Putty the Hedgehog (Pate za Hejjihoggu) is an unusual troll. Instead of being flesh, fur and bone, he is made entirely of...putty. Hence his name.


Although no one knows who actually created Putty, he always seems to hang around Bubonic, meaning that Bubonic may have possibly created Putty.

To be continued.

Notable Abilities

Being made of putty, Putty can stretch his limbs and any other parts of his body to incredible lengths. He is virtually indestructible; in fact, only fire (or, to an extent, ice) can harm him. He has no magic or kinetic attacks, relying on Chaos Powers and his physical abilities. He also has no weak spots, since he has no organs.

He can turn into any shape he wants, thanks to his highly pliable body. If you cut off any part of his body, it'll either re-grow or reattach itself (if the severed limb is still available). He can grow and shrink as he pleases, as well; the largest total mass he can reach is equivalent to the Pokemon Wailord.


Super Bouncy Putty


Fire and Ice are pretty much the only things that can truly kill him; fire will bake his body and make it brittle, while ice...does pretty much the same thing. Except it freezes him and greatly hampers his physical capabilities.







Putty's not exactly the smartest Troll. He's quite gullible, and can easily be led to believe almost anything, even if its false. Unless prompted to by another Troll, Putty won't fight.

Putty can talk, but he rarely does so, and his speech is rather fractured. His voice sounds identical to The Wheelchair boss in Dementium: The Ward. However, when he says "NOO! IT BURNS!" he sounds exactly like Ganon from the Zelda CD-i cartoon.



Biggest Fears

  • Fire


"Master rang for Putty?"


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