Nodes are purple creatures who rule the Node Republic. They are aggressive, war-like creatures who speak in German and English.

Types of Nodes

  • Small Nodes

These Nodes are weak and small, but when joined together can fight very well. They work as merchants, traders and government workers.

  • Tough Nodes

These Nodes are slightly bigger and stronger than Small Nodes, and can punch hard. They work as police officers and safety officials.

  • Warrior Nodes

These Nodes make up most of the fighting force. They can punch, bite, kick and throw large rocks. They're also quite strong.

  • High Nodes

These Nodes take up most of the government. They can do everything other nodes can, plus they have small laser beams and shield generators that are immune to Chaos powers.

  • Overlord Node

This is the ultimate Node. He is as tall as the Empire State Building. He can do everything other nodes can, plus he has Chaos powers and can teleport. He can also generate items, and can turn invisible, as well as breathing strong gusts of wind. He is almost indestructible, but he hates tea parties.




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