Perfect Storm is Storm's ultimate and most powerful Super Form.
Perfect Storm
He achieves this form by using the Chaos Emeralds and Sol Emeralds. Storm gains a massive increase in power and speed, seeming to be able to move at the speed of light.


Storm's fur turns white upon entering this form. He also gains hair similar to Knuckles'. His gloves turn white and he loses his shoes. His sunglasses turn black. Perfect Storm is Storm's least used Super Form.

Perfect Dark Storm

Storm retains the ability to go Dark while in this form, giving rise to a Semi-Super Form, Perfect Dark Storm. Perfect Dark Storm is similar in appearance to Perfect Storm, besides being black and not white.
Perfect Dark Storm
He loses his gloves and he gains black and blue wristbands. Otherwise, they look the same. Perfect Dark Storm is extremely sadistic, enjoying his enemies suffering, prefering to destroy them slowly, rather than Storm's usual quick kill. He is slower, but much stronger.


Both Perfect Storm and Perfect Dark Storm currently have no appearances.


"You want perfection? You got perfection." -after transforming into Perfect Storm.

"Too slow!" -attacking.

Theme Song

Perfect Dark Storm's theme song is Vengence is Mine by Everett Bradley. Perfect Storm's theme song is Supporting Me by Everett Bradley.

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