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Okie-dokey, you can just add yourself and make a chapter if you want! I mean.....why couldn't you?


Clover the Cat
Terra the Cat
Crystal the Wolf
Hawkshadow the Cat
Golden the Tiger
Shadow the Hedgehog
Knuckles the Echinda
Blaze the Cat
Dequalia the Unicorn
Tikal the Echinda
Shima the Hedgehog

Kayden Ouron

Kaialee the Hedgehog


"But I don't wanna go!"
Crystal smiled. Of course her friend's son, Killak didn't want to go. He didn't want to join them.
"You'll be with your gramma," Crystal said, stroking the young cat's fur. "And everyone else."
"Don't you promise, Crystal?" Killak asked. He was only 7; did he understand?
Crystal sighed. "Do you know what death is?" she asked.
Killak sniffed. "One day, my little mouse died. I looked for him, and daddy said he died. But I didn't stop looking for him. Not ever."
"Isn't that what you're doing now? And you'll be able to say goodbye."
"But...I shouldn't have to say goodbye! I wanna stay with my family."
"Oh, Killak," mewed Crystal, "you can't do that."
"Yes I can!" he said, leaping up to his feet.
Crystal pouted. I have to tell him the truth. I have to break his heart.
"You can't. You can say goodbye. You have that chance, my dear."
Killak began pouring down tears. "No!"
Crystal clenched her teeth. "You don't want your mommy and daddy to worry, do you?" she said, losing impaitentce.
He stuck his lip out. "No!!! No, no, no! I'll do it! I promise!" he stuck his face into her chest. She felt the tears sinking through her black tank top.
"Do you see a light?"
Killak looked up. "Yeah, it looks real cool."
"You can go to that light," she whispered. "you'll see your parents on the way."
Killak rubbed his face across his sleeve. "Thank you, Crystal. You're my best friend."
Crystal watched solemnly as Killak dissappeared. "He's gone...but...he'll always be a part of us."
As Crystal walked away, some leaves stirred up behind her. "My friend," they whispered, "my friend."

