∞ Style Attacks,

control Time and Space
the Universe

Nexus is the Guardian of the Stars, he travels from planet to planet in  Search of the Infinity Emeralds (∞ Emeralds).


At the beggining of time, there exsisted seven Stones, known as the Infinity Emeralds, which kept the Universe alive. When History Began, a Guardian was also created, known as Nexus. Nexus is a Creature that never Ages, and he has the ability to bend Time and Space to his will. His powers surpass those of all other beings. He is the only one of his species.


Nexus has no distinguishable facial features, except for his eyes, which are two triangular Shapes on his face. Nexus doesn't Speak, instead he does what he needs to. Nexus only has one goal, and that is to regain all seven Infinity Emeralds. His wings can fold around him like a cloak.


Nexus has seven transformations

as long as he has:

1 Infinity Emerald: Meta Nexus: his muscles become large, his wings grow larger

2 Infinity Emeralds: Nexus Advance: same appeareance as Meta, he grows an extra pair of wings

3 Infinity Emeralds: Multi Nexus: same appeareance as Advance, he grows an extra pair of arms

4 Infinity Emeralds: Draxion Nexus: same appeareance as Meta, but his wings and tail transform their appeareance

5 Infinity Emeralds: Raptor Nexus: his arms dissapear, his legs grow thin, and his wings grow to 3 times their normal size

6 Infinity Emeralds: Maximum Nexus: same as Raptor, but his legs disappear, his Arms grow to be 3/4 the size of his wings

7 Infinity Emeralds: Alpha Nexus: a combination of Maximum Nexus, Multi Nexus, and Raptor Nexus 

he can be fused with DarkSpirit when all seven Infinity Emeralds are present, his Transformation is Complete Nexus


  • Very few creatures are considered close to as powerful as Nexus; these include ApocalyptiCinos, Seven-Heads Serpentius and The Portalkeeper, yet they are only about 1/50 as powerful as Nexus.
  • Nexus is considered a Nexus Species, even though he isn't any Species
  • He is somewheer between a Titan, and a God, however, he is considered a Titan, like all Nexus

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