It's Josh vs. Eternal in an open conflict! Who will win against them? What kind of winning of one of them will take? It may be via technical or by default.


  • No G-Modding.
  • No transforming, only change element.
  • No asking someone to vote, let the others vote for their own.

Josh's Supporters

Eternal's Supporters

  • Pfft.... Eternal's gonna win and JOSH WON BY DEFAULT.
  • sorry Josh, he said he'd killme if i didn't vote for him Assassinhedgehog 18:48, May 8, 2012 (UTC)
  • Sky: Im on both sides for this

Observing Characters

Just put your other characters, I don't care.

  • Alice the Cat (E-Josh)
  • Jess the Hedgehog (E-Josh)
  • Cervantes The Wolf (mr.gameandfight)
  • Sky The Hedgehog (Starboy)

The Battle Begins

In Ventilus...

Josh: (leaning on a pillar)

Eternal: *walking around*

Josh: Eternal?

Eternal: ? Ohai Josh.

Josh: I was expecting you to be here. I want to test your mettle.

Eternal: Why Exactly?

Josh: I'll test your mettle through a battle. C'mon, let's start this. (levitates)

Eternal: Wait up.. Before We start, NO TRANSFORMING.

Josh: Okay. I like this fight more than a battle with a DBZ Marty-Stu.

Eternal: You mean Sky? I know.

Josh: Now you really know. Battle Start! (teleports)

Eternal: *gets ready for anything*

Josh: (teleports from behind & kicks him on his back)

Eternal: *falls, rebounds and kicks him in the face*

Josh: Ow! You're good, but not superb enough! Let's do this.

1 2 3

Josh: Mini Rider Kick!


Josh: (uses Mini Rider Kick & kicks him on his face)

Eternal: *blocks it, but his arms somewhat hurt from the rider kick* My turn.

1 2 3

Eternal: *his hand fills with a ball of electricity and puts it right into josh's face like the rasengan*

Josh: (jumps high & easily maneuvers, dodging the attack) Now, it's my turn to shine. (spins like a drill) Eat this, Spinning Kick! (drill-kicks Eternal)

Eternal: *flies back in force* Whoa... That was strong... *flies up into the sky* *his hands fill with ki and he forms them into a ball* Take this! MASTER BLAST *the ki ball forms into 15 small ki balls and hit Josh*

Josh: Oww! (jumps very high & uses Rider Spin Dash) Eat this! (burns & crashes down to Eternal, leaving a small crater)

Eternal: *on the floor* OK, THAT ONE HURT. *flips up like shawn michaels(if you know who that is) and flies up at josh full speed and follows up with a combo of punches and kicks. 7 of each*

Josh: Ow! (lands on back) That's going to leave a mark. And watch this! (gets Diamond's deck of cards & gets Category 3 & 6 & swipes them on his own Cyclone Rouzer)



Josh: (uppercuts Eternal with a fire-attribute)

Eternal: *jumps back watching it* >Shoryuken!<

(The uppercuts of both characters collided, bumping to each other)

Josh: OW!

Eternal: OW!

Josh: Try this one for size! (gets Diamond's deck of cards & gets Category 2, 4, & 6, & swipes them on his own Cyclone Rouzer)




~Burning Shot~

Josh: (shoots fast burning bullets at Eternal)

Eternal: ! *gets hit by all of them* Ow! ow! ow! Son of a-!

Josh: Heh. (check his Rouzer) Oh, I don't have more AP. But, let's do this in the old-fashioned way! (teleports)

Eternal: Again? *flies up and closes his eyes, looking to try and sense his movement* >The Dude must not have enough Syncro summons if he can't use those moves<

Josh: Aha, I have some AP left! (gets Diamond's deck of cards, gets Category 10, & swipes it to his own Cyclone Rouzer)


Clone Josh: (rouzes the Category 10 once more, making 4 Josh)


All Josh: (kicks Eternal)

Eternal: Alright, THAT calls for it. *flies up in the air and makes 7 electricity ki balls, and mixes them with fire.* ELECTOFLARE! *throws them all at them and multiplies them into 2*

(The clones disappear)

Josh: It's my turn! (jumps high & spins like a drill) Take this! (while on air, he swipes the Category 10 card on his Cyclone Rouzer)


All Josh: Double Drill Kick! (they both drill-kick Eternal while he's on air)

Eternal: I'm gonna die for this.. SONIC BOOM! (an air pulse that is so strong surrounds Eternal blocking them all)

(The clones disappear)

Josh: Man.. (crashes on the ground) You'll-- Oh man. (checks his Rouzer & there's no AP left) Tsk. (throws 6 Chaos Spears at Eternal)

Eternal: >good, Now he's somewhat weak, Now's my chance< *dodges a few and counters the rest with lightning bolts*

Josh: I'm not weak yet, you-- (uses his Chaos Heal) So, I can only use it 4 times now. (dodges the counter lightning bolts)

Eteral: *prays real fast* >Lord, If i don't make it... Please let me see Ariana before i go...< *flies upward* Mini Cosmic StarBlast Driver! *flies down at mach 5 speed and kicks josh in the head*

