Nova decided to take a trip to Sinnoh to catch some new pokemon and participate in the Pokemon League. After catching 5 pokemon however, all his pokemon but his Sky Shaymin were stolen by a mysterious man in white who called himself a "Team Gale" Commander. Now it's up to Nova to stop Team Gale's new Shadow Pokemon Project, get back his Pokemon, and stop Team Gale from inciting the wrath of Gale Forme Arceus!

Playable Characters

  • Nova

Gym Leaders


  • Prof. Rowan & Prof. Tails
  • Prof. Oak

Total of pokemon

All 493 can be found, plus 7 more for 500 pokemon.

New Pokemon

  • Zarion (Legendary)
  • Gale Arceus (Legendary)
  • Rocketeer (Evolves from Lunatone)
  • Plaraidar (Obtained from Sonic)
  • Ditogon (Obtained from Egg from Prof.Tails)
  • Ditogon2 (Evolves from Ditogon)
  • DitogonIII (evolves from Ditogon2)

Rival and Prof. Assistant


  • Sky Shaymin
  • Chimchar, Squirtle, or Chikorita

Team Gale Hierachy

This is from highest rank to lowest.

  • Gale Boss Anti-Nova
  • Gale Commander Hurricane
  • Gale Commander Tornado
  • Gale Commander Breeze
  • Gale Executive
  • Gale Peon
  • Gale Grunt

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