Other Land 2 is a movie based on a novel by Manta-bee It is said to air on the Right Stuf Network and will be distributed by Right Stuf and (partly by) Critical Mass. It is the sequel to Other Land.

Other Land 2
Directed by
Produced by
Written by
Brina Palencia, Malie Flanagan, Yuri Lowenthal, Brian Donovan, Jason Griffith, Nicky Jones, Steven Jay Blum, Julia Chantrey, Stephanie Anne Mills, Kate Higgins, Stephanie Sheh, Tara Platt, Kari Wahlgren
Music by
Editing by
Distributed by
The Right Stuf International
Release date(s)
Japan: June 17, 2010
USA: August 23, 2010


Life seems to be dull for Martha, so she decides to go back to the other world. It turns out, she forgot how tough it was. Meanwhile, Melvin tries to make Martha his slave again, thinking "She's weak, so she'll break down easily and come crawling back". At an island party, the Chipettes make their first appearance in the movie, and perform "La Isla Bonita". After Alvin accidentally gets drunk, Dave takes him and the other two chipmunks home, Martha is left alone without them for a while, which makes her think she could do more "normal" things. When the Chipmunks return, she tries to tell them she dosen't need them anymore, but they say otherwise, with Alvin finally wanting to get Melvin for the trouble he caused for him. Martha goes through a series of events where she grows giant, then shrinks small.

Martha and friends make their way through the forest, where they meet the Sonic the Hedgehog characters. Martha is transformed into a squirrel and can only communicate by chattering. When she is turned back into a human, they also encounter Desperaux Tilling. Martha also finds a two doors. The Chipmunks and Chipettes go in with her, and transport into their 1980s series, with Martha's design changed slightly to fit the design of the show. Shortly after coming out the doors, the Chipmunks and the Chipettes seem to be missing. The other door, goes straight to the 90s Sonic cartoons, which seem to be moslty reminiscent of SatAm, but also the Archie comics elements are used.

They all go back to the mansion, where Sadie is seen helping Martha for the first time. Sonic and his friends have an unpleasant encounter with the Anti-Chipettes, who jump them the instant they meet. The six chipmunks explore in various rooms, They meet a talking doll named Lolly. After a show, Martina lures Martha into her room, and tricks her, ultamitley forcing herself upon her, saying she needs to learn to love it and get used to it, and that she will after ten minutes into it. Martha ends up seemingly enjoying it. Martina puts Martha through many sexually charged scenerios, such as schoolgirl-teacher, and the like. Martina then tells Martha "men will never ever respect you, and they always will expect you to 'give it up', no matter what", and that with her submissive personality, she is destined to be a slave to them. Martha thinks about it and reflects about the "nice" guys who wanted to date her and their annoying tendancies, such as unrealistic expectations of their not-even-formed relationships and calling her home and repeating the process 30 minutes later up to 4 times a day when she would not answer. She even considers accepting this fate. The Chipmunks and Chipettes decide it's time to head back.

Eventually, Martha tells Martina that she can't stay, so then Martina drags Martha by her breasts and throws her in a closet. Martina also captures Sonic and friends to keep them from interfering, so the Chipmunks set out to free Martha and the others. The Chipettes attempt to save Tails and Knuckles, but get captured themselves. The Chipmunks and Sonic soon find them, and Alvin distracts Martina by clinging on to her face. The group wonders where Martha is, and Lolly tells them she was thrown into a closet in the hall, which they find and pull her out from.

Martina angrily chases them out, but more importantly wants Martha, saying that Martha hasn't "learned her lesson" just yet.

Martha has just barely escaped, but Martina still won't give up trying to get her.

Melvin traps Alvin in a crystal ball so he can impersonate him and trick Dave.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Martha, there is a tentacle lurking inside her world that got through from the portal, and it is now searching for her. Martha once again decides she should stay in her world. The tentacle finds her and starts trying to drag her back. The Chipmunks and Chipettes find her and try to get the tentacles off her, but one coils around Brittany, and Alvin frees her from it. Suddenly, more tentacles sprout from the first, and it attempts to devour Martha and just when it seems it succeeded, Theodore whacks it with a hammer and Martha pops back out.

Alvin then remembers that Melvin is still in his place, and they set off to stop him. Brittany then pops Alvin's entrapment bubble with her bow-and-arrow and get going.

It turns out, Melvin has successfully tricked Dave, and he finds the real Alvin, who takes the heat for what Melvin did. They try to tell him that it wasn't really Alvin, but Dave thinks it's just another hare-brained story. Martha then agrees to help the Chipmunks and Chipettes take out their imposters.

After they find and confront them, a fight breaks out. Just when Melvin seemingly has the upper hand, Simon comes in and fires his grappling gun, that's rope ties up Melvin. After asking him if he knows anything about the portals, he tells them he doesn't, and only Joelle would know. So then they find the rest of the Impostermunks/ettes and caputre them as well.

After opening the portal, which returns Martha to her world, the Chipmunks, Chipettes and Sonic and Co., who also stop by, join her breifly before saying goodbye.


