AirPlay - The New Roleplay

Part 1

  • This roleplay is used in conjunction with the one here, which means you may refer to both here. Enjoy!

Grinder: (intercom) Thank you for choosing Grindair airlines. We hope you had an enjoyable (But short) journey. Please see us again. This is you're pilot, Grinder James Ashcroft, signing off. See ya!

Everyone gets off. Grinder gets off too, only to find an unpleasant surprise.

Grinder: M-Mishubi? Oh crud...

Mishubi: Grinder-kun!

Grinder: Arrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!!!

Cam: Cam is on a chair. He sees Grinder being chased by Mishubi. Oh god... I'd better help...

Grinder: Ah, Cam! Help!

Cathy: Hmmm....(calls 911).

(Everyone can then hear police sirens)

Grinder: W-wha? What the hell? Why are the police here?

Police Officer: Freeze! HCPD, step away from that hedgehog.

Mishubi: M-me?

Officer: Yes you, this is official business of the Hunter County Police Department.

Grinder: Hey! What the heck is going on?

Another Officer: Are you the owner of this plane?

Grinder: The airbus? Y-yes! What about it?

Officer: You parked at the international gates, thus disobeying orders from Air Traffic Control, so we'll have to keep it here for 12 hours.

Grinder: Today is not going my way... can I move it?

Officer: Yes, but it must still be kept here.

Ripper: And will someone PLEASE arrest this dog? She's annoying! (Officer arrests Mishubi.)

Grinder: Oi! Ripper you douche, release that dog now!

Ripper: Screw this! (Goes back to Mobius Corners via helicopter.)

Grinder: I'm going too. Oh, and MAKE SURE YOU RELEASE THAT DOG! Dashes off

Ripper: (arrives after talk with Tails at Mobius Corners.) Thank you officers! Alrighty then, time to fly to... Spagonia!

Information Official: Sorry, but to get there, you have to go to Mobius Corners, then transfer routes.

Ripper: Right... OK! Hello everyone, I'm Ripper the Fox, your co-pilot! This afternoon it will be very, VERY sunny! Enjoy the flight!

[Shahooter looks at his claws then shifts his eyes to everyone else.] Shahooter's thoughts: 'Please don't notice me *repeats*'

Sonic: (runs over) do you guys hear something?

[A fox in tattered clothes is seen sleeping on the bench]

[Shahooter hides his Claws by putting them in his Pockets.]

Sonic: Everyone seems quiet today...

[The fox yawns and gets up and looks around and cries.]

[Shahooter's Heart Rate is fast.]

[The fox falls asleep again and tears stream down his cheeks]]

Shahooter's thoughts: 'Please don't notice me..*repeat*'

Sonic: I noticed....

(a figure in a black Cloak goes to the back of the plane)

Attendant: Excuse me sir, but you need a ticket to ride.

Figure: then what is this? (pulls out an airplane  ticket for that plane)

Attendant: Fine, my apologies. (leaves)

Figure: (on a radio) activate the B-Bombers

Flight passenger: WHAT????

(the Plane shakes as an explosion can be heard)

Sonic: (watching from the ground) Grinder will NOT be happy....

Figure: activate stage 2 (another Plane, looks more like a cruiser flies next to the plane)

Shahooter's thoughts: 'I expected this!' [Shahooter activates his comlink] Shahooter [comlink]: "Send in the Freelancers! And the Galaxies!" [Shahooter hits the Figure with a Frostbolt, knocking the Figure out.]

Air Traffic Cntrl: BRING THE PLANE DOWN!!

Pilot: Yes. (Plane lands in Buckner County)

Figure: that was only a dummy, now the real fun begins (removes his cloak, and its Wild Wolf, one of the strongest Bounty Hunters

Shahooter: "Well well well, Wild Wolf..." [The Bombers already get shot down by Ships with a Tornado and a Striked S.]

Pilot: You 2......GET OFF MY PLANE!!!

Shahooter: "What'dya want Wild Wolf?"

Wild Wolf: (lasers surround the walls and doors, if one of you touches these lasers, you'll all pay the price, now settle down or else (shoots a passenger, killing him) I've got a deal to make.

[Shahooter snaps his fingers, Lightning Surges and deactivates the Lasers.]

(the lasers start beeping faster and faster)

Wild wolf: you fool, you activated the Lasers

Shahooter: "Exactly, Mana Shield!" [Shahooter deflects the Lasers that comes at anyone.]

Wild Wolf: I'm out (the lasers stop, the Plane Explodes) &nbsp

[The Passengers and Pilots make it, with Shahooter projecting the Mana Shield.]

Police: (Captures Wild Wolf) You're under arrest for attempted terrorist acts

[Shahooter lets the Passengers and Pilots down with Mana Shield.]

Wild Wolf: lets not get ourselves wound up (tosses a smoke bomb, when it stops, Wild Wolf is gone

[Shahooter and the others make a crater in the ground.]

(a Draxun appears over the Skies, using a tractor beam to get everyone on)

Shahooter [Comlink]: "Uh guys...guys..."

Voltrex: don't worry, we'll be taking you to your Destination, free of Charge

(3 Hours Later)

Tails: It's good to be back...

AirPlay Extension

This is left off from the AirPlay Extension!
Darkspirit absorbed Staraptor, Nexus Appeared. the gang traveled down a stair case into a "Alice in Wonderlnad on Crack" senario, they got into the Draxun later on. Nidoqueen cheated on Nidoking, Dark Nidoking placed a translator on his chest so that he could communicate with what they call, "The Ryu".

Part 1

Scooter: Welcome to Parkview, and for some, welcome back! I hope you enjoy our fair city.

Voltrex: Fair?, seems more like it could use some help.

(Ryu-I don't think that was part of the RP, Chembur.)

Scooter: You guys did that in Mobius Corners, so we were rebuilding here.

Ryu: Yeah......sorry about that... ^_^'

Voltrex: this is nothing like the Cities of Ternulzi.

Ryu: That's nice to know, Voltrex.

Voltrex: I'm staying on the Draxun, while I check on D. Nidoking, and Nidoqueen.

Ryu: Okay.

(Meanwhile, in the Parkview Airport...)

Spike: (leaning against a support beam)

Person 1: (shrugs and just keeps on walking)

(Meanwhile, a large airplane lands on the runway and slows down to the halt, parking next with the other planes. The ramp lowers down slowly and it reveals to be J's vehicle, the Desert Hawk! J steps out of the plane to see his trophy truck and he calls in a flatbed truck.)

J: Oh yeah! Emerald Coast! Beautiful beaches, sweet hotels, even awesome smoothies! But the most important part of Emerald Coast is: MOTORSPORTS!! [calls in a flatbed truck to have the Desert Hawk transported to an auto shop]

Councilman: I find this car is......

[SB-J, you'll have to continue everything here].

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