This Series Five of New Genesis. The story is about when heroes, villains, and anti-heroes are forced to work together to stop the Viral Empire from conquering their planet.

Chapter One: The Hunt

GUN Base 20:33 Hours

Many months had passed since that day, almost exactly a year since the time warp incident. Rayla had changed also, along with her belts, she wore blue jeans, a red T-shirt with long, black endings and a black collar, and red sneakers. Her hair had gone from chin-length to deltoid-length and was more wavier. With the changes though, she became much and much sinister with every passing day, but still had a good heart, but rarely showed it. Right now is the case.

"Get back here!" a gaurd shouted. Rayla was running away with a chaos emerald in-tow.

She smirked behind her and yelled, "No way, loser! The Destructix has more use for this than the Gaurdian Units of Nations, so buzz off!" She then twitched her fingers, forming green, digital sybols around her hand. A GUN beetle infront of her was spouting out the symbols and flew right infront of her, allowing her to jump right on and ride like an air-board. She then used it to fly away. Several other beetles flew after her. "@#%$ it!" she cursed. "These guys don't know when to quit!"

"Last chance, Rayla Lariv! Give yourself up!" a sound on the megaphone sounded. Agent Westwood again. That guy always seemed to make her life and work more miserab le with every passing day.

"As if, Turkey!" she shouted as she hovered down to the ground. A beetle's laser-fire grazed her on the arm, causing her to hold it and hiss in pain. She then snapped her fingers, and the beetles got blown out of the sky. She jumped from her beetle, laughing as Westwood fumed. She landed on the ground, unharmed, while the beetle slammed to the ground with a crash next to her. She then ran home, more than eager to take a bath and hit the hay.

Destructix House 21:38 Hours

Rayla was sleeping when she got a ring on her cell-phone.

"Rayla here," she answered.

"It's Stryke, Baby!" a male voice said on the other line.

"What the-? Stryke?! For goodness sakes! It's 10:38 at night!"

"I know, but I just wanted to ask you ta be my girlfriend."

"For the last time: NO! If you call again at this hour, I'll give brutal beatings! Also, I'd rather eat snail guts than be your girlfriend! Now hang up now!!" she then hung up and turned the phone off just incase the moron did something like this again. She then fell asleep.

GUN Base Briefing Room 08:30 Hours

A red fox stood infront of the commander.He was leaning against the wall, sharpening his spear with a stone. He wore leather boots, a lether coat, blue jeans, and leather gloves. His eyes were blue and he had a scar across his face.

Beside him was a white cat wearing a black hood with red trimming and a white flower decal design. With the hood, she wore black cargo pants with the same flower decal, dark brown boots with steel bottoms, a white undershirt, a black eyepatch over her right eye, black custom-made, gloves with claws, and carried a katana blade, a short sword, and 2 daggers. Her eyes were blue.

"What do you want us to do, Commander?" the fox asked.

"Your assignment is simple, Lance. I want you and Sofia to find and bring a certain criminal here. Death is preferred, but alive is okay."

"Dead? Why?" Sofia (the cat) asked. "What did she do to deserve death?"

"She assassinated a majority of the people who are inpower. It's that simple." He then handed them a file (which Lance took) and said, "Her name is Rayla. She is a mercenary that works for the Destructix under Scourge the Hedgehog and Fiona Fox. Her picture and profile is in there. Good bye." Lance and Sofia took that as a que to leave.

When they were gone, the commander got up and shapeshifted into a red lynx with a completely white face. DAEMON.

"Have fun while you can, Daughter. Your end, along with the end of your friends, world, and love, will be gone. Muhahahahaha!" She then operated a monitor. "Slasher, my king, are the mercenaries ready for the hunt?"

"Yes, my queen," the figure on the other side of the monitor replied. He was a lynx, in his mid-thirties. His fur was blue, while his hair was red and went down his neck with 2 bangs on the side. His right eye was red, while the other was green. His fangs stuck out of his mouth and his face was entirely blue with his fur. Only his face was shown, but he looked very strong. "They're ready. Just say the word."

Daemon smiled and said, "Let the Hunt begin."

Chapter Two: Unlikely Allies

The Great Forest 13:45 Hours

A white wolf wandered around the forest, holding a halberd in her hands. She wore a valkrie-styled, black armored dress with a red slash marks design on the stomach, grey markings on the breasts, and covered her thighs. She also wore matching boots with grey trim, a black choker necklace with a silver wolfhead decoration, black armbands, and had her long, white hair tied back in a braid. Her eyes were blue and she appeared to be 18.

