Raile Draxxon

Biographical Information
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Scales: White
  • Eyes: Amber
  • Metal black armor
Political Alignment and Abilities
Alignment Good
Affiliations Dra Gen Ra
WeaponryA.A.R.M. x4
  • Omnimancy
  • Use of all advanced elements
  • Barrier magic
  • Invisibility magic
  • Dragon magics
  • Fire breath
  • Flight
  • Enhanced senses
  • Healing factor
  • Super strength
  • Super speed
  • Pressure
  • Advanced military training in combat, strategy, and tactics
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Super Forms None
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorKagimizu

Raile Draxxon is a Mobian dragon hailing from Dra Gen Ra, as well as the heir to the leadership of the clan. A powerful and prodigious combatant, Raile left the concealed territories of his clan on self-imposed exile, allowing himself to return to Dra Gen Ra if and only if he could complete the mission he had set forth for himself. That mission: to hunt down and kill the Power Hedgehogs Reaper and Anne so as to prove that his clan is capable of going on the offensive in their war against the Power Hedgehogs.



Raile is a slim yet young and well-built dragon, with lean but at the same time well-defined muscular build. Standing at just under three feet, Raile is short by the standards of most Mobians. As a dragon hailing from Dra Gen Ra, Raile carries the typical physical traits of distinctive white scales. However, Raile is particularly notable for the high grade coloration of his scales, being pure white. Raile's eye color is a deep amber. A distinctive trait of Raile is the tip of his long tail, which is covered with black feathers, displaying his distant avian heritage. Located near the upper back of his head is a pair of thick horns of medium length. His five fingers are tipped with sharp curved claws, as are his three-toed feet and heel. Raile has a pair of large draconic wings as well, which can also be folded up for easy travel.

For attire, Raile constantly wears sleek black metal armor across his chest with pauldrons attached. Openings are made for Raile's wings, with armor near the openings to protect Raile's wings. He wears a skirt of plated metal armor with black shorts underneath. With this Raile wears black armored knee-length shoes, with openings made for Raile's toe claws. On his forearms Raile wears black gauntlets that leave his hands exposed, with an A.A.R.M. on the back of each gauntlet. An additional pair of A.A.R.M.s are installed on his upper back. Should the need arise, Raile will occasionally wear a tan-brown hooded cloak that can conceal his body entirely.


Raile is a very driven individual, highly focused on the mission he has set forth for himself and determined to complete it regardless of the personal cost to himself. Above all, Raile takes incredible pride in his Dra Gen Ra heritage and takes his responsibilities as the heir to Dra Gen Ra's leadership very seriously, his desire to protect his people being the very reason he sent himself on his self-imposed exile. Like other members of the Dra Gen Ra clan, Raile has an incredible desire and thirst for knowledge, to a degree above even that of other Dra Gen Ra members. Whenever Raile has a need to understand anything and everything around him, giving him a highly curious and inquisitive nature, causing Raile to analyze and question anything new to him.

Due to the past of his clan and his heritage, Raile is quite cautious and nearly-xenophobic when it comes to any and all hedgehogs. When it comes to Power Hedgehogs specifically, Raile is absolutely ruthless and vicious, regardless of gender, age, or capability. As far as he's concerned, the numerous generations of his people being hunted by the Power Hedgehogs have removed any innocence from the race and any of its members. Due to his driven nature, Raile refuses to give up in his fight against the Power Hedgehogs even if it costs him his very soul.

Outside of dealing with Power Hedgehogs, Raile is a calm and intellectual person, surprisingly capable of understanding other people and situations with little actual information. He puts great stock in the teachings of the Dragon Sage, and as such looks down on ignorance with contempt and anger. However, this also extends to those who follow anyone or anything blindly and without individual thought or opinion, believing that searching for knowledge and information should lead one to their own individual truth and philosophy.

In terms of his vast amount of capabilities and prowess, Raile knows quite well his abilities are far beyond those of many mortal beings Mobian or otherwise, as well as the fact that the large amount of both spiritual rituals and genetic engineering he has put himself through means that despite his natural birth, he himself could be called anything except "natural". However, Raile nonetheless takes great pride in what he has gained from his Dra Gen Ra Clan, calling himself "The embodiment of the progress and pride of Dra Gen Ra". Raile is quite strong in terms of self-restraint, which allows him to live and interact "normally" with others, without his temper causing him to lose control over his powers.


As a dragon, Raile carries typical capabilities including flight, fire breath, enhanced senses, and resistance to spells and magical attacks. His Dra Gen Ra raising also grants Raile the ability to retain large amounts of knowledge and information for extended periods of time, while his avian heritage grants Raile greater flight capabilities due to a lighter skeletal frame. In terms of intelligence, Raile is above average even by the standards of Dra Gen Ra members, capable of prodigious study and understanding of advanced subject matter in many different fields, assisted by a photographic memory. This has assisted Raile in the ways of magic, allowing him to learn advanced spells of all kinds. As the heir to the leadership of Dra Gen Ra, Raile has been trained in combat and techniques both elemental and draconic, to standards above your average Infantry soldier. In addition, Raile carries the genetic ability Pressure, allowing him to end battles quickly by forcing enemies to expend their energies faster.

Formerly, this was the limit of Raile's capabilities. However, due to his desire to protect his people and prove they can go on the offensive against the Power Hedgehogs, Raile has put his body through numerous trials and tribulations. Raile has put himself through a total of twenty "Soul Openings", magic rituals that release spiritual limiters within oneself to grant them much greater elemental and draconic powers. However, they are incredibly painful and stressful on the mind and body, each one having the potential to completely break the body and drive one insane with the sudden increase in power and knowledge, each Soul Opening becoming more powerful and dangerous as ones soul is pushed even farther beyond their limits; even the Mystic Superior is only required to go through five. Such tremendous tribulation has in-turn given Raile immense rewards, granting unto him immeasurable power and capabilities in the fields of elemental magics and draconic techniques. In addition, Raile has learned both barrier and invisibility magics, allowing him a high degree of both stealth and defense.

The only way Raile was able to survive the Soul Opening rituals with both body and mind in tact (even then requiring quite some time of rest and meditation to restore his body and mind to fully functioning order) was through genetic engineering procedures and experiments carried out by the Medical and Technology Branches. To say that these experiments have increased Raile's physical performance and capabilities is an understatement, having easily pushed his maximum capabilities in terms of speed, strength, endurance, stamina, and reaction time to and possibly even beyond hyper-level transformations. Not just physical performance, these experiments have enhanced Raile's mental processing and senses to levels well beyond what could be considered "mortal" or "natural". Raile has even gained enhanced regenerative properties in comparison to other dragons, allowing him to heal from wounds faster. In fact, Raile has even said that he completely lacks a super form "because [he] doesn't need one".

Finally, Raile has taken incredibly advanced training directly from the Dra Gen Ra military, including training directly from the Master of Arms, in areas of combat, tactics, and strategies. This allows Raile to use his enhanced physical abilities to maximum capability and efficiency for devastating effect. Training from the Agricultural Branch has additionally granted Raile survival capabilities and expansive knowledge of flora and fauna, allowing him to survive on his own in uninhabited environments and avoid dangerous species and areas, while also giving him great tracking and directional capabilities.

To finally round out his abilities, Raile is equipped with four "unlocked" A.A.R.M.s, meaning they are designed with the full arsenal of Dra Gen Ra's equipment installed. This gives Raile an immense amount of firepower and weaponry, all of which Raile has been trained to be used to a high degree of efficiency and effectiveness. His personal favorite is his namesake, the railgun.

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