North Pheronchurch
St. Morris church
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Location Seaside Hill
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North Pheronchurch is a settlement in the Seaside Hills. Located north-east of Sea Gate, it was founded by a splinter-group of the founding echidnas from Ëviení who abandoned the building of Ocean Palace.

The town's most iconic landmark is the Church of St. Morris, which stands on a hill in the North Pheronchurch Cemetery. The church's namesake, St. Morris, was considered the leader of the town's founders. He was also an ancestor of T. E. Cargill and Amer LeTap.


After Philina Flawberk ordered the creation of what later became known as Ocean Palace, a group of echidnas eventually forsook her orders and left for the nearby isles of Seaside Hill, where Sea Gate had already been founded.

The group, believed to have been led by St. Morris, founded the town of North Pheronchurch north-east of Sea Gate, and work on the Church of St. Morris began immediately. They began construction around the same time that a group of foxes from Westside Island began building New Dadkirk.

The town's etymology is disputed. One echidna named Pheron is known to have been brought from Ëviení while very young before residing briefly at Carän Galaíden. It is believed by some that she was St. Morris's great-grandmother, though evidence of her descendants are thought to be lost.

Notable residents

Behind the scenes

  • The town's name was, in fact, taken from a Random Town Name Generator. Original names considered for the town were "St. Morris's Church", "Moirrey's Church" and "Westwood Forest".

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