She sniffed the air, moving cautiously with each small step she made. She got behind a tree and readied her halberd. She then jumped out from behind the tree and trew the halberd, spinning it through the air as it slashed its target; a black, humanoid android. It had a red visor and a built-in arm blaster.

The halberd came back and landed in the wolf's opened hand. The other android shot a laser at her, turning her unconscious. It prepared to fire a death-shot, but....

"Dark Slash!" the robot was slashed from behind by Andy! "Pick on someone your own class!" He then picked the wolf up in his arms and headed home.

Destructix House 15:11 Hours

"Yeah, Andy?" Fiona asked on the phone. "Yeah, we can be there in a couple minutes. Just stay where you are and be careful, those droids sound dangerous. Bye." She then hung up.

"What'd Andy want, Babe?" Scourge asked, lying on the couch with his arms behind his head. "He went for a walk in the forest, rescued some girl, and now is being hunted down by some strange droids."

"Eggman again? I thought he canned that roboticization plan of his after Sonic gave him a beating."

"No, they're much dangerous. We need to move now! Destructix! Move out!" The Destructix then left.

Great Forest 15:15 Hours

"Please be okay. Please be okay," Andy begged as he watched the other wolf lying on the forest floor. She then opened her eyes abruptly and let out a hiss. "uh oh!" She then got up and held out the halberd.

"Who ahre?!" she demanded. "Where did ya take me?!"

"Excuse me! I just saved your life! One more second, then you would've been laser lunch!" Andy yelled angrily. The wolf then eased up, lowering her halberd before putting it away with a frown.

"Sorry. Ah'm just a bit tense since ah got here. We should move. The Shadow drones always come back in full force."

"But I got friends coming," Andy told her, making her stop in her tracks and turn around.

"That's bad! Your friends will be doomed! Tell em' to stay home or they'll die!"

Andy got out his cell phone to call them but it had a dead battery symbol on the screen. "Crud! Dead battery!" he fumed.

"We better move! We got ta warn 'em! The droids won't come for about anothah hour, so we should use the time to rush like crazy!" Andy nodded and ran with her.

Somewhere else in the forest, Rayla was zipping around on her extreme gear board. It was pink with white on it and red. She knew they had to get Andy and go. She remembered the stories about them: They were cybernetic mercenaries that didn't care who suffured just to get their pay. They were known to use fear to take down their enemies. The only known planet to actually survive their wrath were the inhabitants of the planet, Lupis in the Special Zone.

Suddenly, kunai knives tore through the air and hit Rayla's board, causing it to explode and crash. It crashed into a tree, causing Rayla to fall to the ground and cough up blood.

"What the-?"

A punch came through the air, throwing the lynx back. She landed painfully on her back.

"Alright, lady! Who do ya think you are throwing me around like that?!" She shouted, rubbing her bleeding cheek.

"I'm Sofia Nightlord and I'm here to avenge those you killed, bloody murderer!"

"Let me guess...I'm under arrest aren't I?" Rayla asked mockingly.

"You wish..." Sofia growled (Que The Good, the bad, and the ugly theme). She prepared to launch her throwing knives at her, holding them inbetween her knuckle. Rayla extended her right claws, then formed a shield from what looked like nanite on the other. They had Western showdown stances, getting ready to fire. Sofia launched the knives at full speed. Rayla deflected with her shield, then fired her claws like projectiles, getting the cat in the chest. She gasped from the shock, holding the stabbed area. She then collapsed on her knees. Sofia didn't seem to be affected too much by the paralysis, but Rayla didn't want to take any chances; she got out her pistol and aimed at Sofia's head.

"You'd think GUN would stop pursueing me by now..." She said with a smirk. She was then kicked in the back by Lance, hitting a tree.

"No one hurts my friends," he said, getting out his spear. Rayla then got out her trident, holding it with supreme threat.

"People hurt me, I hurt them back...That simple!" She yelled back. "Who are you *BLEEPS*s anyway?!"

"I'm Lance the Fox." Rayla blinked with curiosity. "What?"

"Does the name 'Chelo Viral' mean anything to ya?"

"Yes...You're her?" Rayla nodded her head.


"I'm still trying to figure it out!" The 2 eased up and put their weapons away.

"Why did you kill those people by the way?"

"They were Virals...They were trying to seize control of the government poitically. Much easier than killing when there are many to support you... As for the first 2...I was set up."

"Who'd want to set you up?"

