Nova the Wolf's Weapons are all of Nova the Wolf's weapons. They are all scythes.

She can use any of the scythes in any of her forms, but there are certain scythes matched up to certain forms.


Nova seems to prefer scythe over any other weapon. She also fails to see any difference between a scythe and a sickle, as does her creator, User:KHGenesis651

Dark Harvest

Dark Harvest is Nova's normal scythe. She normally uses it when not in any super form. In most drawn artwork Nova is seen with this scythe.

Dark Harvest's handle is black, and unusually flexible, so much as to bend all the way around and not break. It's blade is blood red, with the name "NOVA" lazily etched onto it's surface. It also has a large black demonic wing extending from the top. The wing can flatten itself onto the handle of the scythe.

Dark Harvest has no special properties.

Double Reaping

Double Reaping is Nova's scythe that she uses as Reaper Nova.

Double Reaping is actually a double bladed scythe. It is completely black. One blade is at the top, the other is at the bottom, and is also facing the opposite direction of the top one.

Double Reaping can split into two miniature scythe that are connected by a black chain.

Twelfth Toll of Midnight

Twelfth Toll of Midnight (Abbreviated as "TToM") is Nova's scythe that she uses as Psycho Nova.

TToM is one of Nova's more bizarre scythes. Its handle is a jagged black stick, and its blade is slightly curved and silver. It has a small golden hand bell that is attached to a small extension that juts out of the opposite of the blade.

TToM is very difficult to handle for normal Nova, as it can make her go into Psycho form very easily due to its cursed insanity property. It can also make Nova seem insane in her normal form.

Every time you hit something with TToM, it makes a bell noise. If you get 12 perfect hits with it, it makes the sound of a church bell and special attacks become of use to you.

Despite her problems handling this particular scythe, TToM is Nova's favorite scythe.

Chain Upgrade Scythes

Though not always used, Nova can add temporary chains to Dark Harvest to upgrade it. The chains have random effects on it, such as the scythe changing colors, and it will gain new powers. All of the scythe upgrades end in "Harvest" in order to honor the original. Also, the chains only stay on for a limited amount of time, and you have to wait a while before you can use another. There are also "Double Chain Upgrades" where you combine two chains to get a new one. All of the scythe have a varied type of wing.

Plain Harvest

Chain Colors- Very pale, almost clear.

Effect- The scythe become almost completely downgraded to a normal farming scythe.

Scythe Color Scheme- Silver blade, brown handle. This is the only scythe without a wing.

Fire Harvest

Chain Colors-Orange

Effect- The scythe gain fire powers. This chain upgrade is considerably more powerful when Pain is in Nova's party.

Scythe Color Scheme- Black handle, orange blade. Flaming phoenix wing.

Aquatic Harvest

Chain Colors- Ocean blue.

Effect- The scythe gains aquatic properties and abilities.

Scythe Color Scheme- Shimmering white handle, dark blue blade. Wing is completely made out of water.



  • Even though Nova is a Power type, when using Dark Harvest or any of the Chain upgrades (With the exception of Plain Harvest) she can hold onto the handle like an umbrella and float for a short time while the wing on the scythe would flap.

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