Nial Prower is the elder brother of both Hornz and Tails, being eighteen years of age. Therefore, he is in charge of watching over them, even if they don't know he is.

Birth and Childhood

Nial was born as Amadeus and Rosemary Prower's first son. At the age of one, his younger brother Hornz was born. The two got along well and Nial was very protective of him. When Nial was six, he befriended Deltav 'Spa' Spaceflight, a bird girl who lived near. The two went on an adventure to Green Hill where they were attacked by Dr Cyborgski, an evil scientist and Dr Eggman's rival. After saving the souls of hundreds of animals from the doctor's cyborgs, Nial returned home to see his six year old brother with Chance "Clawz" Cat. Nial didn't trust her and tried to make Hornz leave her, but Hornz refused and moved from Ruin Retreat to Westside Island, where he stayed for eleven years. When Nial was ten, another brother was born (partly to replace Hornz) called Miles Prower. Nial and Miles were very close, but not as close as Hornz and him were.

Second Run in With Dr Cyborgski

Going to Emerald Hill for a vacation, Tails and Nial were seperated by a Badnik and a Cyborg. Tails met Sonic the Hedgehog and Nial was reunited with Spa. Together, Ni and Spa began to crush Dr Cyborgski's cyborgs, release the animals and find the Titan Rubies before the doctor uses them to create a doomsday device fashioned after the Eclipse Cannon. Fortunately, they succeed and Cyborgski flees the scene after his Doom Cannon is destroyed by Nial's new empathy power.

Alcatraz Island and Leo the Porcupine

Nial and Spa were asked by Tails to test out his Tornado 3 while he was with Sonic, so they did so. But in mid-flight, they were struck by a storm and crashed the plane on Alcatraz Island, a dark isle in the middle of the sea. There, the seven Titan Rubies that Nial had were stolen by a yellow porcupine with black straps around his dreadlocks. The porcupine then fled with the Rubies while Spa and Ni chased after him. After a long journey, the heroes found the porcupine with Dr Cyborgski at an altar where a Chaos Emerald was. It then became apparent that Leo the Porcupine had been tricked by the doctor into giving him the Titan Rubies and then steal the Chaos Emerald. When Leo was told, he teamed up with Ni and Spa to defeat the super powered Cyborgski.


Nial is brown furred, despite being a Red Fox. His eyes are green and he wears a black jacket with red stripes along the bottom with a huge zip. Nial's shoes are black with red and his socks are white along with his gloves. He is sometimes seen wearing a red scarf, black sunglasses or a red bandana.


Nial's thoughts and decisions are described as being "like the wind", and is noted for being free-spirited and adventurous. He mainly prefers to simply be called by his name and not by any fancy title or nickname, unlike his younger brothers. He enjoys relaxation, but is never one to rest in the face of injustice. He is extremely benevolent and always keeps his word and he willingly puts himself at risk to help others, taking on any challenge that confronts him without hesitation, as he has a strong sense of duty. In times of crisis, he focuses entirely on the task at hand and sees it as truly serious with no real fun involved. Nial is shown to have a remarkable capacity to forgive, as seen in The Prowers, when he quickly forgave Fennec the Fox and accepted his help in saving Sally in their third encounter, despite Fennec's attempts to kill him. For some reason Nial will not take off his jacket no matter what.


Although as not as fast as Hornz, Nial can run rather fast and leap higher than anyone by spinning his tail around. He is capable of a move called 'Tail Tornado' where he spins his tail around and appears to be a tornado. His main ability besides that is his ability to jump extremely high by spinning around (like Blaze) only without fire. Another of his abilities is to channel his emotions into power e.g turning his fury into physical fire and turning fear into a barrier to protect him.