Poseidonia is also known as the City of the Seas as the isles are interspersed by canals and is the sister-city of Soleanna. Much of the city's architecture revolves around water too, with numerous bridges and fountains plazas scattered about Poseidonia.


Poseidonia is an important cultural centre, filled with temples, theatres and fine cuisines that the locals take much pride in. The city has kept its traditions alive throughout the centuries, though little is known of its origins. Poseidonia benefits from a monarchy, with the current ruler of the city being Princess Ailsa II.

Poseidonia is somewhat happy and peaceful. Many citizens state that Poseidonia has always been this way and that this is their chief reason for staying here. There's a strong appreciation for the city's many state ceremonies. The most famous of these is The Festival of the Moon, which sees the ceremonial mirrors in Poseidonia’s lake set alight. It is during this festival that the city came under attack by Myza the Sorceress’s forces.


Main Article: Monarchism of Poseidonia

Poseidonia is ruled by a constitutional monarchy, consisting of Prince’s, Princess’, Queen’s and Duke’s, the former being the most powerful. The ruling sovereign resides in a large palace just off the coast of Lake Town, but when they are otherwise indisposed, the current High Nobleman will temporarily run the country.

The Royal Family

The country is governed by five titles. These are written in descending order:

  • Duke/Unmarried Queen
  • Married Queen
  • Princess/Prince
  • High Nobleman
  • The House of Nobles

The most powerful governing body in the Poseidonian Government is the Duke or an unmarried Queen. If a Queen is married, their husband becomes the Duke and she becomes the second most powerful instead. If the Duke dies, the Queen takes over, but if they both die, the Prince or Princess will take their place. They will keep their titles as Prince and Princess until they become eighteen, then they will be named Duke and Queen.

High Noblemen

The High Nobleman is the Head of the House of Nobles, and therefore the most powerful non-royal man in the country. They will have the power to run the country during the incarceration or lack of a ruling monarch on the throne. During this time, the power of the House of Nobles is elevated, and he will be able to pass temporal laws with the House’s consent. These laws can be sustained by the monarch at their return, or they may disagree and remove the law. The Nobleman is comparable to a Mayor or a Baron, and they possess the same powers.

The House of Nobles

The House of Nobles is the fifth most powerful governing body and acts as the sovereign’s council. They have the power to advise the monarch, and suggest knew laws and such, which they must approve of. The House is led by a Nobleman, who acts as a direct advisor to the sovereign and leads the cases held in the court. The House consists of six religious members known as ‘The Spiritual Nobles’, six non-religious members called ‘The Honourable Nobles’ and three normal citizens who will be elected into the House each year, ‘The Temporal Nobles’. The House rules over the Poseidonian departments. The most important include:

  • The Department of Defence: The department in charge of defending the country from both outside attacks and civil war. They’re duties include lessening the possibility of civil wars and keeping an eye on countries that may attack. The head of the department is called ‘The Count(ess) of Defence’.
  • The Department of Justice: The department in charge of keeping order with criminals. They run the Courts of Justice and have numerous ties with The Department of Imprisonment, which insures that the criminals are properly detained. The head of the department is known as ‘The Count(ess) of Justice’.
  • The Department of Science: This department is in charge of crafting precision machinery in favour of the country or the monarch.

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