Procurator Knight

Biographical Information
  • 4000+ (Earth perspective)
  • 18 (physically)
Romantic Interests N/A
Physical Description
  • Black fullbody suit
  • Helmet
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsNocturnus Tribe
  • Remote Explosives
  • Leech Claws
  • Combat Expertise
  • Tactical Expertise
Super Forms N/A
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Kagimizu

Procurator Knight is a Mobian Echidna and member of the Norcturnus tribe. After Shade's betrayal and subsequent escape from the Twilight Cage, Knight was promoted to take her place. However, Shade's betrayal left lingering feelings of doubt and distrust, all of which were aimed at Knight. This eventually led him to go on a mission to assassinate the previous Procurator (Shade) to prove his loyalty and ability.


Early Life and Military

Knight was born in Nocturne, a few years before Shade was. When he was old enough he joined the ranks of the Nocturnus Tribe, starting out as a Scout, but quickly rising up the ranks of the Nocturnus military. From the beginning Knight had high ambitions, hoping to serve the Nocturnus Tribe and Ix directly as Procurator of the Nocturnus. However, he soon found a rival during his early years among the military; a female echidna that, despite being a few years younger than him, was always hot on his heels when it came to fighting ability and rank. While Knight at first thought of it as nothing more than challenge and motivation, it soon became a very bitter rivalry when Shade gained what Knight had always sought after; the rank of Procurator. Despite being a High Praetorian and known as one of Nocturnus' best, Knight always felt an intense and bitter hatred for his superior, always looking for a chance to prove that Shade did not deserve her rank.


For years, Knight's words largely fell on deaf ears. However, to his great delight, Shade herself betrayed the Nocturnus Tribe. Not only did this open up room for the Procurator position, but it also gave Knight more than enough reason to attempt to bring down Shade. Unfortunately, Knight and the rest of the Nocturnus were bested by Shade and Sonic's team, and Nocturne was left in ruins. After Ix was pulled from the rubble and was able to somewhat recover, he granted Knight's long-lasting dream by promoting him to the rank of Procurator.


Following his promotion and with Ix still recovering, Knight lead the Nocturnus tribe in the reconstruction efforts. However, Shade's betrayal had left seeds of distrust in the minds of the Nocturnus; if a person as loyal as Shade could turn traitor, then who was to say that Knight could be trusted either. It had always been known that while loyal, Knight was just as ambitious, and some feared that he would attempt to kill the weakened Ix and take over the Nocturnus. While Knight had no such ambitions, it infuriated him that he would not be trusted by his own people, and only caused his hatred for Shade to burn all the hotter. Eventually, Knight requested that Ix allow him to travel back to Earth to assassinate Shade, under the context of proving his loyalty and power to all of Nocturnus. Not only did Ix grant Knight's request, but he also allowed Knight to use whatever equipment he may need and act as he saw fit, so long as the mission's goal was accomplished. Greatly surprised and his morale boosted by Ix's apparent faith in him, Knight set off on his mission.


Knight is a red-orange echidna with a peach muzzle and burning amber eyes rimmed with a patch of almost white fur. He has long dreadlocks tipped with the same color of fur as the rim around his eyes, held up by a headband. His outfit is almost identical to Shade's, except the suit is a darker shade of black, except that the lights on his uniform are red, and he sports slightly thicker/bulkier armor on his forearms and upper body. His gloves are also larger, greay, and have a unique design; a single red iridescent light goes down to the center of his hand, from which several lights extend to go down his fingers, ending where one's fingernails would be. The biggest difference between Knight and Shade's helmet; While Shade's helmet has two goat-like horns, Knight's helmet has two horns that bend upward sharply, similar to bull or devil horns. The "nostrils" on Knight's helmet are more slitted, while the visors are larger and sharper, also lacking the pieces that Shade's helmet has. Like Shade's helmet, it has the same sigil as Shade's. The nostrils, eyes, and sigil all glow a red-white.


Knight's abilities are very similar to Shade's, having similar training as her. He is a powerful, fast, and experienced warrior, with numerous abilities also granted by his battlesuit, such as teleportation and remote explosives. Knight is also a technological genius, able to build his own custom weaponry. His gloves are a testament to this, as they are custom-built variants of the leech blade; "Leech Claws". These Leech Claws cover his hands in energy like what's used in Leech Blades, functioning in the same way. Every punch and swipe that makes contact drains health from the enemy and heals Knight. By grabbing his opponent, Knight can continuously drain energy from them as long as he's got a hold of the opponent.

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