Nix "Demi" The Coyote
Nix The Coyote 1
First appearance

None at present I dream of such an honor.

Appears in

None at Present Day.


James A. Edwards

Voice actor(s)

N/A (Peter Beckman, I would hope)

Voice actor(s)

N/A (Takeshi Kaga, likely)

Also known as

Hollow Dog, Howling Freak, Demi(Called this by his Deceased sister in Flashbacks)






87 cm


23 kg


James A. Edwards


Unknown Has Been Entombed in the Sub-City's Northern Shrine.




Beige, with White/Reddish Brown Muzzle and Finger/Toe tips/Hair Tips, and Brown Inner ears with Light gray.


Covered with fur




Demonic Purple Vest with Gray trimming, Black Gloves, with Silver Cuffs and Rubies in the Center, Dusk Gray Leg Cloths, and Custom Boots: The Top is Silver Engraved with Amethyst, with a Ruby in the center, The Middle Connected with Dusk Gray Leather, Plated with Silver Gold and Steel, with Rubies on each side of the Shoe.


None (his only Known Family member Died and is only seen in flashbacks.)




Meat, Hunting his Foes, Defeating anyone of great power and Malice The Lion.


Vegetables, Losing to those he deems unworthy, Heroes and Blight The Porcupine.


Void Manipulation, Summoning Rifts, Making Two-Way Tunnels into and out of space and One Way Black Holes.

Ability type


Nix The Coyote (Hollow Knight) FAC Sized

Nix in Sonic and The Black Knight Style The Hollow Knight

Nix's History

Nix is a Coyote from a Zone in the Sub-City that is now Sealed off Known as the "Arcane Realm". There are 9 others like him, called the Elemental Sovereigns Blight's Father was one of them, this is how Blight got his Unique ability. Nix was the "Sovereign of Void" He came to this Realm to retrieve Blight's Father. Blight's father refused to return with him, and a battle ensued, resulting with his death and Nix being entombed for the past 24 years.

Nix's Introduction Fated Debut

The Removal of the Seal on the 7 Order Pearls Causes the Seal on the Northern Shrine to Shatter, Nix wakes to find himself in the shrine not aware how long he has slept. He feels the Same Energy Blight's father had being released in the area above him, causing his memories of the past battle to resurface he becomes enraged. At wake of his Rage he opens a "Black Hole" which swallows up the northern shrine and he Opens a Tunnel in space to the area he sensed the familiar energy. He finds the source of the energy but it isn't his former rival, however the "similarities are unmistakable". He realizes it is his son, with this established he confronts the Teenage Porcupine only to be interrupted by Eggman-Nega....

Nix's Present Day Situation

Nix presently works under Eggman-Nega only under the condition he gets to end his rivalry with Blight. He Gathers Information and Resources for Eggman-Nega with the Holo-recorder, he uses it to watch the Foes of Eggman-Nega and collaborates with Malice The Lion. The Holo recorder is hidden in his Vest. He Doesn't care Much for the Doctor's Cause he only cares for the Thrill of "The Hunt"....


Nix is a Predator in the deepest sense, However deep within him is a sadness and regret. He slowly recalls memories of his past and the sister he left in the Arcane Realm, he justifies this guilt by settling the rivalry between him and Blight. He has a Tendency to get Arrogant and Overzealous while battling Blight, this causes him to go all out then cut back at the end to let Blight's Powers fully manifest. He often Claims the Rivalry being ended while he is still a larva of a warrior is "empty".


Nix can control Emptiness. His Element is Void he Can Make Black Holes to Swallow up foes never to be seen again. He Can also make tunnels with up to 8 exits/entrances(he uses this to pummel enemies.) His Specialty is Order Shift:"Anti-Matter"(Nix opens a hole in space which Pieces of Anti-Matter fall from like meteorites and as they land they explode like antimatter does in theory when it touches Matter.)


Malice The Lion(Ally) Blight The Porcupine(Rival) Dyne The Caracal(Rival)

Memorable Quotes

Nix: Try not to get blown away my Spiky friend!

Nix: Behold my true power farewell!(Antimatter)

Nix: Try to remember you were only my prey...(Victory Quote)

Nix: To lose to you is fault to my own arrogance...(Loss Quote)

Nix's Themes

Nix's Story Ending Theme: Reflection By Smile Empty Soul thumb|450px|right|Theme Song For Nix's Story Ending

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