members, he was able to keep the pace with other students in his "class", being third ranked in terms of natural ability. However, due to his deteriorating eyesight, he was eventually unable to improve in his combat capabilities, and as such, started falling behind the rest of his class. Mitsurugi, realizing this, had intended to pass along his blood to the child, in the hopes that if Nero's body could accept his blood, it might improve his eyesight as well, because of the Uchiha clan's well-known superior eyesight. However, the day just before the blood donation was to occur, the assailant that had previously attacked Nero waged a solo assault on the Uchiha Clan compound, causing the deaths of everyone there except Nero and Mitsurugi.

Nero, having been traumatized by these events, had gone blind, and due to this, Mitsurugi, knowing that the injuries he sustained during the assault would be the end of his life in a short time, requested that his eyes be transplanted to Nero in addition to a transfusion of his blood. Surprisingly, the eye transplant went without a hitch, and Nero's eyesight was restored without fear of deteriorating. After the transplant, Nero lived with Mitsurugi for two more years, helping Mitsurugi along in his life, allowing him to live much longer than the doctors anticipated. However, Mitsurugi, knowing his time drew near, told Nero of the identity of the assailant, a man who went by the name of Crow, and asked that Nero achieve revenge against the murderer of their clan, and passing along a scroll to him, which detailed several techniques of the Uchiha Clan, which he told Nero would come in handy when the true power of his eyes kicked in.

During his travels over the course of four years, Nero met many powerful opponents, who served to test his abilities and help him improve. In one such spar, Nero's Sharingan eyes awakened, and with the abilities of the Uchiha Clan awakened within him, he was able to improve rapidly, and even master several of his Clan's techniques that were passed on to him by Tsurugi. But due to unusual circumstances, Nero was confused for Shadow, who several GUN Troops mistakenly believed had escaped, and was captured and locked away by GUN for over 50 years.

Present Day

Having been released by Eggman and Mecha Sonic, Nero initially fought against Sonic and the others, having been tricked by the Doctor into believing that the Blue Blur and his friends were the ones out for world domination and that Eggman was seeking to stop them. However, upon witnessing Sonic abandon a fight against him to save a child, Nero began to doubt the truth behind Robotnik's words, believing that anyone willing to put themselves at risk to save someone in need couldn't possibly be evil. He then rebelled against the Doctor when Eggman attempted to subdue him with Mecha Sonic, who Nero quickly destroyed, then escaped.


Nero is mainly a stoic character, enigmatic to many. He tends to be distant with people unless they've earned his trust, and is more than willing to admit when he's wrong. However, when angered, he can become violent, temperamental, arrogant, and even homicidal. When saddened, he tends to keep to himself, even going so far as to push others away from himself to keep his emotions inside.

In battle, Nero is a much more open person, with his senses at their peak and his heart and mind clear of doubt and regret, which has plagued him since the death of his adoptive clan. When he fights, more and more of his true self leaks out, and he is shown to be confident in his abilities, perhaps a bit cocky, but not to the point that he sees himself above others. He is also willing to take on any challenge no matter what the cost, and has a drive to achieve victory that would put any perfectionist to shame.


Nero, having the blood and eyes of his adoptive father running through his veins, is able to see beyond just what he can physically see, and is easily able to see through deception. A notable exception to this was his release from cryogenic stasis, in which his senses were somewhat dulled, so he believed Dr. Eggman's lies about Sonic and company.

In addition, due to his intense training while living with the Uchiha clan and Tsurugi, his physical strength rivals that of Knuckles, and his speed is only slightly below that of Sonic, however, his intellect is strongly outmatched by that of Tails and Eggman, but he is able to work past that with his eyes, which, as stated above, allow him to see past what others could normally see, allowing him to see flaws in Eggman's larger mechs and minor flaws with some of Tails' creations, mainly involving active performance, which so far, has only been shown once to help Tails with flaws in the X-Tornado's Propulsion System. He also has excellent ability with a sword, as shown when he uses a sword made from an extremely dense material, forged and given to him by Dr. Eggman, to cut through a large stone thrown at him by Knuckles, and then manage to fight him to a standstill before being ordered to retreat by Eggman.

Nero also has the ability of Chaos Control, which he learned from a simulated battle with Shadow before being sent out by Dr. Eggman. He seems to be able to perform this with a Black Chaos Emerald, which he has referred to as the Final Emerald, although the connection between the Chaos Emeralds and the Final Emerald has yet to be revealed, besides the fact that both can be used to induce Chaos Control.

In addition, Nero can use the power of the Final Emerald in order to achieve temporary flight ability outside of a Super Form, however, using this form of flight is also taxing on his body, and as such, is used sparingly, used in short controlled bursts in combat rather than keeping a battle in the air.


Sonic The Hedgehog

Despite intially seeing him as an enemy, after being made aware of Eggman's deception, he sees Sonic as an ally, and despite the differences they had, they seem to be on decent terms with one another, even having a friendly rivalry of sorts.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Although he and Tails were enemies when he was being decieved by Eggman, after he switched sides, he and Tails have gotten along fairly well, however, Tails is still somewhat distrusting of Nero, with the reasoning that it might all be another infiltration plan by Eggman. Despite this, Nero is shown to be neutral towards Tails, and on occasion, has pointed out minor issues with some of Tails' creations, which have been seen to improve the functionality of said creations.

Knuckles The Echidna

Despite their previous standing as enemies, Knuckles is accepting of Nero's "Heel-Face Turn", and has even offered to spar with him on occasion. As it stands, Nero seems to get along well with Knuckles, and through their sparring sessions, it would appear that Knuckles knows more about Nero than the others do.

Dr. Eggman

The Doctor was the person who freed Nero from cryogenic stasis, and as such, is the first person on Mobius he has met in over 50 years. However, with the recent revelation that Eggman is his enemy, Nero seems hellbent on taking him down. Eggman, however, wishes to analyze Nero in order to use his power against him.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Despite the two having never met, nor having any connection at all, Sonic was quick to point out that Nero and Shadow have similar appearances, although there are numerous differences.


Nero doesn't know much about this enigmatic being aside from the fact that he is the man that masscred the Uchiha Clan, and that it is his goal now to seek out and kill this man in order to avenge the death of his Clan and allow their souls to rest in peace.




"Who are you...? And what's happening?" - Mental Conversation with an Unknown Being

"I've been asleep for 50 years...? If this is your idea of a joke, it sucks." - Mental Conversation with an Unknown Being

"So if what you say is true, then I've been working for a megalomaniac with a world domination complex this entire time, thinking that YOU GUYS were the ones seeking world domination?" - Conversing with Sonic, hearing the truth.

"Well that's just peachy..." - Sarcastic remark after his questions are confirmed.

"You used me... Like a tool... Nobody... Nobody gets away with using an Uchiha like a tool!" - Confronting Eggman, infuriated.

"Trust me or not, that doesn't change a thing. I'm not working with Egghead, so there's no need to treat me like an enemy, although I wouldn't blame you for not trusting me anyway." - Speaking with Sonic and the others, following a successful escape from Eggman

Side/Fanon Info

The character of Nero has traits that are from anime/manga that were adapted into my Fanon, mainly from Naruto, such as the Uchiha Clan, and the Sharingan Eyes, along with a few techniques from said anime/manga, however the way said techniques are performed is much different from their anime/manga incarnations.

Theme Music

The world ends with you - Transformation (Full version)03:24

The world ends with you - Transformation (Full version)

Nero's Main Theme

The world ends with you - Transformation (Transformed)04:25

The world ends with you - Transformation (Transformed)

Nero's Super[?] Form Transformation Theme


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