Puzzle Pyramid

It is located somewhere in the desert. It was seen in the Sonic and the Steel of Darkness but the stage involves inside the pyramid. Eggman sent Desert Commando to find ancient minerals to power-up their doomsday weapon.
It is the second stage and considers to be the only level that haves puzzles to solve. It contains traps like spikes, quicksand and even Ghast Balls that lurks the players in the dark.


Act 1: Inside the Pyramid: The stage consists of hidden-types of enemies that surprises the player. The traps are spikes and quicksand. Spinning Combo is really necessary to blast through walls. If you use the Bubble Parade on the sand, it will harden and can be used as a platform.

Act 2: Puzzling Illusion: The stage consists of puzzles that needs to be solve before proceeding. There are plates that needs to be transferred back to their tablet. The enemies are mostly the Pickaxe Egg Pawn. The traps are spikes and quciksand.

Act 3: Spooky Mirage: The Ghast Balls will appear in the stage and you better turn on the torches or the Ghast Balls will attack you. The enemies are mostly annoying and patience is needed here. The traps are the same, nothing more, nothing less.

Boss: Desert Commando- A cutscene appears that Sonic found Knuckles. A Commando Ball crashed in and about to hit Sonic. If the player don't move, Sonic will receive early damage before the battle. Desert Commando appears and ready to battle. He attacks by pounding the ground to create shockwave or squashes you from above. He will also fires Commando Missle to create another shockwave that freezes the player's movements. He will use Commando Ball to hit you from far-distances. His overdrive attack, Commando Barrage, will fire a stream wave of Commando Missles. The best strategy is to jump to prevent the shockwave and fire the Bubble Parade to stun and damage him.

Music Theme

Megaman and Bass Music - Ground Man Theme02:10

Megaman and Bass Music - Ground Man Theme

Music theme for Act 1, 2 & 3

Digimon World DS Boss Extended15:30

Digimon World DS Boss Extended

Music theme for Boss Battle

Screenshots (Under Construction)

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