One of the main characters from Sonic and the Six Princes

Prince chill

Prince Chill, hand drawn and colored by me

Prince Chill
  • 19
  • April 4
  • 3ft 4in
  • 78 lbs.
  • green
  • white
  • blue
  • peach-tan
  • Light blue Elen coat white diamond-like designs
  • grey gloves
  • white shoes with zipper and diamond-like designs
  • Royal Elen Duin earing
  • Elen Duin
Super Forms
  • Khelek Fea
  • King Ryae(father)
  • Queen Lunaria(deceased mother)
  • Prince Ash(brother)
  • Prince Shock(brother)
  • Prince Tide(brother)
  • Prince Cloud(brother)
  • Prince Vine(brother)
  • Princess Fayore(cousin)
  • King Aero(deceased great-grandfather)
  • Queen Jhewel(deceased great-grandmother)
  • King Galax(grandfather)
  • Queen Estralle(grandmother)
  • Prince Limelyn(uncle)
  • Princess Myra(aunt)


He's the oldest prince of Elen Duin. He is next in line for the throne so he is constantly studying to be a great king. He is a little anxious to be king, however, the law states he must find a wife first.


He is very studious especially when he is learning about the kingdom and how to rule it. He is kind-hearted and never lets anyone down. He is easily irritated. When things get tough he becomes a little less self-confident.


Khelek megil

Khelek Megil

Khelek Megil

These double blades have been enchanted with the iceyness of the Losa Mountains. Each strike make the enemy freeze in its tracks

Khelek leuthil

Khelek Leuthil

Khelek Leuthil

The mystical gem of Orod en' Losa. Its gives him the ability to transform into Khelek Fea.

Losa Tincmaeg

His hand-picked dagger. He excells at throwing them far distances and almost never misses.


Ice Blades

He allows his duel blades to launch a crystal-like ice bullet from the blade for a powerful range attack.

Icicle Charge

He creates a shield aura around his body and charges at the enemy for protection and a cruel melee attack.

Ndengina Tuulo' Khelek

This powerful move freezes an opponent's legs, keeping them still. Chill then does a series of combo attackes and slashes them all!

Super Transformation

Khelek Fea

Khelek Leuthil glows and transforms him into a figure if frosty-like aura. The air around him becomes blistering cold and his duel blades turn to ice.


  • Prince Ash
  • Prince Tide
  • Prince Shock
  • Prince Vine
  • Prince Cloud
  • Amber the Hedgehog
  • Pixie
  • Quora the Cat
  • Jade the Vampire
  • Whimsy the Nymph
  • Tiara the Racoon
  • Princess Willow
  • Sonic the Hedgehog


  • Valenor the Sorcerer Fox
  • Fang the Vampire Prince
  • The Three Thieves
  • Prince Limelyn

Theme Song/Voice Actor

Sonic and the Six Princes

Prince of the Cold

Extreme Gear

Ice Shard

Board made from Elen metal. It is a fly type board that turn into a yacht.

  • Yacht
  • GP up
  • Speed up




"I shall do greater next time" - getting a D rank "I thought I had that one!" - getting an E rank

"I have disgraced my father's name" - getting a F rank


"I'll freeze you in your tracks" - performing Ndengina Tuulo' Khelek


  • he is based on Prince Calder from The Six Princes, a book I am writing
  • he is uncomfortable around women


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