Is the romantic pairing between Oblivion the Hedgehog and Darkning "Sekebua" Darknight.


After a meeting with Selenia, Oblivion quickly challenged her to a battle. The fight dragged on and it forced Selenia to show her true self which was Sekebua. This intrigued Oblivion and he became quickly smitten by the phsycotic girl. After using a spell Oblivion seperated the two personalities into thier own bodies in the hope of making Sekebua his own. The two are now a crazy pair that is not to be messed with!



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Haters -_-#

Rp (or a discussion, whatever)

(Just decided to do something to pass the time hope you guys join ^_^)

Oblivion: *looking around* Man it's been boring around here lately... well at least I have my queen *shrugs*

Sekebua: Heheh...*embraces him* And I have my handsome king.

Oblivion: *smiles as he embraces her in his arms* So what do you want to do today? Destroy a village? Plunder jewels? Make some heroes pay with their lives? Anything you want my queen and and we shall do it.

Sekebua: I guess we can do a little "Killing" spree *maniac grin*

Oblivion: *evil chuckle* Did I ever tell you how lucky a guy I am for finding such a psychotic queen? *looks around for a suitable target*

Sekebua: No, but Did I ever tell you how Lucky a girl I am for having such a handsome, crazy king? *points to a weak child* Maybe that Child over there...

(Dang you are cold XD you really want to beat up on a child? Oh well let me just get into the mood...)

(You'll see her reaction >XD)

Oblivion: *wild grin* Sure! *walks up to the child* Hey runt can you provide us with a nice scream of torment?

Little Girl: W-What are you gonna d-do...?

Sekebua: Don't worry, Kid...Your miserable life will soon end....*small, insane smile*

Oblivion: Hey I said give me a scream of torment Dam it*kicks her with a cruel smile on his face*

Little Girl: Ah! *falls back, but once she falls, she gets beck up and runs for it*

Sekebua: Pitiful little girl...*crazy grin, as she only takes a few steps, making darkness swirl around the girl, and grabbing on to her like tentacles*

Little Girl: AHH!!! *screams, as she cries and tries to break free*

Oblivion: Look at her squirm *evil chuckle* Such a cruel tactic my love.

Random fighter: Hey what are you doing to that innocent girl!

Oblivion: Oooh it appears we have another guest my queen. *evil smirk*

Sekebua: If you want, you can take care of him! *evil smirk*

Little Girl: Why are you doing this to me?! *under her crying breathe*

Sekebua: No silly questions dear, I'm only going to make your misery gone! *looks directly at the girl's face, as she stares, blankly*

Fighter: You monsters!!!! *charges at the pair*

Oblivion: *appears in front of the fighter and grabs him by the neck* Hmmmm I wonder what I should do with you? Should I crush you? Should I maim you? Or should I simple just torture you? *evil smile* Oooh the desicions to make *wild laugh*

Fighter: *growls* You pigs I will kill you both!

Little Girl: Please Miss...

Sekebua: *reminds herself of the time she killed her little daughter*....Shut it...This won't take long....So then you won't die in vein...

Fighter: *spits on oblivion's face*...

Oblivion: *vein on his head* you.... FILTHY INSECT *slams him on the floor and creates a crator*

Fighter: GACK!!!

Oblivion: *kicking him and laughing wildly* YOU INSECT NO ONE CAN SPIT ON MY FACE!!! NO ONE EXCEPT FOR MY QUEEN AND THAT IS IT!!! *laughs again*

Little Girl: Stay away! Please!

Sekebua: No more talk! Just a simple scratch, And your gone! *as she forms her hand into a dark purple, poisoned sword, the girl finally breaks free, as she runs away*

Little Girl: *running as fast as usual*

Sekebua: SNOT NOSED BRAT! *makes darkness turn into a shield, not letting the girl escape*

Little Girl: *screams*

Sekebua: Hehe! *raises her sword, as she makes a fatal swing, instantly killing the girl*

Oblivion: *evil smirk* I'm bored of you... *fatally kicks the warrior*... Red is such a beautiful color *wipes his face from spit and then yawns* You good there my love?

Sekebua: *looming over the dead little girl's body, frozen with silence*........[thoughts] Why was this one different from the others....? I never hesitated with killing like that....Why was this one...non-enjoyable from the others....?

Oblivion: Hmm? *noticing something is wrong with her*... *he goes up to her and feels her forehead* My dear you are deathly cold.... are you ok?

Sekebua: *snaps out of it* Huh?! Oh, I'm fine...Only the girl is in my mind...

Oblivion: *looks to the dead girl* I see.... *looks back to Sekebua* You are experiencing what it is to be your own being with you own emotions. It can be confusing... but you can talk to me whenever you want and I will hold your hand and guide you through thick and thin.

Sekebua: It's weird without Selenia....We actually had the same killing spree....She actually enjoyed killing....But now, it seems....As if I'm lost...

Oblivion: I see... *frowns* Then that means I have been selfish, because I tore a piece of your soul without knowing it. I harmed you... I'm sorry.

Sekebua: You didn't harm anyone...*embraces him* I don't care, As long as I'm with my king, I can't feel any pain...*nuzzles him*

Oblivion: Well then I have one request for you my queen... Allow me to try to fill that piece of your soul with my love and crazyness. *caring yet evil smile*

Sekebua: That's a request I shall always make...*Gives a smirk* Let's go...This place isn't worthy enough to kill...

Oblivion: Where ever you want to go I will follow. We shall leave a blaze of destruction where ever we go... they will fear the names of the dark king and queen!

Sekebua: *laughs evilly* Lets burn this village! It has no need to live it's usless life!

Oblivion: As you command my dark queen! *crazed laugh* Shall we begin!? *dark aura flames surround him*

Sekebua colored

I fixed the coloration of her skin and hair... but if the suit is wrong let me know k ^_^

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