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Alvin (アルビン, Arubin)
Simon (サイモン, Saimon)
Theodore (セイドア, Seidoa)


Brittany (ブリッタニィ, Burittanii)
Jeanette(ジャネット, Janetto)
Eleanor (エレノア, Erenoa)

The Anti Chipmunks

Melvin (メルビン)

Seymour (セモール)

Theo (セオ)

The Anti Chipettes

Whitney (ウィットニー)
Joelle (ジョール)
Eloise (ールイーズ)


  • Sadie - A purple skinned, purple haired girl. Used to make trouble and liked to tease, belittle and torture Martha, but now actually helps her sometimes.
  • Laura - A ditzy blonde girl. She is friends with Martha and a regular patron at the mansion.
  • Desperaux Tilling (の耕すこと ・デペルー, Desuperu Tiringu) - A kind, brave, gentlemanly mouse who appears in a forest at one point.


Other Land 2 soundtrack


Please note that the characters' voices are just ideas by the author.

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Martha Yuriko Yamaguchi Brina Palencia
Alvin, Melvin Miyu Irino Maile Flanagan (speaking), Ross Badgasarian Jr. (singing)
Simon, Seymour Mamoru Miyano Yuri Lowenthal(speaking), Steve Vinning (singing)
Theodore, Theo Kōki Uchiyama Brian Donovan (speaking), Janice Karman (singing)
Brittany, Whitney Mayumi Suzuki Kate Higgins(speaking), Janice Karman (singing)
Jeanette, Joelle Mika Doi Stephanie Sheh (speaking), Janice Karman (singing)
Eleanor, Eloise Ikue Ōtani Tara Platt (speaking), Janice Karman(singing)
Dave Seville Souichirou Tanaka Quinton Flynn
Sonic the Hedgehog Jun'ichi Kanemaru Jason Griffith
Tails "Miles" Prower Ryō Hirohashi Nicky Jones
Knuckles the Echidna Nobutoshi Canna Steven Jay Blum
Sally Acorn Junko Takeuchi Rachael Lillis
Rooter Walrus Masakazu Morita Sonny Strait
Antoine D'Coolette Masashi Ebara Darren Dunstan
Bunnie Rabbot Rica Matsumoto Nancy Cartwright
Desperaux Tilling Takahiro Sakurai Dan Green
Martina Shiho Kawaragi Kari Wahlgren
Sadie Yuriko Yamaguchi Wendee Lee
Lolly Rina Nakayama Carrie Savage


  • Stacey DePass
  • Janyse Jaud
  • Carey Means
  • C.H. Greenblatt
  • Rachel Wilson
  • Allison Sumrall
  • Grey DeLisle
  • Jessica Di Cicco
  • Matt Hill
  • Steven Jay Blum
  • Meanfang as Cop
  • Manta-bee as French Maid


A more heavily edited version is seen mainstream.

Other Land 2 was edited for age-appropriate issues as the anime was originally aimed at older teenagers, especially when aired before 1:00am on Right Stuf Network.

These are the following content edited from the movie.

  • Clear refferences to sexual dialougue or acts were omitted.
  • The scene where Martina jumps Martha is heavily edited and cut all together.
  • Melvin's perversion is also toned down.
  • In various scenes, panty shots from Martha, Laura and Martina were eliminated.
  • When the Anti-Chipetes meet Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, they "cling" to each one's leg.
  • In one scene, Joelle pinches Simon's butt, which after, he blushes in an embarrassed way.
  • Martina grabs Martha by her breasts and drags her to a closet.
  • Profanities, though toned down in the English dub, were also edited.
  • When there is a loud thump, Knuckles says "What the hell?!" It is shortened to "What the-?!"
  • When Martha thinks to herself "What the hell am I saying?" It is shortened to "What am I saying?"
  • Intense violence was also cut, though Melvin strangling Simon onscreen was left intact.

There are several versions, so variations in edited and unedited scenes will occur.


  • Alvin: [drunk] Whaddare you lookin' at?
  • Dave: Al-vin! [grabs Alvin]

  • The Anti-Chipettes: Hiya boys!
  • Whitney: What are nice guys like you doing in a place like this?

  • Joelle: Come to mama!

  • Whitney: [reffering to Sonic and friends] Ooh, boys! [jumps on them]

  • Jeanette: Wait, Mr. Knuckles...

  • Alvin: We gotta stop that jerk-face Melvin!

  • Martina: [to Martha] Don't worry, I know what you like.

  • Seymour: What the heck does thay-at mean?

  • Martina: [takes out a bowl of cherries and asks Martha] Cherry? [she dips it in whipped cream and eats it slowly]

  • Martina: [to Martha] It's about time you realize men will never ever respect you, and they will always expect you to 'give it up', no matter what, and no matter what you truly feel at the time. After all, it is all for them. Since you never stood up for yourself, and it's too late to start now, you better get used to it or just learn to fake it well.

  • Alvin: [from inside a crystal ball and pounding on it from the inside] Stop! He's not who you think! He's trying to trick you!


A video game based on the film is announced to be developed by Cannonball Games.


Main article: Other Land 3 A sequel to the movie is confirmed. It will feature Martha's good future, as well as her bad future where she slowly transforms into Martina Love. An early trailer has been featured with Martha from the good future holding hands and running with her bad future self, Simon flying a plane and Tails getting a piece of cake stuffed into his mouth. It will recast Jason Griffith, Nicky Jones and Steven Jay Blum with the new voice actors for the games, Roger Craig Smith, Kate Higgins and Travis Willingham.


  • The Sonic characters appearing in these movies are revealed to be their Archie Comics versions.
  • Martha appears to have an older sister named Rachel, who only appears in the beginning and again towards the middle of the story, the latter appearance of which her whole face is shown.