Puerla Cana has a set up like HUBS from Sonic Unleashed. It is a rather large HUB featuring, three stores, three schools(Elementary, Middle, and High School). It is decorated, and influenced like Spanish cultures. It is very nice however the city doesn't have streets.

Entrance Gate

The Entrance gate is a rich tropical jungle. Filled with rings, upgrades, and alot of different tropical animals. It has four day stages, and four night stages. There are also ancient temples there as well though they are all somewhat covered by vines and plants. Though some ancient monuments and jut out allowing for a platform to reach higher places.

Puerla Canyons

Puerla Canyons is the level in which all four stages revolve around. For half of the level heroes must pass obstacles such as wild life, plants, vines, trees, and ancient temples and pillars. For the other half 2D really comes into play as characters will find themselves having to pass through narrow spaces. There are pillars within the canyons to as well as sections where you will have to run on the sides of the cayon. Throughout the level Eggman's robots as well as his traps are present.


Those who live within the city.Descriptions coming soon!

  • Bella the Bandicoot
  • Juarez Estavez
  • Benita Estavez
  • Grandpa Bandicoot
  • Jill and Dill the Rabbit
  • Betty the Rabbit
  • Diddy Bandicoot
  • Benny "Grandma" Bandicoot
  • Papa Bandicoot
  • Carmen the Bandicoot
  • Max the Bandicoot
  • Angelica the Bandicoot
  • Jamie Niniez
  • Leonardo
  • Ramond
  • Laura
  • Kimmiko the Cat
  • More Coming Soon

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