Paradox Slide Zone is an artificially created zone, formed by the distortion of time triggered when all seven Time Stones are used at once.

First Accessed

While it had existed many times over the course of the existence of the Time Stones, The Trolls were actually the first to enter the zone, using a sustained temporal reaction from all seven Time Stones to transport a number of their members into the zone, granting them access to travel between universes and time periods via temporal portals, a brute-force version of Flare the Wolf's Flow-Walking technique. Ronan the Fox also had access to Paradox Slide Zone, which he used as a prison for people who were deemed irredeemable, such as Scourge the Hedgehog after the Invasion of Mobius, as well as Rageik and Mephiles the Dark, both of whom could access the world whenever they desired.


Paradox Slide Zone is a brightly colored fusion of zones and locations from throughout the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and games in particular. Each different section is connected via temporal portals to the same location throughout time, while the Paradox Chamber, the equivalent of the ARK, possesses portals between universes, making it a prime location for the Trolls to venture into different franchise universes or alternate worlds and zones, such as the Cosmic Interstate. For the most part, the sky is a bright crimson color, with residents taking on radically different colors (and often either Trollish or heavily distorted personalities, due to the zone's paradoxical nature).


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Carnival Reserve

The Circus Park of the world. Full of bright green and orange tiled floors, in fact, green everywhere! Themed like a carnival.

Disaster Metropolis

Crisis City, but destroyed by animated stone monsters. Full of bright orange buildings and blue stone monsters.

Flying Island

The Angel Island of Paradox Slide. It is home to the Paradox Quartz, a large, clear quartz outcropping that holds the large, brown island afloat. It has black and alizarin crimson trees and large, white mountains as well as many stone pyramids.

Gem Warp Zone

Crystal Egg Zone, built by Doctor Warpman. Full of blue-tinted translucent glass architecture and white spikes, with blue images of the doctors face on blocks hiding hidden passages.


An Adabat-styled zone, with pink water, red and white trees, black stone and green paths. It has a large amount of more Asian- themed residents. It holds a Paradox Tower, one of the locations used to charge a Temporal Topaz.

Republic Metropolis

The Empire City, one of the most major cities in the United Federation, is recreated here as well. Full of distorted but beautiful buildings, and very distorted people.

Shadowy Forest

The Deep Woods never looked more peaceful, with blue grass, green and red trees and glowing white flowers. However, it is constantly shrouded in mist, giving it an eerie feel.