Prue the Coyote is a 16-year-old, anthropomorphic female coyote.

Prue the Coyote

New Prue

Biographical Information
Age 16
  • Prudence (real name)
  • Prue
  • True Prue
  • Prudy
  • Unknown parents
  • Andrew "Drew" the Coyote (brother)
  • Prunella the Coyote (Moebian counterpart)
Romantic Interest(s) N/A
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Coyote
Gender Female
  • Fur: Brown with white muzzle, chest and tail tip
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Gray
  • Khaki sleeveless, zip-front vest
  • Gray utility belt
  • Khaki fingerless gloves with white trim
  • Khaki cargo pants
  • Brown shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliation Team Gorgeous (power type)
Weaponry None
  • Basic combat
  • Super strength
  • Enhanced reflexes
  • Super agility
  • Super speed
  • Climbing
  • Able to retract claws
Super Forms Super Prue
Other Information
English Voice Actor Pending
Japanese Voice Actor Pending
Theme Song(s) Pending
Appearance(s) None so far
Original Creator User:Delightball


Early Life

Born in the canyons somewhere in Mobius, Prue was the member of the coyote family, along with her brother.

Meeting Agnes

(Under Construction)


For a curvy Mobian coyote, Prue has grey eyes and shoulder-length black hair. She wears a khaki, sleeveless top with a front zipper, a pair of matching cargo bell-bottoms, a gray utility belt, and brown shoes. She also wears fingerless gloves that match her outfit.


Prue is sometimes fierce and feisty when it comes to fighting, but deep down inside, she is a very good-natured, outgoing, caring person. She possesses sheer will, integrity and determination as she becomes a fighter of her own right and loves to go on adventures. She shares a sisterly bond with her best friend, Agnes and she is willing to help out others if needed.


Like Agnes, Prue possesses super strength and agility with her fists and/or retractable claws and she's also an expert climber. She also possesses super speed so can run as fast as she possibly can. Her great expertise in martial arts made her a black belt.



  • Unknown parents
  • Andrew "Drew" the Coyote (brother)



None yet.



"The name's Prue. Prue the Coyote." -Introducing herself.

"Let's get it on!"

"Awww yeah!! How do you like me now?" -After getting an S rank.

"That's what I'm talking about!" -After getting an A rank.

"Ha! That wasn't so bad." -After getting a B rank.

"Ooh, not too good." -After getting a C rank.

"Whaa----?" -After getting a D rank.


  • Her given name is based off on the fictional witch character, Prudence "Prue" Halliwell, from the WB's TV series, Charmed.
  • She is the power formation of Team Gorgeous.


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