Omegream is the romantic relationship/pairing between E-123 Omega and Cream the Rabbit


Cream, still unable to believe Rouge's behavior, demanded to know how she could be so discourteous, and was nearly knocked aside by the bat. When Blaze attempted to prevent Rouge's escape, backup arrived in the form of Shadow the Hedgehog and E-123 Omega; Rouge suggested they let her keep the Emerald, teasingly threatening that she didn't know if she could restrain the others. (SU#21)

It doesn't take long for things to escalate, and soon everyone is scrambling for the Sol Emerald; Cream recovered it at one point, but as Omega loomed over her, she screamed in terror and threw the emerald at the robot's face. Eventually, Cheese got hold of the gem, and so Cream ordered him to flee into the forest, saying they'd meet up later. Unable to follow such a small target through the woods, Team Dark seemed to admit defeat for a moment, until Rouge tried to force another Sol Emerald from Blaze. However, this resulted in a fiery explosion that gave Team Rose the opportunity to escape.

Cream and Cheese happily sat in a sidecar with Omega, enjoying the ride through the forest and becoming more friendly with the killer robot (who had earlier deemed Cream "too cute to eviscerate" - a word she didn't understand). Eventually the group found not only Team Hooligan but the Babylon Rogues; while Amy proposed that their combined group could take out the thieves with ease, she soon confided with Cream and Blaze that she believed that Rouge would soon betray them again - something that saddened Cream. They were soon forced to enter a four-way scramble for the Sol Emerald.

Cream happily sat on Omega's shoulder as the others decided what would be done with the Sol Emerald, and it was finally rightfully returned to Blaze. Cream bade her a tearful farewell before Blaze left in a spiral of flame, and then she and Amy made their way back to Freedom HQ. That evening, the two told Vanilla about their day, Cream generally oblivious to the fact that her mother was a little shaken to learn that their "quick investigation" had turned out to involve thieves, mercenaries, robots, gunfire and explosions. Amy complimented Cream on her ability to handle herself regardless, saying she could be a great Freedom Fighter one day... before realizing that she'd left NICOLE out in the Great Forest.

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"This ship is great in my opinion. Sorry Emerl! Another robot has caught Cream's eye!" -BananaRama100

"this ship is going to be okay in my opinion I think the ship is will be okay in my opinion by by the performer that I could you replace of tails to Omega with Cream Sounds Awesome -TransformersTrademark'"


  • I'll remain neutral. Even though I made the couple, I still don't support it. --PockyIDMalon 16:44, June 27, 2011 (UTC)