This fanfic is the story of how Pain and Nova met, grew into friends, started a romantic relationship, you know.

-*ahem*- Heh, finally got through the first chapter. Sorry it's not super epic :/

Please also note, these are short chapters.


PLEASE NOTE- if you want your fan charrie in here, you'll have to ask, and I'm not making any of them Main Characters, probably just a cameo. Sorry.

ALSO - Canon characters will not appear a lot in this story, either.

Main Characters

Other characters

As the story progresses, more characters will be added.

Prologue Chapter- Chance Meeting

A black furred bat stood in a clearing in the forest, sent by his captain on a mission. He, Scream, ran over Nova's instructions over and over in his head. If I do a good job, I might be able to impress her... maybe she'll even ask me out. Her instructions were simple: Perform espionage on the newly discovered Leaf Kingdom and bring the information back to Nova. He hovered close to the trees, hidden by the emerald green leaves.

He dropped to the ground without a sound. Turning around, he scanned the area for any stalkers. All clear. He practically receded to the shadows of the tall trees for extra protections. As he leaned against the tree he had just dropped from, his overly-sensitive bat ears caught a shrill, yet feminine shriek. He shoved through the thick shrubs in his way to the source of the sound, not caring about the excessive rustling sounds of the greenery. Peeking over a wall-like bush, he managed to register the images of a young woman mouse, the shrieking one, he assumed, being carried off by creatures with a rather disgusting physique.

"SOMEONE HELP ME!" The white-haired mouse cried helplessly. She waved her hands, grabbing for the hero that wasn't there. Yet. Scream forced his stretchy black wings to start flapping and put himself in the direction of the mouse and the monsters. He pummeled the monster that was carrying and caught her in a cradling way in his arms. He set her down on a high tree branch and prayed she wouldn't lose her grip and fall. For a forest person, she smelled surprisingly sweet and wore rather formal, fancy clothing. A katana snapped into existence into hos hand from a small burst of ice. He stabbed through half the monsters and froze the rest.

When he looked to the tree he had set the girl in, she was cowering, her big green eyes shining with little tears of disgust. Scream looked up, his own green eyes covered with confusion. How could she look so formal? Wouldn't a forest person be a little braver? He rose up to the woman with his wings, and looked her straight in the eyes. "Who are you? Are you lost?"

"Me, lost? In my own kingdom?" She said, wiping crystal-clear tears from her cheeks.

"Your kingdom?" He interrupted.

"Yes, my kingdom. My name is Leaf the Mouse, and I am the princess of-" She was startled by a sudden movement from the bushes below, hoisting herself back into Scream's arms. "A-and you?"

"I'm Scream the Bat. Listen, I'll go down there to see what that was, you stay here. When you think it's safe you come down and get yourself home." At least he knew why she was so formally dressed now.

Setting Leaf down where she was, Scream hovered down to the bushes. "Who's there?" He questioned. More rustling. The person was trying to run away. Scream pulled his wings to his back and let himself fall the rest of the way. He landed on top of the culprit. A red furred mobian with and odd tail. "Who are you?" He demanded rather than asked.

The similarly sized mobian tried to claw himself out, but paused and mumbled something. "My name is Pain the Demon-cat..."

Chapter 1- Let the Rivalry Begin

Scream stared at the struggling cat for a few moments before chuckling. "Demon-cat? Yeah right-"

The forked red tail of Pain whipped around Scream's ankle and, with surprisingly tremendous strength, flipped him to the ground. "Demon. Cat." Pain repeated, as if talking to a baby. "I am both..."

Scream's tangled ankle brawled with the thin tail pathetically for a moment. When the tail released its grip, Scream held his foot and stared at the ground, trying to hide his expression of embarrassment.

"Whatever..." Scream said, wanting to keep himself looking cool, "What I actually want to know is why you're sneaking around here."

"I am just passing through." Pain replied. "So let me go and we won't have to fight. I can see you're one of the people who likes to fight for no reason, though..." He got up and dusted his coat of. "But you won't be able to force me."

"Just wait a second! I really don't believe you're just passing by. Prove it!"

"What do you want me to prove? If you can't believe it, you can just follow me until I'm out of this forest." A sarcastic smirk began to inhabit the cat's face.

"No way... I'm busy. I don't have time to battle you." Scream said this despite the fact that he really wanted some target practice.

Pain rolled his eyes and brushed past Scream. "Even if you tried to defeat me... you would fail horribly."

That was enough.

Scream tackled Pain, his katana popping into his hand. He took aim for the red-head's eye, but was surprised to see the cat had a trick of his own. Little flames sprouted across the katana, melting its icy structure.

"It seems you specialize in ice type abilities... and I specialize in fire. Sadly for you, everyone knows that fire beats ice..." Pain said with another smirk. "You're situation has already become hopeless. Give up now or-"

The lightframe of Leaf's body frame landed on Pain's back. "Fire will burn this forest! Leave! Go now! Take your fight someone else, or your recklessness will leave my entire Kingdom homeless."

"Get off of me!" Scream smirked to see Pain being launched into a slight state of panic.

Scream's enjoyment didn't last long though, as Pain quickly toppled over the tiny mouse. "You smell so earthy..." Pain muttered. "But fire beats grass too..." Shaking his head, Pain turned back to his previous opponent. "Whatever. She's hardly a threat nonetheless."

Scream stared at the kocked out princess. "How could you be so rude to royalty!? You have no honor!" He once again lunged for the cat, but was stopped short by a painstakingly familiar blob of darkness.

"You can't... do anything yourself, can you, Scream!? It's a good thing I've been keeping an eye on you..." The voice of Nova echoed through the blob, until it took the wolves slender form, and the echoes merged to a singular voice. "Nothing! Nothing at all!"

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