Peek is a low-tier genetic ability, often regarded as one with a link to time manipulation.


When activated, the user's eyes turn pink, and their pupils almost seem to disappear completely. Through this technique, the user can view the time stream. However, the technique has a forward limit - similar to a Sharingan Eye, predicting the future is only accurate in combat to a five-second advance, nothing greater. However, unlike the Sharingan, the technique can also view backwards in time, granting the user to see brief visions of the past, typically centered on a location or item. These views are randomized, so any portion of the time stream of the item or location from the present back to it's creation could appear to the user's mind.

However, despite this genetic ability's low-tier stance, it has recently gone through an evolution-of-sorts, when a child born with the bloodlines that possessed both this ability and the Shotogan Eye developed a full dojutsu-styled genetic ability - the Chronogan Eye.



Derived Ability

  • Chronogan Eye - this genetic ability, combined with the short-blade eye, the Shotogan, combined to create a form more akin to the Shotogan, with the ability to view any point in time, if a date is provided. In addition, the Chronogan Eye can be used to view possible futures through specific meditative techniques, similar to Flow-walking, except without actually entering the timeline themselves.

Technique Rank

Due to the current state of the genetic ability tiers, this ability is marked as low-tier, and is awaiting inspection.

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