Chapter 1: Memories in the Name of Maria

Shima woke up in a puddle on sweat. Another dream...a dream about her. She wiped her forehead and sighed.
Why can't she just go away?  All the others did. But why not her? She thought. What does this all mean?
Shima got out of bed and checked her alarm clock. It was 5:00 a.m.
I've gotta do something about this. Someone has to know what's going on.
Quietly, she got back into bed. She didn't want to wake her brother, Shadow, who was in the room next to her.
Tommorow..Tommorow, I'm going to figure all of this out.
She yawned, then fell asleep. It seemed like only a few minutes later that her alarm clock was buzzing in her ear. The smell of eggs and toast wafted through her nose.
Bless his heart. Shima thought. He's doing it again. Doesn't he know he's not the best cook in the world?
Shima went down the stairs into the kitchen. Shadow was standing next to the stove. The eggs were sizzling.
"Good morning, Shima." Shadow said. "Sleep alright?"
Shima sat down at the kitchen table and put her head down. She groaned.
"I'll take that as a no." He sat down across from her. "Who came this time?"
She froze. She didn't want to tell Shadow about the girl who had visited her.
"Just some person. You know, like all the others."
"Did he leave? Or is he still here?" Shadow looked at her curiously.
"Still here." She mumbled. "I don't understand! Why can I only see these people? Why can't you? We were created the same, weren't we?" Shadow scratched his head.
"I thought so." The smoke alarm went off. "Crap!" Shadow ran over to the stove, which the eggs were burnt into the pan. Shima laughed.
"I'm going to go meet up with Sonic, now!" She called as she left, leaving Shadow to deal with the burning breakfast.
It was windy outside, and Shima pulled her cloak tighter. She hunched up her shoulders as well.
Stupid wind. She thought. I wish it was summer, not fall!
Suddenly, she heard a whisper from behind her. It was the same whisper she had heard for over a month. Slowly, she turned around. A few feet away, her blonde hair being swept around by the wind, was Maria. She looked the same, ever since her death. Her mouth moved into a whisper, but Shima didn't hear her.
"Find him...." Shima covered her ears. She wouldn't listen.
You're not real...You're not real...You're dead...You can't be here! She thought. Then she ran, away from the girl, away from her past. She kept running until she came to the park. There wasn't many people there, so she quickly spotted Sonic. He was huddled up on a park bench with a dark green coat. She smiled. 
"Yo, Shima!" Sonic called and waved his hand. She ran to him and sat down. She clutched her cloak even tighter. "Where's your coat?"
"Forgot it."
"Again? You're gonna to get a cold if you keep forgetting it." He took off his own coat. "Here."
"Take it."
"No!" Sonic forced the coat on her. "Are you crazy?! YOU'RE the one who's going to get a cold!" Sonic laughed. She laughed along with him.
"So, how's it going? Haven't heard from you in a while."
"I'm uh...Good." She sighed.
"Something's wrong, I can tell!" He makes a pouty face. "What's the matter, Mister Grumpy Gills?" Shima lost it. She laughed so hard, she thought her lungs would burst.
"N-nothing!" She stopped laughing. "Well, I've...kind of been seeing people lately. But, they're not people, per say."
"Then what are they?"
"I don't know. They appear, then they just disappear. I don't understand what's happening. I want to find someone who knows what's going on." Sonic stood up and helped Shima to her feet.
"What about a psychic? They can see those type of things, right?"
"Yeah, from what I've heard. But where are we going to find a psychic?" Sonic pointed across the street.
"Right over there." He pointed to an old-looking shop with a neon sign saying "PSYCHIC".
"Shut up." She walked across the street with Sonic. Maria was following her.
Find him...
The small shop smelled like dust and mothballs. The psychic was a withered looking old lady, who looked like a Gypsy.
"Come in, come in. What may I do for you two today? A fortune? Palm reading?" Shima shifted uncomfortably.
"Actually, no. I'm here to ask for some advice." Shima and Sonic sat down on an overstuffed couch.
"Ask away! Ask away!" The psychic sat down across from them and put her hands together. Sonic nudged Shima in the ribs.
"Well, it all started about a month ago. I started seeing...things. They would be there for a couple of days, then disappear. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm kind of scared." Sonic took Shima's hand.
"Oh, my child. It it nothing to be afraid of! You are one of the few people who have this gift. You are what we call 'a speaker.'  It's rare for it to be in one so young as yourself."
"How did I get it? Both my brother and sister don't have it."
"A person usually gets the gift when they have seen someone close to them die. Have you experienced anything like that?"
Shima looked at her feet. She felt Sonic put a protective arm around her shoulders.
"Yes...I have. Over 50 years ago."
"50 years? But you look like you're barely out of your teens!" Shima stood up.
"I have to go." With that, she and Sonic left. Outside, the wind seemed to have died down. She marched down the sidewalk.
"Shima! Wait up!" Sonic caught up to her. "Don't let what that old lady said get to you!"
"Sonic, I have something I need to tell you."
"Like what?"
"I've been seeing those people again. But...this time, it was someone I know." Sonic stopped her and turned her around so they faced each other.
"Who is it?" His green eyes searched her face. Then, his eyes, turned down. "It was Maria, wasn't it?" A tear slid down Shima's face.
"Uh huh."
"Did you tell Shadow?"
"No, not yet."
"Are you gonna?"
"I...I don't know. I want to find out more about this 'gift'  that lady says I have. I don't know how to control it, yet."
Shima could feel herself being watched. She looked over her shoulder, but didn't see anyone besides a wolf in black clothes.
"There's got to be someone who knows more about your gift."
Find him...Maria's voice whispered through her ears. She shivered.
"Let's check the library." She suggested. "That place has every book about everything."
"Alright!" They went down the street, and Shima still had the feeling that someone was watching her, and she was sure it was the wolf in the black clothes.
At the library, they could find nothing. They searched through almost every book. No matter what, everything they did turned up to nothing.
"So where to now?" Sonic asked. It was starting to get dark.
"I have no clue." Footsteps came from behind them. They turned around, and there stood a white wolf with black hair in black. "Who are you, and why do you keep following us?"
"I know what you are going through. I am a speaker, too. Come with me, and I'll tell you everything you want to know."
Shima looked at Sonic. He shrugged and let the mysterious wolf lead them to a building they have never seen before. They went inside. There were three people already there: a brown cat, a black and brown cat, and another cat.
"I'm back. And I've  brought some friends." The three cats surrounded the two hedgehogs. The one cat seemed very interested in Sonic.

Chapter:2 Mother

"MOTHER!!" A girl sit's up in her bed her eye's look to the moon as she thinks to herself. "Why mom? Why are you doing to me i can't help you i don't kown how?"

kock kock kock "Kaia you ok in there?"

"It's mom."

A boy step's into the door way. "It's 2:00 am what do they need this time?" Say's kayden

"I dont kown dad's not here yet."

"Hmm it's been so long form when you saw them and we stll can't find out why you can see the dead well i can feel them but you see and talk to them."

"You say it like it's a good thing." Say's kaia

"What if there's othere like you hm ok when we get up today tell me to take us to central city ok they got the bigest library you can find"

"Sure" kaia goes back to sleep

That day "Hey i got some thing" Say kayden

"What is it?"

"It's a book from are world ok it say's "A speaker is someone that can use the gift and save the dead so they may" ...the rest of the page is gone."

"Hmmm i think some one does not want us to kown what the "speaker's" are we need to talk out side so no one can spy on us."

Outside "So this "gift" must be my power to see them right."

"I guess i (shhh i think someone's here) have not seen hali in a long time how she been."

"She's good tails?"

"Has he not fix'd your tv (chaos) static?"

By saying this kayden has shot static energy at the man spying on them as well as energy spear's but the spear's come back at the two they jump in time but miss there man.

"Shoot where is he?" Yell's kayden as look's but he has left no cule to his hideout or what he wants.

"Come on kay we need to go there's no other thing we can do now."

"Ok let's tell sonic someone's thying to spy on us but we can't tell him the real story ok?" say kayden


At Tails workshop.

"What are you saying they are gone?" Say kayden tick'd.

"Yeah i've not seen the two all day." Say tails.

"What you like to bet someone has them" Say kaia thinking of shima and her being the same.

"Kaia's right where did you last see them at tails?"

"Station Square library i think."

"Guess bad guy's love the libary come on kaia let's go."

"This may be a trap be on the look out."

"You to."

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