"I have theory...I think it's...Get down!" Lance and Rayla jumped down on the floor of the jungle, pulling Sofia down with them. They watched as 3 figures went by them: A black hedgehog, a red echidna with blue dreadlocks, and a broen bat wearing camo.

"Where is that spoiled brat?!" Kira-Di growled. "The scanner says there's a high concentration of chaos energy here. It's gotta be her."

"Relax, Kira!" Marcus told the red echidna. "She can't hide! She's pink for crying outloud!" Rayla fumed, getting ready to pounce on the black hedgehog for making fun of her color.

"Xavion said that the equipment is never wrong," Otto stated. "If it was, he would've scrapped it a long time ago."

"Then where is she...?" Marcus' answer soon came when Rayla pounced on him and beat him in the face with her fists. Kira-Di was about to shoot her with her semi-automatic rifle when Sofia regained her senses and came out with her katana with Lance. Lance took on Kira-Di, while Sofia dealt with Auto.

Marcus then kicked her off and got out his beam sword. "You'll pay for what you did, Brat!"

"We'll see..." Rayla said, getting out her katana. She then slashed at Cron. Meanwhile, Andy and the wolf were running as fast as their legs would take them. Just then, about 50 shadow droids appeared in the sky.

"We're too late!" she exclaimed. "We hafta get outta here!"

Andy then said, "We should try to find them still! There's still a chance!"

"Fine!" She then sniffed the air and picked up a scent. "Ah think ah have something! It's...ugh! Chillidogs!"

Andy smilled. "It's Scourge! We founnd them!" After some running, they found them, but noticed Rayla wasn't with the group.

"Where's Rayla?" Andy asked.

"She scouted ahead of us," Fiona said. "She stated that she moved faster alone. She must be in trouble!"

"Let's go!" Andy said. They then ran to find Rayla.

Meanwhile, Rayla and Cron were fighting eachother. Marcus was getting bloody frustrated at the lynx.

"Hold still, *BLEEP* it!"

Rayla then used her claws to knock the sword out of Cron's hands. She then froze as her ears flicked abit. She then told Lance, "We have to go. Now!" She then ran off with Sofia and Lance following behind. In a second, shadow droids were overhead. They fired at Marcus and his crew, who now had to deal with them.

Unfortunatly, they were being followed by an unseen assailant.

After enough running, the trio ran into Destructix.

Chapter Three: Revelations

Destructix House 16:30 Hours

After the crew got home with the new wolf and the mercenary duo, questions were raised, especially for the Mobian-born anthros. Rayla looked scared beyond straight. Even Scourge noticed this.

"Something wrong, Rayla?" Predator asked.

"N-no. I-I'm fine. Just a bit surprised at the droids, that's all," she said while holding a mug of cocoa. "Why?"

"You're nearly spilling your drink with all your shaking. You're obviously scared."


Lightning got concerned and got up and placed a hand on Rayla's shoulder before she could yell anymore.

"You know those droids, don't you?" he asked the obviously upset lynx.

Rayla calmed down and said, "Yes...They're shadow droids. They're very dangerous cyber warriors. They use to be just a simple cult until they reverted to mercenary activities. They'll do anything to get their pay. They always get their target by any means necessary. Even if one of their own dies in the attempt. They're even prepared to start wars if necessary. They're often hired as assassins. They operate by fear. I just wish I knew why and how they got here."

The wolf named Snowy said, "I heard they were looking for a renegade viral named Chelo. They aren't done yet."

"What do you know about Chelo?" Fiona asked.

"Not much...Only that she's the King Viral's daughter an' the heir to the throne. She is about 15 years old... An' speaking of which, Rayla...Virals are suppose to have a right red eye like yers and yer about as old as she is. Any relation?"

"Umm...No," Rayla replied nervously.

"Good...Cause Ah'd crumble your bone ta dust if ya were!" She said, crushing the biscotti in her hands to dust, causing Rayla to gulp.

4 Hours Later

Rayla sat on the roof of the building in deep thought. She was obviously disturbed by all that happened. She knew Daemon was going to kill someone. She always does...Would it be her?

She then heard something in the shrubs. She got out one of the small knives she hid in her pants leg and jumped down to deal with it. She slowly walked over to the creature and...Two tentacles came from it and grabbed her by her wrists! It was a huge black, round creature with a huge moust and spider legs at the sides. It then flung itself at Rayla's face, completely covering it! She squirmed and let out muffled screams as it latched onto her face. It still had a tight grip on her face. Rayla then used all the strength she could muster to grab the creature and attempt to pull it off her face. The tentacles then reached around her throat and tightened. After much struggling, she passed out...

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