Josh: Arrrrrgh! (powers up, showing his green aura) Heh. (runs fast, dodging the attack)

Eternal: Oh NO! NO NO NO NO NO! *crashes into the ground at 1500 mph*

Josh: Now, it's my turn! (gets a Hurricane Fuestle from anywhere & activates it) (spindashes at Eternal & probes him with the attack's energy blades)

Eternal: *stands up hurt* ! *hurdles a lightning ball at him*

Josh: Ow! I'll show you this! Next attack! (activates his Hurricane Fuestle once more) Eat this! (jumps high & executes a Rider Punch at Eternal & probes him with the attack's energy blades)

Eternal: *gets punched but is holding his arms to his face holding josh there* Forearm Fast Blast! *two blasts come from his forearms, knocking Josh back*

Josh: Ow! (lands safely on both feet) You want this?!

1 2 3

Josh: Rider... Kick!


Eternal: Gr...

1 2 3

Eternal: Rider... Kick!


(The two Rider Kicks collide, knocking them both back, thus hurting them a lot)

Josh: Whoa! (lands safely on both feet) Ow... That was close landing on my head!

Eternal: *about to hit his head on the floor, but backflips up and kicks him in the face and roundhouse spins him(somewhat like the spinning kick from Street fighter)

Josh: Ow! Ow! Ow! (before the final strike of Eternal's attack, he safely dodges it) Whew. Now, my turn! (executes a Rider Kick on Eternal's head, & a Rider Punch on his abdomen) Now, that nice, eh?

Eternal: *hurt* OH, IT'S ON! *flies up in the air and creates a huge ki ball like 4 feet wide, 4 feet all* DIE! *throws it at josh*

Josh: Urrrghhh... (runs very fast to dodge the attack) (jumps behind) Bye bye for you. (pounds him on the ground)

Eternal: *knocked back by the pound, but keeps his balance in the air* No.. *teleports behind josh without josh knowing* U. *blasts a ki blast that would kill about 50 average humans with one*

Josh: Hmph. (sees Eternal shooting him with a ki blast) Not good. (suddenly dodges it & teleports behind him & executes a Rider Kick on him)

Eternal: *grabs him by the foot, not making josh able to hit the rider kick and rider punches him* Use a different move for once*

Josh: (dodges the Rider Punch by moving right, & the tachyon energy paralyzed Eternal) Now, my turn. (uses Rider Kick on Eternal)

Eternal: *falls to the floor below* I can't believe he's doing this. *flies up at mach 12 speed cuz' the distance between Eternal And Josh are really far apart* Cosmic STARBLAST DRIVER!! *front dropkicks him *

Josh: OWW!!! (crashes on the ground) I'm not..... done... YET! (levitates & powers up, showing his green aura)

Eternal: Why won't you Knock out for 10 seconds so i can win! *throws several lightning bolts and ki blasts at him, then follows up with a rider combo , AKA Rider kick and then Rider Punch*

Josh: (dodges them all, but gets hit by only 2 ki balls) Urrrrgh... (uses Tachyon Rider Combo at Eternal, crashing him to the ground)

Eternal: *stands up, and starts to walk off, but instead he looks up at josh and remembers he has a move to use on Josh* Hey... I could use it right now..

Josh: I don't care. (charges up for his signature move)

Eternal: COME AT ME BRO.

Josh: Hah, I don't need to come at you. (shows up his green aura) Rising Luna! (shoots long homing plasma bullets)

Eternal: *uses his swarm of Thunder move basically evaporating all of them*

Josh: Hmph, I'm not done yet. Rising Golem! (summons a huge gold golem to fight for Josh)

Eternal: Tsk, Tsk. I SYNCHRO SUMMON BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON! *has no card*

Announcing guy in Eternal's head: FAILURE.

Josh: (facepalms) So, you'll be punished by my skills now. (uses IXA Explosion on Eternal)

(To see the entire move, please look at this video ---> IXA Explosion , & it's in 06:47 to 06:55.)

Eternal: *hurt* You will lose. I will not lose to some old man or ancient being or WHATEVER YOU CALL IT! I WILL WIN! *rider comboes Josh and then flies up then down with an axe kick.

Josh: O RLY? (hurt) Not on my watch. I gained my new weapon: Magna Whip! You'll lose. And don't ever call me old 'cause I'm not old to fight! Magna Death Break! (aims to whip Eternal 3 times, as the 3rd attack tries to stab Eternal)

Eternal: *the one chain get grabbed by Eternal, and pulled toward him causing josh to come toward him ,then Combo-ing him SEVERAL TIMES, and then axe kicking him, knocking him onto the floor* Stay down!

Josh: Ow! You'll PAY! (slams him on the ground & grabs him by the neck) Chaos... Blast! (blasts a huge dome of Chaos Energy, thus creating a huge explosion)

Eternal: Whoa! *hurt* I'll admit that is a powerful attack. You must have wasted a lot of energy. *the chaos necklace he has is glowing red*

Josh: Hmph, I didn't waste energy that massive. Just high. I truly admit, my mana is higher than yours.

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